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Mrs G's first bike - the Yamaharley 535

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Trevor G, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. Mrs G really likes riding pillion, but since she went to the effort of getting her license back in Arizona before she came out to meet me, I thought she should have her very own wheels.

    Unfortunately she trained on a cruiser, and didn't really get with the forward lean of the VTR250. Much to my dismay she said she would really only ride feet-forward!

    Ove the years I had seen a few favourable comments in magazines about the Yamaha XV535. I started looking at the beginning of January, and test rode one for $4990 at Peter Stevens in Ringwood Monday week ago (thankyou Peter Stevens!)


    That ride impressed me so that I knew we were on the right track. They sold the bike to someone else from NSW later that afternoon (I wasn't worried about that, but it made me realise how much they were in demand - it had been online for just 2 days.)

    I was searching every known site several times a day, and almost made a trip to Brissy to pick one up, when full size pics revealed terrible staining on the alloy from a beach-side existence. Another one looked OK for a similar price, $3000, but the owner wasn't going to be back to show it till the end of the month.


    Last Friday I got desperate and started searching between 125 and 600cc for a Yamaha XV (or was it a Virago, I'm now not sure). There, stuck in the middle of the 250s, was a gleaming, 7,500 km XV535, even advertised as a 250!

    I wouldn't have known without viewing the pics, but fortunately the 535 has the rear exhaust sticking forward, which is unique to the range. It certainly stood out among the 250s. The only problem was that the phone would not answer - was this an old ad which was well past its use-by date? Had someone else beaten me to this gem?


    I finally got through to the seller at 5:00pm, and almost drove with trailer to Melbourne then and there. However, sanity prevailed, and I had to endure another 2 days on a planned trip to Bateman's Bay to look at another bike (a Moto Guzzi V65TT) because we had booked accommodation.

    (To be continued...)
  2. Nice bike there mate!



  3. Thanks Brian ;-)

    I have a wonderful wife, too. :)

    Cheers to you also

    Trevor G
  4. I wanted one of those when I was going through my cruiser phase, time for you to put those stepenwolf albums on.
  5. Good work, looks clean as. Are they factory pipes?
  6. is there a bike colour nicer than Yamaha's deep red???
  7. Yamaha had trouble selling them when they were new. They would sell like hotcakes now, given LAMS.

    I wouldn't mind one to get to work on. And to get at with a grinder and a welder.

    BTW I think they are standard pipes.
  8. They are indeed. The US ones had slashcuts.

    They emit no sound, and the Princess is happy to keep it like that :-(

    There is a big pong box underneath the gearbox, that somewhat rusty looking thing visible from the back and side. It must be very baffled...

    Cheers ;-)

    Trevor G
  9. Yamaha red or Yamaha blue?

    Hello Paul ;-)

    We liked the red a lot, before we bought the bike.

    Then we test rode the baby blue one at Peter Stevens. The light blue is just wonderful, and would have matched her convertibile, but alas it is not... ;-)


    Trevor G
  10. ibast wants to grind away...

    That is often the way with a "classic".

    They are very much preferred by the fairer sex, who often don't put on many miles. This one hadn't even had the second service, due at 7,000 km ...

    Still on original tyres, altho that is hardly a plus. Mind you, they still hold on very well to foot-scraping angles.

    What??!! You want to make the fuel tank even smaller???

    Cheers ;-)

    Trevor G