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Mr CBangryRRRRRRR gives it to taxi driver ! LOL

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Mickyb V9, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. Going home from work today, walking back to where i park my bike . . .

    I come pass some roadrage !


    Why do motorbike riders like getting off their bike and leaving potentially free to be tipped over ! LOL . . . reminds me of that story with the Melb bus driver !

    Well, I was there as backup it if got nasty !
    The taxi driver tooted his horn, then it was all on.

    Why question is . . .
    why wasn't he lanesplitting ??? :grin:

  2. Taxi drivers are badddd..... in-considerate, they park anywhere they want break most of the road rules. but at least they don't speed, I'll give them that.

    I've almost gone off at a taxi driver a couple of times.
  3. One day whilst working on a hill, we had a nice view of most of the city, there was an RBT set up during lunch time that we could see, in my 30 min lunch, 10 cabs got pulled over and taken away :D
  4. I'm so glad melbourne's taxi are all yellow, we can avoid them more easily or being more alert when about to pass them.

    I had one cut me off while I was slipping through traffic traffic last night. Tram lines in the middle and parked cars on the left lane. plenty of room for me to slip past even if one of the parked car doors swing open. F*n cabbie pulls over on the left quite sharp to pick up a fare. I saw it coming a mile away and kept my speed low. :grin:

    Another case; I was stopped at right hand turn lane cabbie pulls up behind me, I was aware of his yellow stench. kept an eye on my mirrors and wasn't looking forward. He toots his horn and gestures to the lights (as if they'd changed) I click into gear look up and there's a red arrow still. WTF! Cabbies are ignorant prats think they own the road. I reckon if I wasn't there he'd have gone straight throught the light.

    In my anger I look back at him and point to the light. He snubs me. I try to ignore it and was very tempted to put the side stand down. Instead I look back at him once more with a very angry pointing gesture, basically the message I getsured was along the lines of; YOU use your EYES. I guess I over reacted. But I think I did the right thing... didn't even give him the finger. He did kinda just shrug it off, with an OK, OK, calm down, kinda of getsture.
  5. Haha. You have to be kidding. If I have to choose a lane and I want to move quickly I hop in the lane with the taxi in it. Works every time. They are guaranteed to move faster than traffic! I remember once telling a taxi driver to rush me as fast as he could to Uni, we were doing 80-90kmh in a lot of sections through heavy traffic. I gave him the fattest tip. :D
  6. bad drivers

    i reckon the worst drivers are those 18-22 year old wankas you see in there overdone cars with system pumping who chat on mobile whilst navigating intersection at peak hour.
    white vans seem to be bad too, and so do luxury 4wheel drives.

    the most dangerous place to ride for me in melbourne was footscray, expecially the area around ballarat rd and barkley st
  7. Re: bad drivers

    I worked at Highpoint and went to Footscray Park Vic Uni, and if you think that section of road is bad, you'll be terrified when you come across Princes Freeway, Western Ring Road and Westgate freeway junction at peak hour in the morning.
  8. Mickey,

    you were lucky it didn't come to blows or something.

    New law!!! Inconsiderate bystanding!!

    It landed Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer in jail!! :LOL: :LOL:
  9. hey Jeff !
    I was there as backup ! :LOL:
    I'd help a fellow rider if in need.

    It was so petty, the taxi driver wanted to que across the intersection.
    The dude on the CBR gave him the finger after one horn beep . .
    So the taxi driver horn beeped again taking offence to the finger . .
    So this aggrovated CBR dude again.
    When at the next set of lights . . . another horn beep and it was all on ! :LOL:
  10. Re: bad drivers

    yeah tru, you got a point. i used to ride from reservior to footscray, also went to vu last year, and i worked in yarraville,

    i usually didnt have to be there at peak hour, but the whole area is psycho with traffic and idiot drivers, trucks and lane splitting is kinda like russian roulette. ah - all in good fun