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VIC MRAA Membership Subscription

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Guest, Jan 31, 2006.

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  1. Apologies John :oops:

    For woteva reason, I had the idea membership was on the downward

  2. Input appreciated. :wink:

    Dont know anything this group so thought I'd start this poll to guage
    the general opinion of what U guys think of this organisation.
  3. At the present I don't think it's worth being a member. $40 a year so they can pay the rent on some building out at Dandenong is a waste in my opinion.

    They only represent their 800 odd members though.
    Not all motorcyclists as they claim to do :(
  4. They are happy to buy there own place, but without funds can not afford to do so. Where do you suppose they pull the funds from?
    No members, no funds..

    900+ members now :grin:
    MRAA will help out ANY motorcyclist as they have in the past.
    They put there hand up for anything, if they think it will better the motorcyclists out there.
    If you want a say in the way things are done, stand up, put your hand up.
    Help to better the MRAA, as all input is important.

    Why whinge is you have no solution????? :roll:
  5. Why do they need a place? The membership should come down on them like a tonne of bricks if they use members funds to purchase a "clubroom"


    800, 900, 1000, yippy, when they stop claiming to represent ALL riders, I, along with others may respect them.

    It's good to see the MRAA help out ANY motorcyclists, then again, so do most other motorcyling bodies. Most other clubs/organisations will put their hand up to anything that may assist all motorcyclists.

    Sorry, I can't put my hand up to assist, I don't have the time to do so. At this point in my life I am far too busy to assist. I have done so in the past but am unable to do so at the present.

    If all input was important then why does your beloved MRAA not seek consultation with other major players in the motorcycling "industry"?

    Am I whinging? or am I offering Input? If what I say is not favorable to the MRAA's sensitive little ears then boo hoo to it. I see things that are wrong, I voice my opinion. To say that I am whinging when I offer my views is stupid.
  6. What do the MRA actually do???, i had never even heard of them until the protest ride post.

    Are they sort of like a union or am i way off the track?
  7. :roll:

    Here we go again.
  8. http://mraa.org.au/forum/modules/news/
    here , easier to have a look
  9. Were not a social club thats for sure.
    Here is a cut from there website.

    The Motorcycle Riders Association of Australia was founded in Melbourne in May, 1978. It is a non-profit organisation serving and representing the interests of Australian motorcyclists. The aims of the MRAA are the promotion of:


    In attempting to further the aims´┐Ż the association, MRAA representatives participate on various state and federal committees including the following

    VicRoads Road Safety Reference Group,
    Victorian Motorcycle Advisory Council (VMAC)
    Australian Motorcycle Council (AMC)
    Standards Australia (Helmet Standards)
    Australian Transport Safety Board (ATSB
  10. I'm guessing that you are joking, either that or you haven't been around motorcycles very long.
    They have only been around for almost 30 years. Not everyone lilkes them, but I would have thought that everyone would have heard of them!
  11. Code:
    The Motorcycle Riders Association of Australia was founded in Melbourne in May, 1978. It is a non-profit organisation serving and representing the interests of Australian Motorcyclists.
    So this is the bit that offends you vic ?

    Motorcycling "Industry Groups"
    Like, VMAC, RTSB. AMC, MCCNSW, Ulyssess, Standards Australia ,MA, FEMA
    to name few the MRAA are involved with and consult with on a regular basis.

    As for you not having the time to asist thats fine, not everyone does.

    I'm not sure, it could be taken as input , could also be a little in with the bootish
    either way it's your opinion and your entitled to it :cool:

    [edit] Forgot to mention MRA's in other states as well, that we work with now :grin:
  12. They are a "union" as such.

    They had a massive membership and some decent clout in the early days.
    It was run into the ground by one of it's founding presidents. It fell out of favour with most other motorcycling bodies when it decided to call itself the "motorcycle Riders Association of Australia" It's the Australia bit that put the nail in the coffin for the org.
    It's membership numbers dropped from the tens of thousands to as low as 7-800 a couple of years ago.
  13. I've only been riding for <1 year but my dads been on a bike since he was 14 and i've never heard him mention them.
    I don't really watch the news or read any motorcycle publications so mabye thats why i never hear much about them :?
  14. I'm prolly aware of the MRA because I've had bikes since the 70's, and I saw them in their heyday. But I'd be surprised if your dad hasn't heard of them.

    Maybe he's passed judgment on them like so many others have and decided it wasn't worth mentioning to you.

    It's a shame we can't organise. When we stop fighting amongst ourselves we might get some change for the better.
  15. and to think the MRA said FNP's were a dormant issue and we should ignore lane splitting. Good to see there on the ball!!!
    we still have the $50 levy, the list is long and well to date the MRA is Dormant!!!!
  16. What changes has the organisation been instrumental in instigating
    resulting in implementation across the wider motoring community?
  17. Just went there myself and i will be joining up asap :grin:
  18. Kishy, helina responded to you but it was delated.

    If you wish to visit the MRAA website,you can view all the information for yourself.
    Sorry to seem rude, but it gets delated everytime it's posted.


    Google is your friend MRAA
  19. Kishy etc ,

    Before taking others words for gospell take a look at mraa's site
    just google motorcycle, pages from australia, comes up as the second link

    Not sure how long this post will last , I'd post the link but it would dissapear faster than I can click the submit btn.
  20. I saw that, why was it deleted?? Who deleted it??