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MRA Bent & Buckled Bikies Bureau (4B's) Support Group

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by cruisingal, May 4, 2007.

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  1. The following are links to the MRA Support Group.

    An excerpt from their site:


    Today, the 4B unit was resurrected by Austin Webb, a fellow rider that joined the MRA after a hiatus from riding for some years.
    Austin saw the value that this service has to offer, and only armed with very little info found at the HQ of the MRA, Austin set out to place the call to all riders, to assist were they can, and become the force that it was in its heyday.
    Fliers were made, and every motorcycle forum on the web known to man was hit with the cry for help, for fellow riders.
    Currently, there are about 8 active members, stretching from Frankston in the Southeast, to the west in Weribee, right through to the Bendigo region (Thanks to the Victorian Central Riders).

    The Classification Act set by the government are in certain orders, if injured on the road, you are now classified as a road trauma victim.
    To add salt to the wound, the Privacy Act comes into play as well.
    Thats why we need you, to inform us of these injured riders.
    This makes things easier for the volunteers, as well as speeds up the process.

    To add based forum, has an email register for family or friends, to email the 4B’s with the riders name, and which hospital they are currently in.
    This makes things easier for the volunteers, as well as speeds up the process.
    More here: 4bs

    Donations can be made through Paypal here. They are also always looking for donations of magazines etc and volunteers.

    Due to privacy laws, friends or family need to notify the Support Group of an injured rider, and can be made here
  2. + 1
  3. Seeing as Mr. Webb is no longer part of the MRAA, I'd like to know how old and how current that information is. I'd also like to know what is the state of the 4B's
  4. I'll call MRA Monday Vic and report back.
  5. Last news on the website is Sept 1st 2006 :?
  6. Austin's still a member, just not on the Board. Still helping out when able to.

    As for 4Bs, it's active, but am not sure of the details. One of the lads, TonyE or whoever is best to advise on that.

    But as Tony highlighted, it's difficult, what with the privacy laws and so on, contacting downed riders to see if they want any help.
  7. Is it 'Bikies' or 'Bikers'? It's own website is conflicted.
    I hope it's the latter.
  8. Don't bet on it.

    I think i recall seeing a comment on this on the MRAA site...and from memory, "bikies" was the correct term. Surprised me a bit considering the image "bikies" normally stirs in most peoples minds.
  9. Must have been typed by Dale, he's a wanna-be bikie :)
  10. It's bent and buckled "bikkies" isn't it???
    When they're outta pizza it's time to hit the bikkie barrel :grin:
  11. I do have to ask why this is in the politics forum as the 4b's is definately not political, you also do not need to be an MRAA member to help out nor get a visit.

    The 4b's is always looking for volunteers, to go on hospital visits, or help out a fellow rider in need.

    Old Magazines, movies etc are also gratefully accepted.


    ps: the names from the late 70's
  12. Yeah but .. some'll jump at any chance for a cheap shot :LOL:
  13. Vic, why did you say it this way?

    Instead you (and Jason) could have said it differently and thrown Netrider's weight behind the 4Bs concept.

    The names of the people who are behind trying to run the 4Bs has nothing to do with the intention behind Cruisingal's starting this thread. I'm sure that her motivation was to promote the 4Bs concept as a memory to a friend lost in tragic circumstances.

    I would encourage you (and Netrider) to call for and encourage all riders to volunteer their services, donate (money or otherwise), advise the 4Bs of the names of riders who are in hostpital etc.

    How about it Vic? :mad: :mad:
  14. I said it that way because it was a genuine question as to the state of the 4B's. The information states Today, the 4B unit was resurrected by Austin Webb, Do you honestly think that we should ignore the fact that the information is old by some, what, 2 years?

    What and be accused of trying to take things over? No thanks

    No problem there at all from me. See my first comment.

    See my second point. We cannot pass on names to the 4B's due to privacy laws.

    2 years ago you pathetic little shitheads refused to list Netrider's feeder runs to the toyrun, Dale's initiative I was told. Much to the disgust of the then webmaster, Derek Clarkson. Now you come running to Netrider for assistance.

    Which is it?
    do you clowns want to stop stroking yourselves whilst walking around thinking that you are THE organisation that represents riders or do you want to put your hands up and realise that a pack of 6 pizza eating fatheads can't do it all on your own?

    Here's a tip, lose the :mad: emoticons, they are not going to achieve anything :roll:

    I've said it time and time again, I'm more than happy to assist, as we've done in the past but the org needs to lose this bullshit belief that no one else matters. I am talking riders as well as clubs.
    To be perfectly honest the org is a fcukup. It's own constitution chokes it and stops it from gaining a decent force. Till that changes it will only ever be a pack of 6 pizza eating fatheads that think they are all that.

    Have a brilliant day :)
  15. Hi all, yes, i austin Webb, ressurected the 4B's, as i saw a service that is needed for the motorcycling community, i then stepped down in 2006 at the AGM, and Kerri (membership sec) took the reins and ran with it, offering to visit throughtout the hospitals and spread the word, I, myself is still a member of the 4B unit as well as a paid up member of the MRAA, but due to work commitments, have stood down for a year to grow my business.

    Just for the record, i did try to involve netriders, but was removed due to it being a MRA thing. understand at the time iof this that there was finger pointing at each other, but i beleive this is the time to stop...

    with all the past being dragged up, all this service was to offer all riders the same grace to a fellow rider, no politics, just a freindly voice to talk to and assist in the road to recovery. that is all i wanted from this service.
  16. For the record a lot of the finger pointing stemmed from Dale refusing to list the Netrider Toyrun feeder runs. Great one Mr. President.

    Argue and carry on all you will over other shit but when you toy with (pardon the pun) the toy run you are nothing but a dickhead.

    Anyway, that being said, what you did AW was never questioned, the age and the validity of the information was.

    Shit, I could just type this ---> .

    And JDK would be frothing at the mouth trying to find negativity in me posting a full stop.
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