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VIC MRAA - Still the usual problems and presidential resignation

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Mouth, Oct 8, 2004.

  1. Hmm, seems this new board that arose earlier this year hasn't changed a thing. In fact, is in an arguably equal or worse state than it was at the start of the year. Does anyone really think this organisation has a future?

    Today the president resigned, effectively immediately, and took 'pot-shots' at most of the other board, especially the secretary throughout his resignation letter.

    Membership is apparently at an all time low of around 600, apparently the lowest in the history of the organisation.
    Claims on unprecedented and despicable attacks on MRAA websites.
    Claims that a prominent member is stating he represents the organisation, whilst the MRAA gets multiple complaints from businesses and government about the person, and the board does nothing.
    Claims that the MRAA is in dire financial problems, almost to the brink of bankruptcy (they've traded and received monies whilst technically being insolvent before anyway - totally illegal)
    Claims that their coming QGM should be un-constitutional because members haven't been notified properly.
    Claims that the board won't report or communicate to the president, let alone amongst themselves
    Claims that the MRAA are acting like nothing more than a 3rd rate social club and not a political lobby group (like, derrr!!!)
    ... and the list goes on.

    <sigh> the state of political representation for us riders in Victoria is dismal. :?

    Here's the MRAA presidents resignation letter for those interested....

    Brian Beardon
    MRAA President
    7 October 2004
    It is with regret that I formally tender my resignation as the
    Elected President of the MRAA effective immediately.
    I have not come to this decision easily but as I have grave concerns
    regarding the actions of some of the members of the current board it
    impinges my ability to serve as President.
    Since returning from a short vacation recently I have requested, on
    numerous occasions, for information from certain members of the
    current board. To date I have received no response or communication
    from board regarding specific queries. "Transparency" was one of the
    driving issues when this Board was formed; the lack of information
    being passed onto the membership is appalling.
    Board members accepted certain responsibilities and duties when
    elected to their positions. Although these roles are voluntary
    these responsibilities and duties are imperative to the effect,
    efficient running and longevity of the MRAA. If these
    responsibilities are not fulfilled, in there entirety the MRAA will
    not survive. The following roles are not currently being fulfilled
    in there entirety and therefore threaten the longevity of the MRAA.
    The Secretary's role is to ensure all correspondence is efficiently
    dealt with, ie. email queries are read and responded to on a timely
    basis. All Board Members should represent the MRAA's members
    interests, to the best of their ability, in a truthful manner. This
    is not currently the case.
    The Membership Secretary's role is to ensure the efficient
    maintenance of the Membership Database, and to protect the
    confidentiality of the MRAA Members, this is not currently the
    case. Due to lack of integrity of the Membership Database the QGM
    to be held on Saturday 9 October 2004 should be deemed
    unconstitutional. As per 10.4 of the MRAA Constitution "The MRAA
    General Meeting shall be notified to all members entitled to vote
    not less than 21 days prior to the Meeting stating the time, date,
    place of the meeting and the number of members required for a
    quorum". This requirement has not been met. I have provided the
    Secretary with the details of eight members that have not been
    notified regarding the QGM.
    I have concerns that the some members of the Board have overlooked
    three business opportunities that could have placed the MRAA is a
    stable financial position, the reason, and I quote, "they could not
    be bothered". This now places the MRAA in a precarious financial
    The Boards indecisiveness regarding reprimanding a member who has
    been harassing Councilors/CEO's and who is claiming to act as a
    representative the MRAA in this manner. In turn this is undermining
    the successful organisation and delivery of this years' GP Run. The
    Board has elected representatives acting on behalf of the MRAA and
    actively working in conjunction with the City of Casey in this
    matter. The Member is not authorised to be directly involved at the
    request of the City of Casey. Businesses have voiced their concerns
    over this persons' harassment and the Board is yet to respond. This
    directly jeopardises the GP Run funding.
    I question the motives and aspirations of the current board, with
    the Federal Election looming, and whilst every other MRA & MCC of
    Australia is talking to politicians and striking deals. The current
    board believes there priority is selling "gate and camping tickets"
    at a rally. Are we not a "Political" lobby group?
    I cannot and will not continue to sacrifice my (and my family's)
    time working with a group of individuals that "choose" demise the
    very thing that the MRAA was formed to work for. Promoting a better
    image for Motorcyclists', working towards a fairer and sensible
    legislation, to promote Road Safety and shall always act in the best
    interests of ALL its members. As such, with regret I formally
    tender my resignation.
    I would like to thank Sarah and Shane for the exceptional
    achievement and efforts in organising this years' GP Run. Without
    their dedication the MRAA would not be involved this year. I wish
    them well with the execution of the run. I know it will be a success.
    My thanks to everyone who volunteered their time and/or money to
    help the MRAA in any way all your efforts and contributions are
    Brian Beardon
  2. In all seriousness, the MRAA seems best left to it's own devices.
  3. Yep same shit different bucket, but hey it happens, most groups have problems
    and unfortunately it seems the mra has a consitent problem of presidents either going feral or dropping off.

    Maybe we should just do without a president.

    Maybe we should just run it autocratically so when we don't like what someone says we can delete it and hide it.

    For some this news will provide a gloat factor, but hey everyone can have an opinion I'm still to see a better voice for motorcyclists in victoria, and these teething problems seem to be clearing the wheat from the chaff

    Have a good day all,

    Enjoy it while it lasts mouth :)
  4. Yep been goin on for many years and I reckon it will go on for many more. :shock: Too many Chiefs an not enough Indians 8)

  5. i read the initial post on overclockers and brought it up for disscussion on another forum.
    I dont think all motorcyclists see it as a oppertunity to Gloat, i personally thinks its dissapointing that its happened .
    whether it is warrented or not isnt for me to comment as i have no idea of what has gone on as I am not a member of the mraa as you know .
    The one point I will bring out is motorcyclist in victoria need all the help they can get, whether it be from the MRAA or VMU, either way it has highlighted motorcycling for the wrong reasons.

    what will happen now , I am assuming there will be a re-election or an interm president put in place until the next AGM ?
  6. The vice president will step up to the plate and take the reigns. In my opinion this person should have been installed as president a long long time ago.
    The said members that businesses are "rejecting" is the same thorn that has dogged the MRAA for years.
    Sometimes "better the devil you know" is not the case, this is one of those cases.

    It went and shit-canned the VMU both to the Government and to the membership. Not once but in 2 newsletters and on it's website. Childish? perhaps, Pathetic, indeed. No one wins playing this type of game.

    The MRAA needs real people running the board, not some nancy boys that want to run it like a social group!

    I disagree with DA's comment about "gloating". I don't think people will gloat, I for one would like to see a strong voice for riders and I don't give two shits who it is that represents them. Be it the MRAA for "history's sake" or the VMU or the XYZ.
    But when an installed president acts like he runs the organisation as his own little business and refuses to deal or listen to its members then you have a real problem.

    I for one have been very vocal and critical about the way it has been run for years.
    Until such time that they piss that Damien off for good, the MRAA will be nothing but a joke, not just to me but for most people that the MRAA deals with.
  7. an admission first!
    I have been a MRAA member for about 15 years
    having got that fact outta the road
    Today, I got to work as usual ..read all these posts on the MRAA Yahoo forum and see public comments like-
    the president telling board members they do SFA and prefer to lie
    the president telling the treasurer to grow up
    even our Admin Vic..having the bone pointed at him!

    and went...what the pha....
    what is going on?
    and I for one, am disappointed!
    what is wrong with the state of motorcycling politics in Victoria?
    the MRAA is imploding, it has had a go at other bodies
    and in doing so, has reduced its influence where it counts
    Why can't we aim at something like the NSW model? ..
    which is very effective

    guess I should attend the next QGM, like the last one and the one before that (but seeing as it may not be legal..???? what do you do?)
    and all this one week b4 the GP run...

    and here is me thinking.. for one minute
    that the MRAA might be healing itself after all the previous shite that went on :shock:

  8. Or maybe the MRA should grow-up, take a long hard and critical look at some of the resources it utilises, stop taking childish pot-shots at other organisations, and fix it's problems instead of putting them in the too hard basket.
  9. Maybe the MRAA should move over & let netrider thru!
  10. I've been a member since about Feb of this year, just after I got all worked up about front number plates, found the MRAA and thought that they would be a good organisation to join to get active in the fight this bull shit. Paid my money and started watching the forums to get a handle on who they were, after a week of bickering posts on the forums I was completely deflated.

    I read the latest newsletter about a month ago and the forums were looking quite productive. But I'm back to being deflated again after this next spate of forum posts, nowhere near is bad as it was but still pretty woeful.

    I guess I'll have to wait a bit longer before I can feel better about it. Especially after hearing stories about what MRAA used to be like, its very sad to see where it is at at the moment. *sigh* I would truely LOVE to see things dramatically pick up (and it does seem like there is movement at the station in regards to this) and hit its critical mass again.

    Being just a johnny come lately member, and being so disheartened by this I'd hate to think about how the rest of the Board and active members are feeling. Thanks for all your hard work in the face of so much negativity. Please keep up the good work guys, looks like its a long and hard road but it does seem doable.
  11. My personal opnion is that "founding" members of clubs seem to believe they have Ownership.... Even after the club has evolved to a level where those who run it are democratically elected. :?
    Nearly every club I've ever had anything to do with, has had it's own share of trouble - when those who believe they "own" the club (or think they have so much importance that the club has to do what they suggest), don't agree with those that are elected to take control.

    The bickering, in-fighting, and back-stabbing should be disappointing for all riders (regardless of your "affiliations") - as a whole we need a group to lobby for motorcyclists, and it shouldn't matter which group that does it. If there is to be more than one "political lobby group", fine, but they should be working together, not against one another.
    Unfortunately, "old-time" or "founding" members of one party may believe that they are the ONLY group suitable... just as the "new" group think they can do a better job.

    Even though I am a MRAA member, I can see two things that need to be done straight away before the MRAA can improve - Unfortunately there is not a simple way of doing those two things....
    Until those two things are done, the MRAA will struggle to progress anywhere, IMO.
  12. ummm...imho..no
    I think Netrider does what it is doing, well...
    but I don't think we (netriders) should aim for what MRAA was doing
    the MRAA was originally a rider awarness org
    and it did that thru rides (Toyruns GP runs etc)
    and it also played political football..with the govt&councils
    (and it won some..which is why we can park on footpaths in Vic)
    and there was of course the odd social ride as well....
    like a lot of orgs, the MRAA was the sum of the individuals
    (in committees ) involved PLUS the dominant speaker/rep/president
    (like a CEO in a company or the Premier in govt)
    when the dominant individual (usually the driver of the org) leaves
    the whole house of cards can come tumbling down
    and it has ...with the MRAA
    and we have a few other individuals trying to do a bit here.. a bit there (like arrange a GPrun) WITHOUT thought to the wider picture, so you have a bunfight....
    yes we need representation at the political level but Netrider is not it
    (well, being honest, I don't want Netrider to get into politics)
    the VMU..who knows?
    Ulysses? their constitution won't allow it
    all I can say is we need something like MCCNSW

  13. Leave the MRAA and Netrider TOTALLY seperate!!!
    netrider is a social group for those that don't want the political side of things. Sure, we can support the MRAA on protest rides and such but by keeping the 2 groups seperate, everyone has a choice on whether to support these political issues or not.
  14. This is probably going to really "stick my foot in my mouth"... but IMO (at least) one dominant individual of the MRAA hasn't left, and that is the problem. :roll:
  15. Vaild point Flipper & duly noted!
  16. This will NEVER happen. Netrider is not a political lobby group.
  17. Kez is spot on.

    Its that ONE thorn that keeps causing the bleeding.


    Netrider will not replace the MRAA it has never wanted to. Contrary to what the said "thorn" might say.
  18. Scroll up!
  19. I definitely agree with you Deb...
    But not only should the MRAA & Netrider be separate, but Netrider and ANY Political/lobby group should be separate.
    We can support any other group that we wish to (each member to their own) - But keep Netrider as a (preferably Apolitical) Social group. :)
  20. Geez I really threw a cat among the pigeons that time!

    I stand admonished!

    Hangs head in shame standing in corner!