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Mr Rudd and my helmetcam

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Prawns, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. Ive decided to help the economy by buying a helmetcam lols. I will have $500 to spend but am having trouble even making a shortlist of cameras as I have no idea about camera angles, CCD vs CMOS etc and how they affect "real life" recordings

    I could go a camcorder+bulletcam setup or there are alot of cameras out there now that are all in one unit, eg record to SDcard fully self contained.

    Im unsure whats best for the money I have. It would mainly just be used for oxley highway trips etc I guess on a gsxr - and would be played back on my computer screen (42inch hd plasma) and I would like to be able to mount it to my helmet and fairing if possible

    Most I have looked at are here

    This guy reviews them but hasnt used them lols which is why Im hoping some here have similar cameras and some honest feedback about how they work in reallife. Dont be scared to suggest anything sub $500 tho I am keeping my options open, if this means a 2nd hand camcorder and bulletcam off ebay so beit :)

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  3. bit worried about the fine printt on that camera mate as it may drop straight to 15fps without warning?

    "* In some cases, the frame rate may be automatically reduced to maximize the memory usage."
  4. I have 1 of them I I dont rate them too highly.

    1- No preview screen. You could be shooting the ground for all you know.
    but thats extreme. you can get the rough angle right
    2- Problems with vibration making the card lose and it will stop recording.
    you can put some sponge in the back cover to lessen the chance of this happening.
    3- Mine did not support SDHC. maybe the new ones would.


    I would recommend something like the Elmo SUV cams. But they go for approx $1000


    Or buy a older miniDV can with a/v in and but a bullet cam.
  5. erewego, how did you attach it to your helmet? It looks like it has a strap for a bike helmet in the pics.

    I'd be willingto have a fewminor issues for the price of around $180 delivered to Aus.
  6. didnt attach it to my helmet.
    It does come with a few accessories like velco, and even a bracket for bicycle handlebar. When we did was to electrical tape the camera to the pillion pegs. and someone stands about 5m back to check that its good.

    You can get it in Aust. for about $160 thereabouts. send me a PM and I will send you some details
  7. that has some seriously good specs for the cost. anyone ever used one???
  8. I had one of the older 2k ones. Pretty shocking quality.
  9. I found these on egay http://cgi.ebay.com.au/NEW-Helmet-Mounted-Bullet-Cam-Personal-Recorder-Kits_W0QQitemZ160319342405QQcmdZViewItemQQptZAU_Motorcycle_Parts_Accessories?hash=item160319342405&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14&_trkparms=66%3A2|65%3A3|39%3A1|240%3A1318

    the quality looks good but crikey alota wires and alot more $$. I guess a pro for that setup is that you could run the mic under the seat or somthing and eliminate windnoise? Might be too much buggering around with cables lols

    edit theres a vid here using it on a bike http://www.sport-cam.co.uk/videos/strathy 1 large.wmv
  10. wow for the price its pretty crappy eh. i got an old canon ixus 30 that does 640x480 2 30fps, looks a tonne better.
  11. bit harder to stick to your head tho ;)

    that video is apparently uncompressed too - wonder if its similar in quality to those atc5k ones which are $200 cheaper (and nowires) Hopefully somebody here has a atc5k and can give us a rundown?
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  16. what is it with members here and being insulting to newbies in concern too "thread resurrection"

    Just because you may have read it 6 months ago does not mean that all newbies have --- some other new member out there may appreciate seeing this and guess what (shock horror )- may actually conduct a transaction with a fellow netrider simple by seeing the thread reading it and deciding they want one

    Netrider should ban newbies like me from commenting on any post older than two days to keep long time members happy so you stop bitching complaining and generally being discouraging to any new members.

    Or is netrider for existing established members only that joined within the first month of its creation?
  17. No offence intended. It's not specific to netrider - it's just poor netiquette and normally pointed out. Usually when you want to resurrect an old thread you can make a new one and reference it or throw in a "I know this is an old thread but..." at least, then people will stop saying 'zomg necropost/resurrection etc etc".

  18. I have been on about 500,000,000 forums in my time on the Internet (more than 20 years) and this is a new one for me!

  19. way to kill the inside joke man, took me ages to make up that fake wiki article.