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Mr Brown

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by OzzyDevil, Mar 12, 2013.

  1. MR BROWN was a 60-year-old bloke with a heart-condition. He lived with his 18-

    year-old wife on the 22nd floor of an apartment block.

    One day, he decided to give his missus a phone-call to see what she was up to, but

    it was engaged. He tried again 10-minutes later, but yet again, it was still engaged.

    He immediately began to lose his shit so he ran home to check-up on her. As he

    arrived at the apartment block out of breath, he discovered that the lift had broken

    down. He had no choice but to run up 22 flights of stairs, his heart still pounding.

    Once he arrived at the top, he smashed the door down and ran straight into the

    bedroom to find no-one in there. He looked in the front room but no-one there again.

    He then made his way to the kitchen to find his wife doing up her blouse.

    “Where is he?” The old man shouted. “I’ll kill him!”

    As he continued to yell, he saw a bloke out the window running along the road doing

    his trousers up. He picked up the fridge and threw it out the window, but as he did,

    he had a heart-attack and dropped dead. Meanwhile, the fridge hit the bloke running

    on the head and he died too.

    As the two of them sat up in the waiting-room in heaven, The Archangel Gabriel

    came down and asked the bloke with the bandage on his head what had happened.

    “Well I woke up late for work this-morning, had a bit of a cuddle with the old girl, and

    as I was running out of the door trying to get to work, a bloody fridge hit me on the

    head and killed me.”

    “That’s what you get for being late to work,” Gabriel said.

    He then asked what happened to Mr Brown.

    “I thought my wife was at it with another bloke so I ran home, had a heart-attack and


    “Yeah well that’s what you get for being jealous,” Gabriel said.

    Gabriel then asked if there was a Mr White in the waiting room.

    “Yeah that’s me,” Mr White said.

    “What happened to you?” Gabriel asked.

    “Well I was sitting in his fridge minding my own business…”