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MRA(Vic) AGM on March 7th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Wolve, Feb 8, 2012.

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    We have evidence that the IRG is seeking supporters amongst MRA(Vic) members to fill board positions at our upcoming AGM aiming to regain control of the association and reverse the members 2006 vote to expel Damien for spreading unsubstantiated lies about a former board member and bringing the organisation into disrepute. They will undoubtedly also overturn the 2010 vote by members to hand the lobbying effort to the Victorian Motorcycle Council and for the MRA(Vic) to concentrate on advocating and social events.

    If you are a member and this concerns you, come to the AGM or send us your proxy vote to ensure the integrity of the association as a democratic social club.

    Proxy voting forms available here;

    There is no doubt that Damien has done many good things in his time as President, none that is denied.

    There are a number of untruths being spread around so please find out the truth for yourself.

    Damien has applied to trademark the name of the Association for himself
    Damien has taken his expulsion to the Equal opportunity and Human Rights commission but it was rejected.
    Damien has threatened the association with legal action more than once
    Damien denies he has been expelled
    Damien recognises that he has been expelled
    Damien’s own words when we pleaded with him to stop misrepresenting himself as a member
    Damien was given every opportunity to withdraw his accusations against Anton
    The 2005 board were forced to act on a written complaint.
    Damien has never apologised nor produced any evidence to support his continuing claims that Anton (previous board member) is a paedophile.
    The MRAA paid for the defence of 2003 president Alex money in legal action against Damien. The MRAA Public officer donated money to pay out a debt to Damien.
    The audio of the judge’s summary in that case.

    There are many more documents if you are interested which clearly show why it wold take a membership vote to rescind the 2006 memebership decision to expel Mr. Codognotto.


    Make your own mind up on who you want to have representing you as a rider
  2. Dear oh dear........motorcycling still can't get it's shit sorted. How many years is it now?
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  3. It would appear though everyone else has moved on, some haven't...
  4. This time finish him for good.
  5. life ban!