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Mrninja at Kapooka

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MrNinja, Nov 26, 2005.

  1. Hi all. Time for an update from one of Australia's newest solders. As most of you know I joined the army on the 27 Sept. as a full tiem job, well it's been seven weeks of hell so far, but with it's good times. My Platoon had it's march out parade two weeks ago, a very memerable experiance! After which we all went and got shit faced!! I'm now two weeks in to the advanced soldier course, it's been a lot of fun, playing with some guchi gear (night vision, laser designators, etc.) There are a few funny stories to come out of our bush trip (five days out bush). Overall it's been a blast, very tireing though. At time's you get a bit sick of the routine e.g geting out of bed at 6 in the morning, running out in to the hallway with you sheets over your shoulders. The PT lessons are a great work out (flog session). Only four more weeks to go here at Kapooka for me, ride safe guys & girls!!



  2. pfffft youse young blokes have it SO EASY; back in my day at recruit training (1972) the mongrels used to get us up at 5:00, and I did my time in the dead of winter as well, mumble mumble, gripe gripe.....

    Glad you're surviving, mate, your family won't recognise you when you come home, trust me :D
  3. Hey dude, good to hear your doing well and havin fun! What are you doing exactly? I remember you askin questions bout the adf ages ago but must have missed you sayin you were actually enlisting... and since when do you get time and a access to a computer and the net at kapooka??
  4. Glad to hear all is going well :D . No good for me as im not a morning person.
  5. he he, you will be when "little midnight" comes along :LOL: :LOL:
  6. :D well done i know wat u have been through mate.
    how was drill training????
    any SQ1's
  7. Hey Joe! Nice to hear from you! I have a friend of mine in Reserves training at the moment and, while he's loving it, he also says he's pretty tired. Sounds like a real workout!

    :D :D :D
  8. "This is the army, Mr Jones.
    No private rooms or telephones.
    You've had your breakfast in bed before,
    but you won't have it here any more..."

    You've just gotta love the toys and pyrotechnics.... 8)
  9. probably weekend leave in wagga wagga
    5am , hallway 21 "let loose the dogs of war"
    Pain partys in the hallway with the SLR

    keep going you only have OJT's to go after that .

    cheers good luck

    keep us updated when ever you get the chance
  10. Hmm yeah, when i did it there was no leave at all during kapooka, we had most weekends off during IETs at Singleton however...

    Yeah theyve prolly changed it again though. They seem to be forever changing the courses then reverting back then changing em again.

    I still havent gotten over how unorganised our defence force is. Its a little worrying really.
  11. Any inspection ready troop will never pass a war
    any war ready troop will never pass an inspection.
  12. Glad to see your still enjoying it, specially as it's all yes corporal no bloody corporal at the moment, hope it turns out to be what you wanted.... I lasted 14 years, and then I met "the bastard" I finished up with a frustrated delisted pilot (result of a car crash) as my CO..... what a prick he was, I found out the hard way, that having a permanent limp didn't mean he was hard of hearing. $320 in fines and extra duties..... :( :( :(
  13. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Nice work. Id be happy to pay that price to give our co a piece of my mind...