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Mrs 2wheelsagain Pre Learner Session

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by 2wheelsagain, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. Well Sat arvo arrived and we headed off to see if she thought riding was for her.
    She has spend a lot of time as a pillion over the years but never at the front of the seat.
    To see someone you love nervous and excited at the same time was a bit difficult and I offered to sit in the car. She didn't want that so up at the fence I stood.
    First off this is the clutch, this is the front brake, this is the rear brake.
    Second, a demo of clutch control (she has always driven manuals). She tries it half a dozen times with not one stall or over rev. The instructor looks at me and smiles.
    Next: Clutch, ride 10 meters and stop using rear brake (that's the leaver in front of the RH peg dear) Do this another half a dozen times. No stalls or wobbles. Instructor happy. Husband rapt.
    Next: Start, ride 10m change into second and do big slow laps of the area. Stop after a while and do the same but go the other way.

    Within an hour Mrs 2wheelsagain was doing figure 8's through cones. I half expected her to drop the CB250 back to first and pop a mono!

    So now we're on the hunt for a used ZZR250. I cant talk her into a GPX and she is booked in for her learners this Friday.

    We'll be doing a lot of practice in side streets and dead end industrial areas before letting loose in traffic but she picked up the basics very quickly.

    If anyone is thinking about riding. Do the pre learners and see how you go.

  2. Excellent stuff, mate! Nothing better than having a Missus who rides too; She'll never make you sell your bike! :grin:

    Mrs Tree and I got our licences at the same time. Was great to see her going well while I was going well, too! :grin:

    Why were you pushing her towards the GPX over the ZZR? The Z looks soooooooo much better IMO.
  3. A little less fairing on the GPX and maybe a little cheaper to buy.
    My main point is that she is set on one bike and one bike only and many of us have finished up with bikes we didnt think we would have.
    Nothing wrong with ZZR's though.
  4. Gotcha. :wink:
  5. GPX has like an 18 litre tank. That is huge for a Learner bike! Less stops...

    The Suzuki Across is alright too, but probably not there with the ZZR250.... Definately sit on the GPX and ZZR and see what you think. Try and read up on reviews too.
  6. That brings back memories, I know that nervous/excited feeling very well :shock: :grin:

    Very brave letting you watch, there was no way I'd let anyone watch me :oops: I was jittery enough as it was.

    Sounds like getting the L's will be a breeze :cool: Well done, Mrs 2WA.
  7. Only one potential drawback, once Mrs Moth had her licence and Scoot I had to lash out on a second dirt-bike as well.
  8. Awesome, my wife did the same thing. Wanted to see what i loved about riding so much and wanted to learn how to to at least become a good pillion if not a full-time rider herself. Blitzed the pre-learners and the instructor told her to book in her learners the week after so she did and blitzed that (and some of the guys there!) as well!