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MR re-run: Cop shoots Roo

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by brownyy, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. linky link

    Anyone on that MR about a year ago when we all got pulled up doing "warp factor 5" (according to mr ex 750 racer plod man) and the cop had to shoot that fox in brighton??

    What are they sooking about now? 2 shots?? FFS!! Would you like to be "humain" with one or fukn sure you killed it with two?? Fukn idiots.

    I gotta stop reading the news, it pisses me off.

    End rant

  2. My husband always uses two shots when any animal needs to be put down...

    As some of you know im a veg head and big believer in animal rights BUT lets not mince shit with reality, two bullets proves the end result...
    The animal is always dead on the first shot but he always places a 2nd shot right after the 1st BC its the proof shot, leaves NOTHING to doubt!

    This cop should be commended for doing the right thing, I had an argument with a cop at the side of the road going back about 15 years ago, when a dog was hit by a car and he refused to shoot it!!! Said he wasnt allowed to discharge his weapon unless his safety or the public's safety was at risk....

    Rangers dont carry guns either, had a roo jump out back fence a few years back and my husband was Away....The roo had broken its leg and had almost dug its own grave it had done so many circles in the dirt trying to get up :( I called the ranger and he came out with the big injection, i was like WTF? that roo it taller than both or us and looks really pissed off....I had to hold its tail while he put 3 yes THREE injections into it, then he tied it to the back of his ute dragged it up to the front of my property and told me to dispose of it as he claimed he had no room in the freezer at work...As the carcass was now lethal to any wild animal or dog that might want to eat it i was really pissed off that it was left for me to dispose of.... Lucky a neighbour came to my rescue and burned the carcass...

    I know now how to use a gun...
  3. If you've watched the movie Zombieland you'll know rule #x: double tap. Don't want any zombie roos / foxes around do ya??? :LOL:
  4. ""An experienced sergeant "

    old school officer with common sense by the sounds of it -- he has my support
  5. Who cares about roos anyway?! Honestly, have to be one of the stupidest animals out there, they'll sit on the side of the road next to the bush and wait until you're about 5 metres away then decide to 'run to safety', ie. right in front of you, then stop.

    I've had so many close calls from massive, stupid roos that I would love to go on a year long roo killing spree with a minigun, just to reduce the numbers a bit.
  6. Surley the 2-3 seconds between shots is more humane then just leaving the animal there with serious injurys. Some animals dont cope well with injury. I dont know about kangaroos, but at the end of the day, there is no real "humane" way of killing something.
  7. yeah there is, i'll show you two methods and you can decide...
  8. I was on that ride - the return trip from Arthur's Seat.
  9. If the police had tazers that wouldn't have happened.
  10. Well, it was either being shot, or being run over by the tram...

    People love trashing the police, yet, I bet none of them would have the balls to make the decisions the job requires.

    Too many keyboard warriors.
  11. It's ridiculous.

    They should have called wires rather than some blood thirsty cop unloading his pistol into the poor thing. Disgusting.

    He should have pepper sprayed it and handcuffed it and moved it to a safer area.

    There aren't many roos around, and it's sad to see the cops kill the poor beautiful thing.
  12. (as a non-sarcastic comment - does anybody else think the photo that is doing the rounds seems a bit iffy? Do Victorian cops use nickel-plated hanguns? And that looked a fair bit smaller than the standard issue .38. To Mr Bling, don't worry, I was being sarcastic. I've shot more Kangaroos than you've had hot breakfasts!)
  13. Probably right, but I don't eat hot breakfasts that often...

  14. Apparently the pic was legit and this was part of the reason for the back lash, some are saying its the officers distance that caused the need for the 2nd shot...

    As i stated earlier two shots are standard but it is NOT standard to shoot an animal with a hand gun so if u were forced to use a hand gun you would want to be as close to its head as humanly possible.
  15. Unconfirmed reports state the officer was heard shouting I AM THE LAW.
  16. I have to agree that distance is a bit far.

    As for using a handgun - handgun of the correct calibre is a very quick and efficient means of dispatching an injured animal.
  17. No, the distance is perfectly safe. Closer and you run the risk of powder burns and/or bone fragments striking and hitting you. Every time I've put down an animal (Probably only 20 times or so at that range) I've stood with the muzzle of my firearm that far. I've never used a handgun, however. I'd imagine it'd be easier, as it's more of an extension of your arm

    Also notice the angle he's doing the shooting, nice soft backstop for the bullet to hit as well. He's done it right.

    Still curious about the handgun. The more I look at it the more it looks like a .22. Which would be better to do it in public. But I have no idea where he would have gotten it from. Could be wrong...
  18. Better then what I mate of mine had to do to a roo.

    A guy on a ZX10 going the other way had hit a roo. He managed to keep it upright but the roo had a broken back and was lying in the middle of the road moving around using just its arms. The only thing available was a bit of 2X4 next to the road. Needless to say, roo's have hard heads so it took quite of few hits from a big man to put it out of its misery.

    2 quick shots from a gun would of been much more humane. Why can't hippie fookers just STFU and get over their idiotic ideologies. A roo thats been hit by a car and obviously messed up is not going to make a recovery. Shooting it is not just the copper having a bit of fun, IT IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO!
  19. Bits of roo brain and skull if too close though.
  20. A roo is a native Australian, though.
    Probably would have hung itself in custody, anyways.

    Geez the RSPCA are sounding more and more like PETA ("It's neva OK to kill teh cute widdle animalz!") yet they're responsible for more animals' deaths than anyone else they criticise.