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MRA Press release november 9 2010 WOWIE!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by smee, Nov 9, 2010.

  1. My apologies in my haste I posted a draft which in a way was a good thing as it helped iron out a few things.
    This is definitely the final release given the go ahead by Grant.
    Apologies for yesterday's stuffup.
    The Motorcycle Riders of Victoria is demanding the Brumby government cease vilifying Victoria’s motorcyclists with its endless campaigns of lies and half-truths.

    MRA(Vic) Vice-President Grant Delahoy said: “We are tired of the government’s shameful nonsense regarding motorcycle riders. Vacuous support for pronouncements stating all riders being “hoons” are hugely counterproductive to any serious road safety strategy, as is the constant feeding to the media of dubious statistical summaries in an effort to lend credibility to the government’s failed motorcycle policies.”

    So far this year, 45 motorcyclists have been killed on Victoria's roads. That's 45 riders too many, but as the Government is claiming this figure represents a significant increase above the norm, it's time for some perspective.

    From 1987 to date, the average number of annual motorcycle fatalities in Victoria has been 48.78. Some years have seen fewer rider deaths (eg 37 in 2004) and other years have seen more (as many as 67 deaths in 1987). While there have been more rider deaths in Victoria so far in 2010 than there were by the same time last year, normal statistical variations can be misleading. You must look at both the annual rider death rate over time and the number of motorcyclists on the road over the same period. The fact is there are far more riders on our roads than there were in 1987 yet the average number of rider deaths over time is not increasing.

    In fact, the national figures show a consistent and significant downward trend in the number of riders killed on Australia's roads with Victoria leading at 23% - even without taking into account increased rider numbers. There are more than twice as many riders on our roads now as there were 10 years ago. So the hysterical media screeching about “carnage” is misplaced. In real terms, we have seen a significant reduction in fatalities.”

    Yet the Brumby government continues it campaign of misinformation, plastering signs all over the state falsely declaring that “motorcyclists are 38 times more likely to be injured than car drivers”.

    Adolf Hitler stated that: “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.” The MRA(Vic) finds it most unfortunate the Brumby government uses these tainted methods to peddle its worthless road safety message and calls on the government to grow up and stop using dodgy statistics to do nothing but raise more revenue for itself via ever more draconian enforcement.

    The MRAVic also calls upon the Brumby government to stop lying to the electorate about how dangerous motorcycles are and to adopt a more rational and mature approach to the most environmentally sound method of motorised transport on Earth. The government’s cheap scare campaign and childish demands for a Zero Road Toll are quite rightly disregarded by all Victorians as nothing but cheap political grandstanding targeted at an easy-to-kick road-user group – scooter and motorcycle riders.

    A copy of this release can be downloaded here.

    For further information contact:
    Grant Delahoy MRA(Vic) Vice President – 0433 229 815
    Email: president@mravic.org.au

  2. Oh BRAVO!!! Beautiful. Could have written it myself. (In fact, I've got a nasty creepy feeling I almost did.) LOL.

    Good work guys, thanks.
  3. Oh dear god.
  4. That press release amounts to a de facto declaration of war with the various gumbiment departments (over due IMHO) :)
  5. Hitler? Seriously? I think it would have almost been better to use the quote without attributing it to the author. All people will see is a comparison of Brumby to Hitler, and despite the rest being rather well written and well on the money, they will not see past the absurdity of that ludicrous comparison.

    Or am I missing something and Brumby has secretly begun construction of motorcyclist death camps?
  6. Hitler stayed in. Interesting.
  7. Yes, bit uncomfortable about that part. While it is just a quote and not a direct application of godwins law, it raises a similar ire. Overall though, very nice.

  8. Wasn't it Goebbels anyway?
  9. Goering said something similar, too.
  10. By the way, damn good message.
  11. Hitler spoke English? I watched downfall last week and it was all in German.
  12. Of course not, silly. He used google translate just like everybody else.
  13. Ah yes, I saw him complain about that on youtube once.
  14. :rofl:

    That made me LOL =D>
  15. For the record, the above posts are hilarious. They also show why it is a bad idea to quote Hitler, or make comparisons with Nazi Germany, even if you feel the comparison is warranted.

    There is a prevailing school of thought that states the first person to invoke Godwin's Law in any discussion (online or otherwise) has already lost.
  16. It will at least ensure that the message hits home.
  17. Still like it. Lots.
  18. I don't know about that. I think it will spawn some discussion about whether or not a Hitler reference is called for, which will detract from the message.
  19. It ensures that the message is lost. If I were reading this as a non-rider, I would get to the hitler ref and just stop reading, assuming that the piece was from some hysterical, undereducated group that don't use an editor for their media releases, and therefore probably don't know what they are talking about.

    Actually, I probably would have stopped reading at 'hugely', but I'm a pedant like that.

    Is this not the same group that has been repeatedly encouraged to get more media savvy? *sigh*