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Mrs Middo says hello

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Mrs Middo, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. Hi everybody,

    I got a V-strom 650 for Christmas and have just completed a 200km ride to Coalseam National Park. My first ride on any real gravel roads. I am still a learner on my 650 and my 18 y.o. son has just "borrowed" my 250 virago on a semi- permanent basis as he is now working towards his LAMS license.
  2. Hi mm
    so your not going the cruiser path then ?
  3. welcome to NR mrs middo. Mr Middo has promised us (of sorts) that he will try and make the trip to the east coast to ride with us fellow V-Strommers. Has he bought the 2nd strom yet? :D :D
  4. Yes, I got it in the week before Christmas. They were his and hers Christmas presents. We had our first real run over gravel roads today, which was interesting, but more manageable than we thought it might be.
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  5. Welcome Mrs Middo.

    Noticed you have an XV250 & an XVS1100. Did you go straight from the 250 to the 1100? I know someone who is selling an 1100, it's in good nic with not a lot of kms on in, so tempted to go for it, but thinking it might be too much of a step.
  6. Yes, Mr Middo has picked up a 2nd strom and our arses are so much happier because we rode back to Gero from Perth and we both felt that we could just keep going. So much more comfy than the cruisers. I would love to get over to the east coast some time in the future but with kids in yr 12 at the moment, it might just have to wait at least 12 months, though.
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  7. surley your NOT going to sell the vstar , your crossing to the dark side ?
  8. Hi HB,

    The XVS1100 belongs to Mr Middo and while I've had a few rides on it, compared to Vstrom I do find it a bit heavy especially with the slow speed maneuvering. My Vstrom is only a 650 but has plenty of get up and go; overtaking roadtrains has become a piece of cake on the strom compared to the 250.

    Don't get me wrong, I do like the styling of the cruisers, but for what I am, which is a really a novice, the strom feels to me a lot more stable and easy to handle. The weight thing becomes a bit of an issue at the end of long rides when I'm hopping off.

    Once or twice I've needed an extra pair of hands trying to hold up the 1100 at the end of a longish ride.
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  9. No, not a chance. There is nothing like hopping off the back of the vstar1100 after a ride into town with Mr Middo feeling really sexy and more that just a little flushed after a ride where he's opened up the throttle a bit.
    It's just that while I'm learning to handle a bigger bike myself , the Vstrom 650 is a better size and shape for me.
  10. now that leads to the main question
    are you hot ?.

    lol your not excempt even if i respect middo as a vstar 1100 rider )
  11. Yes. Yes she is. That's why she was a keeper.
  12. Mr and Mrs middo. this thread is useless without pictures. need to see the mighty stroms side by side. :D:D
  13. Welcome MM!!