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Mrs 2wheelsagain's Surprise

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by 2wheelsagain, Sep 15, 2007.

  1. Out of the blue............

    Had a conversation with the boss this arvo. Went like this.

    Mrs: What are we doing next Sat arvo?
    Me: Looking at bikes I hope, why?
    Mrs: I've just booked myself in on a Pre Learner course!
    Me: What?
    Mrs: You deaf old *%@# I've just booked myself in on a Pre Learner course!
    Me: You beauty!

    So next Sat arvo she is off to pilot a bike for herself for the first time. She is by no means new to bikes just never ridden herself.
    Good on ya girl and good luck.

    Anyone done a VIC Pre Learner course?????? Advice etc?
  2. That's great news!!
    You'll have heaps of fun together :grin:
  3. My fairer half has done a pre-learners course - and loved it. Really got her into biking. Not much advice to give really, other than dress appropriately. Just go have fun. :)
  4. Prelearners course

    Yep and it was awesome, only thing is hope the weather's good coz it's not plesant when it's wet-everyone's grumpy and cold

    Perhaps she could try riding a pushy around for a while to get used to the balance?
  5. Cool. Have fun.

    As far as I am aware there is no pre-learners in VIC.

    You just turn up for two days and sit one written and one practical test (with lots o practice in between) and you have a Learners permit.
  6. i wish my better half would do that, instead here i am trying to fight for my own right to get a bike. got the learners though

    u lucky bugger :?
  7. Re: Prelearners course

    I dont think she is hat green to bikes and she woke up this morning counting down the days! :)
    Might be looking for a GPX soon as well as a Bandit/Hornet.
    I need a second job now :LOL: