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  1. Hi Everybody,
    I'm new in the forum.I just got my L plate but I had a bike 10 years ago and i know how to ride. I need an advise on what to buy and where.
    My hight is 1.93m and i need something to ride around Sydney.
    Will be appriciated if someone advise me.


  2. Yikes
    Welcome to Netrider, first of all.

    Lots of questions prompted by your question.

    Are you looking for a 250 or a LAMS bike. (Do you know what a LAMS bike is?)

    Are you planning on keeping the bike when your restrictions are over?

    Do you want a new bike so you know what's happened to it, or do you want second-hand because you guess you might drop it once or twice?

    What's your budget, not just for the bike but for protective gear?

    Can you afford to insure a bike?
  3. Thanks for the reply.I know I asked a general question.and I'm glad you replied with more questions.I didn't know what Lams bike is but thank google. I want second hand because I can't afford new one.At this stage I don't think I want to spend more than 5g for the whole lot.And I know once I get into it and get to know bikes,I might have different prefrences.So for the time being something to ride around and build my confidence.
    I have no idea how much the bike insurance costs coz I never had one in Australia.
  4. where did u come from mbike? what country?
  5. I come from faraway
  6. well no shit sherlock, that tells me a lot
  7. I reckon that bit of shit just cost you most of the advice that would have been forthcoming!!!
  8. just another troll
  9. sounds like another troll.... don t know how mush experience u had ..start with a little 250
  11. what does that tell you?
  12. lams stand for< learner aprove motorcycles>for a tall dude like u best way is to sit on few different size bikes and see how they feel ..:busting:
  13. Anywhere near the Sydney suburb of Perth where ships of the desert are available for sale?
  14. could be him again.
  15. was thinking the same rog
  16. I had ENDURO type long ago and tired a few in bike shop.The hight is good for me.But they dont look like a normal road bike.I like the shape of SUZUKI VL250 (LC250 INTRUDER) or any sort of similar kind.(Things I say might be funny for you guys,coz as I said I dont have any clue,so I appologize if I say something wrong).
  17. Mate, welcome back.
    For 5k, you could buy a race bike, try F400 class and travel to Victoria and race it. We are all very nice to each other down here.
  18. make sure you buy one from a nigerian scammer, they have the best bikes
  19. I need something for road not race. but Thanks for advise.coz i learned what f400 series are.
  20. Just walk up to any "Bike Club" and demand they give you one!!

    .. not sure how you will go getting a bike off them though..