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MR licence,

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by deadman, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. Going for my MR licence this week,
    3 X 5 Hour training sessions and then go for the licence,

    Its so I can drive my new second hand RV coming from the USA,

    A house on wheels, Every thing that opens and shuts, and all the bells and whistles,
    OZ does not make any thing like these RV's.

    Very cheap also, Fully converted to Australian ADR's

    After my boat trip to the Kimberlys, It will be around OZ in the Bus, Car and Bikes on a Trailer on the back,

    Love this retirement thing,
  2. Very true. Although the Chinese are now starting to get very interested in the whole mobile home/RV thing so there'll more than likely be a huge range of stuff coming out of there in the years to come.

    I believe there's already Chinese made caravans in the country, and possibly also those things that slide onto the tray/roof of utes.

    Good luck with the test. Only question is does your bike fit the new RV you're getting?
  3. Don't think you will have any problems Brian, after the Bird most RVs would be a piece of cake.
  4. They are so crappy inside, and half a million dollars worth,

    Left to right hand is being done at the moment, along with all gas lines, sensors, left hand door, Etc Etc,

    It comes here ready to drive away after roadworthy and registration,

    1989 Foretravel Grand Vlla. 36 foot ORED. 300 Cat diesel and 4 speed Allison Auto gearbox, diesel pusher, They do 80 MPH easily at 10 MPG,

    The Birds going on the trailer, Not leaving my Moped at home,
  5. :eek:
    So as long as you drive less than 300km per day it's cheaper than just getting a motel room.
  6. But with the meth lab, it'll pay for itself in no time :p
  7. Flunked it, Changed gear going round a corner, Instant disqualification, And almost had finished the driving test,

    Found out it is not 3 X 5 hours, its one, 5 hour course including test, theory and practical,

    I got 100% for theory, and would have got 85 % for practical, But I was just not familiar enough with the truck to get the speed right with one of the corners in the test,

    I get a free retest, so alls good, But I will pay for an hour extra before the test next time to be more familiar with the truck,

    I would have been pissed off with out the free retest, $600-00 down the drain,

  8. Bugger, oh well I'm sure you will get it, have to or else Heather might end up driving. hahaha

    If you're having a trailer on the back of one of those big enough to take a car and 2 bikes, what's the overall length?

    I've hired a 2 tonne truck twice and a winnebago but all just required standard licence. Not sure I'd want anything bigger, wouldn't be able to see over the dashboard.
  9. Car licence goes to 4.5 ton GVM, My work Effie was 4.2 ton, Hahahaha
    Heather got knocked back till she gets a cardiology Okay,
    Lenght will be approx, Bus and trailer 60 feet or 18.3 metres.
    Bus is 9.5 ton,

    They have larger windscreens and taller seats in the bigger trucks and buses, so you will be all right, You will be able to see over the dashboard.
  10. That's a shit mate, but hopefully you'll nail it next time.
    Best of luck.
  11. Tomorrow morning its on again, Hahahahaha,
  12. Hey,

    Good luck with the test.

    I am looking forward to the travels thread.


    Cheers Jeremy
  13. Dont hold your breath waiting for the travels thread, The Bus tour is after I come back from the Kimberlys in my Catamaran,

    And no, I cant get my bike on the bloody yacht, Damn it,
  14. 7-00 AM start, one hours practice and then the test,

    I now have a MR licence, Thanks for the good wishes,

    Just getting comfortable with a truck I was not familiar with, Thats the hard part,

    Deisel versus petrol, ones slow the other isnt, I now have it, Thats all that matters,

    Sigh of relief its all over,

  15. Congrats Brian. You'll never be home now.=D>:applause:
  16. Congrats deadman.

    Your travel plans sound great and I hope we get to hear about them. It's something I'd like to do in the future.
  17. The boat wont be repaired till November,
    The Bus wont be here till November,
    This waiting is killing me,

    The ride to Noojee today with Heather and Micky did me wonders tho, Magic day,

    Check out the XX meet up on the Cup week end HB, It might suit you, Heathers going on her Kwaka, Chuck a set of spare levers in your bags, Heather has, for her Kwaka, Hahaha I also put crash bars on hers,

    As long as I have an internet connection, you will here from me and my adventures,

  18. Good for you Brian, hope you have a ripper of a time.