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VIC MRA Closure

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Dazza, Nov 1, 2004.

  1. Gday peoples. After reading the lastest letter sent to 3AW radio personalities slamming the "Ride For Justice", by the current President Dale Maggs it got me thinking.

    When will the MRA pettiness cease. I have always given my support to the MRA be it financial or moral support (as in recent years). Today I read a spiteful letter from Dale Maggs that now has me in the firm belief, that if this is the thoughts and actions of the MRA, then I think we would be much better off without them.

    I personally for the first time wish all their whinging and whining would cease and I wish they would put us all out of our misery and SHUT SHOP for the benefit of fellow bikers.

    Sorry to say it but, please dissolve and go away and let non spiteful professional people represent me on biking issues. The other option is focused and not concerned with what little Johnny is doing and does not berate others. Just GO AWAY NOW, YOU ARE BEYOND A FARCICAL JOKE.

    Should the MRA be wiped off the planet?

    Do you care what’s going on?

    Do you agree with the Presidents actions over the letter sent to the media?

    I would love to hear from MRA non board members thoughts, is this the road you hoped your Board members would take you?

    I would love to see what reactions they get at the next QGM – 2 NOV


  2. i am just happy to ride my bike with out all the bull shit.
  3. Link or copy the letter so we know what you are on about Dazza. I'd like to see it before coming to any conclusions.


    Thanks Vic, should have looked there first.

    My, my, Dale can go forth and multiply. Stupid cnut.
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  5. Hang on, Dale would like to say something in his defence: "waht di yo mene fourthe? i ame nubma wun a'rnet i? prdisetn maraa, thast mee"
  6. hahahahahhahhahaa


    There goes another keyboard, coated in bourbon :)
  7. What a pisser, sadly I think you quoted him directly :shock: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  8. Its not fair to have a go at someone who is disksleks - dixlexic - dishlicksick - thislexik aaagh Fu^*@ it
    CAN'T WRITE or RIGHT or RITE & READ or REED :p :p :p
  9. that would be 4th Dec
  10. Well I think that just gets rid of the wholier than though stance.

    Dazza has made a point in his post and asked some questions.

    Your response grompie has been to personally ridicule someone because he may
    or may not have had the benefits of your education.

    if you have an opinion on what dale wrote or the fact he sent such an email by all means vent your opinion.

    Taking it to the level grompie and watchdog have , has for me shown the true colours of these people.
    and why should I let these kind of people represent me.

    f this is an example of the new world order then we might as well all go home.

    if you have an opinion on what dale wrote or the fact he sent such an email by all means vent your opinion. If you must start the school boy attitude then please for mysake do not say your represent motorcylists.
  11. Go home/ Will you actually go home? Nah, you'll stick around to see what everyone says about you. But what if nobody says anything, will you get the message? Tell me who gives the proverbial rats ass about what you think. Don't you realise that most of us are a little tired of trying to read the mispelled garbage that emanates from you and your bed partners. Go and get a real life and take your reactionary drivel with you. Oh and remember not to play marbles when wearing your short pants, everyone will actually see that you have no balls, when you bend down!
  12. Now thats funny coming from a guy that promises alot, knows nothing and hides behind lawyers when questions are aked of him, I doubt you even know what balls are

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  13. E-mail received...

    This is an e-mail received from mraa.sc@gmail.com (not sure who it is). Not even sure why I am receiving it as I have not been nor am I a MRAA member, thus they wouldn't have my name on the 'books' as the e-mail states.

    To all Members
    You are receiving this email due to the fact the MRAA Membership
    Database is widely available on the internet. Given this resolve i
    will not name myself but will provide the following details.
    The MRAA Membership database is and has been available now for around
    2 months on ED2K network which to state is Emule/Edonkey/Overnet file
    sharing network. Considering the membership Secretary's ability to
    download movies from the same network it should not suprise anyone
    that he also allowed this file with your home phone numbers and home
    address's to be released.
    The previous QGM was a farce to say the least, for some unkown reason
    the Board going against the MRAA Constitution allowed a vote to
    commence for the position of President, under the constitution:
    Section 9 Office and Board Vacancies,
    9.1. Subject to the Constitution, any Member may nominate for
    appointment to any Office or Board vacancy and all such appointments
    shall be made by procedures that are open to all Members, transparent
    and fair to all participants and include,
    9.1.1. Notification, to all Members, of vacancies, calling for nominations,
    Before a vote is allowed to happen nominations must be called upon
    this has NOT happened and there fore the vote is illegal!
    Theis matter needs to be dealt with urgently and solved correctly and
    by the rules.
    When approaching the MRA Board on this matter they refused to comment,
    but have said on other internet forums and chat rooms that this stands
    and they can and will do as they wish!
    Dale Maggs is the new illegal President, this is the same person who
    the MRAA has received serious complaints about from the G.P. Corp and City of
    Casey stating that it may not be possible to continue working with the
    MRAA whilst Dale is around. His constant harrassement now has led to
    several letters and complaints to the MRA and the MRA's responce is
    simple lets put him up for election! even with comments endorsed by
    Dale as follow "Pull the pin, send them one big huge message, and take
    the GP run back to the traditional home of Victorian M/Cycling.
    Elizabeth st Melb. And do it now and wipe the shyte eaten grin from
    their collective gobs." he still gets a pat on the back.
    Under the Associations Act Part V 29C there is a severe Conflict of
    Interest on Dales part but after bringing this forward to the Board it
    is once again white washed.
    Dale further to this, is now going on about a letter that was
    allegedely signed by the Secretary Derek and President Brian, but
    after looking into this matter there seems to be alot of emails that
    state this letter was never written up or signed. Recently on an
    online forum the Ex President also confirmed that this letter does not
    exist and was never signed therefore the copy that Dale has and is
    showing around is or would be fraudulent. Once again repeated emails
    to the Board over the last month and no original letter has been
    provided by the MRA to show otherwise. The Ex President and a current
    serving Board member have supplied emails from the MRAB forum to state
    this letter was never signed or written up by the MRAA.
    So we now have an illegal President, that delves into fraudulent
    paperwork and has a serious conflict of interest. Glad i'm a member of
    the MRAA!
    Then we have the Toyrun's latest threats from our good old mate
    Damien, how did they go "MRA Board do as i say or i will take the
    Toyrun away, all promotion material and reference material and you
    will never get it back" now thats good resolve isnt it, The Board,
    YOUR Board is now being blackmailed and controled by Damien Codognoto.
    Further to this is the lies coming from the current Board, there not
    to hard to find there all over the internet forums and chat rooms, but
    yet they never answer any questions why is that i thought they stood
    for transperancy back in February now they lie and refuse to talk.
    Once again why did it take the MRA 7 days to respond to the
    recent motorcycle death? 7 days before one word came from the board.
    Within that 7 days a Justice Ride has been prepared by the VMU, that
    took them less than 3 days to organise, they have put out media
    responces, radio responces and have answered all questions by there
    members and non members to this issue. The MRAA to date has not
    answered many of the queries, have not published any media responces
    or even made the radio but what they have done in respond in a very
    degrading way and insulting every motorcyclist and the VMU over the
    Justice Ride.
    They place a letter on there website and the Illegal President Dale
    Maggs sends out a private emails on behalf of all MRAA members to
    cause trouble, It does nothing to improve the image of the MRAA, it
    does nothing to improve the image of the VMU, all it has done is make
    motorcyclist look like a disfunctional bunch of idiots.
    Congratulations Dale.
    But yet what are the MRAA doing about this, well going by the last
    email i sent them a week ago there up to nothing as they have not yet
    responded. Glad your a member.
    Heres the stats, Membership database on file sharing network, Dale
    Maggs- conflict of interests, failing to follow the constitution,
    Fraud, destroys motorcyclists image, MRAA Board illegal election,
    illegal QGM (read the rules its obvious where they stuffed up),
    failure to comply with constitution in many regards 1. election 2.
    dispute procedure 3. discrimination 4 failing to reply to all members
    5. it continues
    And now calls on several forums for the MRA to desolve, a full revolt
    against the current board! What the F is going on?
    My membership is almost up thankfully i wont be rejoining the MRAA,
    unfortunately its up before the next QGM otherwise i would put a full
    vote of no confidence up against the entire board.
    People i would be doing many things now but the best you could do is
    ask the board about the context of this email. Everything here is
    verifiable and found around the forums all i am doing is making the
    issues public, and for gods sake get rid of that exuse of a dislexic
    President Dale "i wanna be king" Maggs.
  14. I could take a rough guess on who sent it but I won't , but I'm sure if alot of people on here look at some of the posts and the way they have been written it's not to hard to guess.

    I feel sorry for the person, they obviously have too much time on their hands, and not much between their ears :)
  15. Guys,

    Im all for arguments but hey, lets leave the personal name calling out of it or posts will dissapear.
  16. Being the membership secretary and the bloke that looks after this database I can tell you that it is all total fabrication.

    For what it's worth there is no copy of E-Donkey et al on my or any computer I use. The membership database had the password changed shortly after brian's resignation by me and i'm the only bloke that knows this password.

    Boz, I don't even know who you are or your email address so rest assured your details haven't come to the author of this email via the membership database so this limits the field of authors considerably.

    Whilst he/she doesn't have the intestinal fortitude to name him/herself and sends from an anonymous g-mail account I at least have the courage to stand before my peers and be judged on my actions.

    Any questions in regards to my handling of the membership database i'll gladly answer. They can stick me on a polygraph and shoot truth serum up my arse if they want, the reality is the same story will be cited again and again and that story is the membership database has not been compromised by me in any way.

    Members details are now and will remain anonymous.
  17. Why did I also get that email despite not being an MRA member?
  18. It never ceases to amaze me that certain spiteful people still go on and on over the same crap. These people won’t put their names to anything, yet they are the first to take legal action when someone in anyway slanders them. To those people, put your name down and stand by what you say and be prepared to cop the same legal flack you like to give others.

    As far as the MRA goes, the mess that the last board left the current board is a joke. They have a lot to answer for and at this stage they will not put up their hands and say that they screwed up. Instead they are taking token legal action in trying to intimidate the current board into dissolving. It’s all out of spite, they wanted to run it their way and they had no support from the members and once they realised they were going to get voted out, they all quit.

    All this crap stems from those whose egos were shattered knowing that they were not as good as they thought.

    Support the MRA or simply throw your membership card in the bin and don’t be involved in anyway.

    But some people like to feel they can run something that they have no part of.
  19. without getting into this debate , i agree with you that you should put your name to what you write and post .

    you left yours of culprit .
  20. Isn't that what motorcycling is about?

    Ive only ever seen fighting amounts each other for the last 8 years.

    Welcome aboard Dale.

    It's been a while.