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MRAV ToyRun 2010 - Riders wanted for promotion on Thursday 19th August

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Wolve, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. MRAV ToyRun 2010 - Riders wanted for photo shoot on Thursday 19th August

    To make the best of the opportunity we want to do a photo shoot of the launch and get some shots with Santa and a few bikes as promotional material for the run.

    We want to reach as many groups as we can so want a mix of sporties, nakeds, chook chasers, cruisers, scooters and anything else with two wheels and a motor is welcome.

    We are initially meeting up at around 1:30pm at the Woolshed on central pier. Expect to be around for a couple of hours.

    Thanks in advance to anyone that can help.

  2. Have to look up where this central pier and this woolshed is. If the weather isn't too bad I might consider a trip down for the arvo.
  3. Central pier is HERE
  4. what time are you doing the shoot? my new ride arrives either late wed or early thursday [well thats what they tell me] might bring it down al sparky clean
    Woolshed is? knew everything by different names when I drove trucks round the wharfs just under 30 years back.
  5. How long are riders needed for? I work about 10mins away from central pier, and may be able to slip out.
  6. 1:30pm for about two hours.
  7. Sorry, I thought it might have been an after work thing. I'm out I'm afraid
  8. Is there no way you can do it on the weekend?
  9. Bit late to ask that now...

    Besides, weather permitting, there should be any number of people able to rock up to an appointment mid-week.

    This is sort of close to my heart, too. As a shiftworker my work has to centre around the dayworkers for training courses, meetings and the like.

    So, invariably, it means coming in on my days off. But the reverse is often the case when I want to go to something, such as this photo op today. I'm able to as I'm off, but the weather is crap and I have a fair bit to do here I can't make it.
  10. on my way, try to get my good side.
  11. Sorry - it co-incided with another event.

    Many thanks to all those who attended. Stay tuned for further announcements.