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MRA Response to the Graduated License System [VIC]

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by smee, Nov 3, 2010.

  1. http://www.mravic.org.au/forum/modules/news/article.php?storyid=2020

  2. Are they suggesting you get a QLD or WA style approach?

    I will laugh if it actually goes ahead.. WAs idea is the stupidest Sh*t! Hard as hell to get even someone to let me learn to ride on the road :(
  3. It's not just with bikes they twist shoite to gain momentum in their useless theories.
    These idiots have to do something to show their worth and take their pay.

    Like speed camera's save lives. The death toll has been static for about ten years....in ratio to the amount of new cars and drivers on the road. And of course its the cameras that they are saying has saved the lives. Nothing to do with the fact a normal aussie car had a 3 star safty rating ten years ago and now a minimum of 5.

    I have to hold my breath or my guts will fall out I have been reemed by them so badly.

    I became an instuctor because my bro was cleaned up by a fool and unfortunately for my brother lived. I got pretty mad and wanted to take the fools life and would have, if not for good friends and compentent police.
    So anywho I became an instuctor, one with a vengence. Worked my ass off all the way up to be an advisor to the minister of transport here in qld.
    But I am not one for politics. Mainly the bullshit. sadly I found out how the system works.

    I hope I have saved a few lives with my training. Because the politics have turned me right off it.

    When the people are scared its called tyranny.
    When the govenment is scared its called liberty.

    Time to take to the streets boys and girls cause they really don't give a stuff about you. It's a money making proposition and thats it.
    Hey as I said I am an instructor and could use all the work. But a joke is a joke and it's on us.
    ps now I am on a differnet track. trying to make life better and easier for the young who have brain and physical damage. Because right now there is nothing for them. If they don't have a great strong family then they are stuffed into old peoples homes and wait to die. Yup the Gov does not give two hoots about them either.
    People will die on the road. It cant be stopped. We are human and we will stuff up big time. Over and over again.... that's what really seperates us from animals
  4. I lived in WA for my first 19 years, and the WA/QLD approach downright sucks.

    You hear of learners here doing thousands of kilometres in their first months as learners and this isn't practically possible under the WA/QLD approach.

    The initial risk is likely higher, however the riders are generally aware of their own fears and ride within their skill level. I have no stats, but I suspect that WA/QLD have more accidents when the riders go onto their full license than the other states. In addition to that, I would think overconfidence is a bigger issue than L platers.

    Applying the car system to riders just doesn't make sense (and on that basis, bicycle riders should be required to be licensed and tested - which as a bicycle rider myself, that would be rubbish too but would follow similar logic).
  5. I’m sitting here all emotional and for the first time in a very long time I’m actually smiling. I can’t fargen believe it.

    Well done to the MRA for standing up and taking the GLS battle to the government.

    It’s a great thing to have a big brother backing you up against bullies.

  6. Bajeesus man what a post. You're an asset, sing it from from the rooftops brother.
  7. Unfortunately, this media release didn't get picked up by the media. But the Age filed another bit of TAC propaganda today. In another article they quoted the MRA - the person quoted at the bottom of the article is not the MRA(Vic) road safety and research officer - and has not been on the MRA Board for some time.

    Are you guys going to let TAC and the Age to continue to get away with their one sided anti-motocycle propaganda? MRA needs your backup support in the form of public statements. Or are you going to do nothing?

    If you like what has been said - then tell someone about it.

    Register your comments at:

    The Age

    Herald Sun
  8. Miss Cockfield at least seems to be talking from a point of view of stats, but has she actually done anything other than speculate about the weather? Did she actually download the weather conditions on the day in the area of each crash??

    The other age article is an inflamist crock of shit.
  9. Fwiw:
    Hard to say what you need to in 200 words. It could have easily been 500.

    Thanks to the NR with the cotton balls analogy in his sig - perfect concept to explain the road safety philosophy.
  10. Almost tempting to invite some journalists to do a bike course themselves and come out with other learners to learn what it is really like...

    Possibly rather than fight the journos, invite them in... Hell, as a young learner myself, I'd be happy to have them follow me around for a day.
  11. May I suggest this may have the opposite effect? Novice riders have a scary time, you may remember, and having ridden on the road a few times may only provide a small degree of understanding of what safe riding is about, more likely it produces either fear or illogical assumtions of relative capability. Respectable experience comes from the skills acquired from surviving many thousands of klms on the roads and these are the people reporters should be interviewing.
  12. There's that word surviving again.
  13. Possibly true - however new riders are going through the learning process - so if followed it would show what is learnt rather than the typical experience rider vs media approach. i.e. Someone with no experience will have more in common with a n00b than an experienced rider.

    Better yet, get a few media reps on the courses, followed by actually getting them on the roads.
  14. Is it luck, skill or a combination of both that make for a long time riding? There's an old saying "There are bold riders and there are old riders but there are no old bold riders".

    I would use the term "survivor" for any long term road user group without delving into the negative connotations but concede that the spin doctors our political leaders employ will make something of anything.

    As Sun Tzu wrote "Never will those who wage war tire of deception." Our opponents are well versed in the technique of winning the minds of the people. If they succeed then we have lost the war before the first battle is fought.
  15. In future, I think using the word "experienced" would be better all round.
  16. agreed Experienced is media friendly and positive.
  17. Congratulations Rob, you got published in the Age today=D>=D>=D>=D>

    Now, if only there were more like you.

    For anyone who wants to take on the challenge and see how many more we can get published:

    The Age

    Herald Sun

    Oh - I just noticed one from this moron - someone should take this clown to task - over to you I've had my turn, its unlikely I'll get another:

  18. I want a t-shirt that says 'I survived the MRAV'
  19. he he, nice...

    I'm getting one made that says "I told you so"...
  20. Taa John. Frankly that caught me by surprise. I was hoping that The Age would just read my bit and lift their game about their slack reporting. It's not hard to check some of this stuff.

    It's interesting how they edited my letter. I wrote:
    What's clear is that all the usual prejudices lumped on riders, even by do gooder riders like mr black, are way off the mark. This is why the police are floundering using their only lever of enforcement to control the toll - the breaking of road laws is not the root cause! We're so brainwashed to think that a crash at the speed limit will be into a pile of cotton balls, while 1km/h higher will be onto jagged rocks. Fatalities will still occur even if no road user broke a law!

    They edited it down to:
    What's clear is that all the usual prejudices lumped on riders are way off the mark. This is why the police are floundering, using their only lever of enforcement to control the toll.

    :-k I feel that an important message was removed... but I have to admit the letter is easier to read.