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Mr.Right left a Parking Note (Nth Sydney-Mount St)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Shori, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,

    Thought I'll share this experience I had today:

    I had parked (Nth Sydney-Mount St in front of Coca-Cola Place) my bike not exactly straight as an arrow. It was at an 75 deg angle. Rear wheel to the curb.

    As I finished work and walked towards my bike I saw a note reading - "This is not you personal space. Next time don't be such a selfish idiot"

    There was no way I was occupying two 2 wheeler spots. If anything, I parked legally inside the yellow brackets. I just got a Speed triple last wk finally (will post pics soon) and was being extra careful so as to prevent the front wheel from protruding out of the box too much and feared a car might knock it down.

    I totally understand from the other guys point of view - where he felt that he could have parked somehow, provided I parked absolutely straight. Which in mind I don't think he could have.

    Anyhow, my point is - why are people so bloody rude. If I was in his place I would have simply said - "Mate next time try and park straight. Takes less space". Thats it, end of story. Why be a jerk and call someone something, especially when you don't even know the person and what the circumstances might have been for someone to park like that. That is if the park was wrong. Mr. Right just assumed everything.

    This was probably in the morning and I wonder what kind of mood the guy starts his day with.

    Anyhow just wanted to send a message - Keep calm people. Everyone is learning all the time.

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  2. Well it's easy to be tough when nobody is around. I bet he wouldn't say the same thing if you were there.
  3. It's a habit of a lot of people to make a false/questionable inference, from a description of an action to a definition of the person. This makes the person's inner-world a much less pleasant a place to be, regarding both their perception of themselves (often) and of others. And then they die.

    Don't let it get to you.
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  4. Saw a sign on a wall near bike parking with a similar thing in brisbane recently.
    The sign in this case was the guy who received the note saying he dares the guy who called him similar names to meet him back at that spot at 5pm the following friday and he can say it to his face lol.
  5. No walls around in my case. May be I can use the tree...:grin:
  6. Do you realize you've done the same thing by posting this thread?

    He thought you were being selfish.. You thought he was being a rude jerk..

    Not worth stressing over at all.
  7. Lets all jump on our high horses til someone looses an eye.
  8. Id park it their with a tiny note on it. When they lean in to read the tiny writing on the tiny note, Thats when you strike.
  9. I knew that was coming. When I was starting the thread it did occur to me, that I'm falling to the same level.

    I'm not stressed and you are right I should have not called the guy a jerk. My apologiesIf he is reading this.

    But, then I thought I don't have nothing against the guy & I don't really care. But, I do care enough to share this w/t the rest and hope we all respect each other and raise issues like well mannered and civilised people.
  10. Regardless of making assumptions or not, one can easily be polite when leaving notices or speaking to people!
  11. Yes, we don't want to be mauled by an eye that's got loose.
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  12. Maybe he should biatch to NSW gov/councils until they allow footpath parking...
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  13. Sounds like a good childrens book: Mr Right left a Note!

    Once upon a time we went to the mall and eye got high and loose on the horses!
  14. They tried to knock him off with a ten foot pole but it wasn't long enough.
  15. So Mr Right put his left glove on his right foot. Silly Mr Right!
  16. Welcome to Sydney, sadly.
  17. At least he got some good parking advice. Half the time people in Sydney couldn't be stuffed leaving any sort of note at all!
  18. This was in a motorbike parking only zone?
  19. It was a 'Motorcycles Only' parking.
  20. can't believe nobody has said it..........