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MRAA forum?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Seany, Jun 25, 2005.

  1. not exactly a computer buff so I haven't worked it out by myself. Hackers trashed the site a little while ago but since then a new forum was put up. Got myself reregistered and used it for a while and now it's down again. Does anyone know why or when it'll come back?


  2. The hackers did everyone a favour.
  3. hackers bwahahaha thats almost funny!
  4. Actually being that they were intending to do harm to the site, they are crackers, not hackers. 8)
  5. i like the MRAA..

    Riders for riders...
  6. Its on it's way to a new Hosting site

    should be up and running tomorrow
    (its up now, has a couple of teething problems though mis matched versions on the hosting server hoping to get it all sorted tomorrow )

    The link is the same

    The previous one wasn't really hacked , some slime ball script kiddie , found a way in and spent an hour manually deleting things must have been othing on tv in victoria that night , My wife watched him onine, but his ISP and hopefully the AHTCC will pay him a visit shortly , it's not his first time and he's staring to be a pain in the arse. I guess he needs to feel relevant in this big bad world :)
  7. Nahhh , just caused people some work , when we should have been riding ,
  8. a pointless excersise .
    shows the mentality of some , i bet the person who is hacking the site is probably also griping about the situation mototrcycling is in .
    so they go and attack one of the only groups that can help make things better for us .
    just another distraction from motorcycling issues while they get this fixed up.

    if you have a beef with them , put it in a letter , post it on the mraa site , get answers or responses , but there is no need to stuff the site .
  9. Don't worry - The High Tech Crimes division of the Federal Police have taken an interest now. It's a serious jail term if they catch the culprit.

    I believe that there are some pretty strong indicators as to who it is,
    especially after all the Toy Run website hacking last year...

  10. Thanks, I'm back on & cruising again. :)
  11. NOT if he is a minor there won't be :shock: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Got to love our judical system.

    Cheers 8)

  12. Most of us have our suspicions as to who it is.

    I think Gavin was using the words script kiddie to refer to his mental age - not his physical age :?

    The cops have finally started to take this sort of thing very seriously. I was at a conference last year when there was an interesting presentation by a Computer Forensic guy from Sydney. He lectures in Computer Security and is a consultant to various law enforcement/security agencies.

    He's an extremely interesting guy who was trained by the FBI. His stories about the techniques they have for recovering data and tracking down this sort of stuff were fascinating.

    I actually asked him about the problems that we had with the toyrun site being mucked about with (Salvation Army links changed to p0rn links etc.) and he had some good advice about how to proceed and who to contact.

  13. I know it's a PITA when shit like that happens.

    These script kiddies only go after sites that have piss porr security though?

    How did they manage to get in?

  14. that's almost as funny as the site being hacked, jail terms well if that's what you wish to believe!
  15. Or sites they have some sort of a grudge against...
    I don't know how they did it, you'd need to ask Gavin.

  16. It won't be funny for the person that pulled that stunt. It's being taken seriously...

    Back in my days as an IT Manager in the TAFE sector I heard of an incident at another TAFE Institute. a a student thought he was safe using a classroom machine and a generic login to do a similar thing to a business that had p*&ed him off.

    It took a while but the Federal Police tracked him down, raided his house and he got a fine of $2000 and an order taking away all his computer equipment. (even though he hadn't used it in the commission of the crime) If he had been older he would have got a custodial sentence.

  17. About 10 or 11 years ago, a mate set up one of the first ISPs down this way. He took on board a few people, including this young chap who approached him with regards to setting up the business venture.

    About a year down the track the young chap just up and left. Following that, my mate started having problems with his servers, customers email accounts (including mine). It went on for a few months. The cops back then were only starting to get their minds around the internet and online fraud.

    Anyway, they started doing the usual investigations, etc. Finally, they caught the young fellow. He was charged with computer tresspass or whatever it was called back in 95. He copped a fine and had his name plastered over the Fin Review as one of the first people to be convicted of computer related crimes.

    Shortly after that he started up his own ISP which is still going today. It was discovered that he was poaching clients to take across with him to the new business. He was a director of the original company. ASC (now ASIC) didn't want to know about it. Too trivial for them, supposedly.

    Today, though, I believe that because of the global nature of the 'net and what it represents to the economy, these days they're a lot more serious about computer related crimes. Witness Wayne Mansfield, the spammer who's been pinged recently. He faced a megadollar a day fine for continuing his actions if convicted.
  18. *yawn* From what I saw, it seems the MRA forum had poor security settings and someone used un-secured logins to change forum settings? What crime is that? (Other than allowing themselves to have poor security)
  19. It's still illegal to do so even if that's true...
    There's also the question of defamation as statements were put onto there attributed to Gavin which were not true.
  20. IT WAS ME!!!!!!!

    ./crack netrider...zapzap.....zzzzzzzzap

    i dont think a young bloke that cant (legally) ride a bike would be on a motorbike forum.. so it must have been one of them high tech hacker OFARCS :D