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MP3 player

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by fred_kroft, Aug 5, 2006.

  1. All,

    I am after a small MP3 player with about a 1GB of memory.
    I am a Linux user. The pitch is confusing, both from salesman
    and the web sites, but I am told that Creative and Apple products
    require special Windose software to upload the MP3's to the device

    I am after something that acts like a flash stick (for windows
    people-- something you plug in and you get a removable device
    pop up in My Computer). I can upload my MP3's and away I
    go basically. Can anyone recommend a player ?

  2. I got one from Target the other week, they were down from $159 to $79, no name brand 'Base' model MP1255 from memory 256k on board but also takes SD card, easy to load, just drag and drop in the tracks.
  3. $27 from Strathfield Car radio + sim card

    no software , fedora see's it fine, it's battery charges from the USB port
    and buttons are big enough to leave ya gloves on , and the device is slightly bigger in width than a match box , and capacity is based on the cards you buy
  4. The Nano's come in 1GB size now - nothing looks better IMHO. iTunes seems to be great software - my kids have them.

    Some of my kids friends have the cheapies, but I don't see the value, when for just a bit more you can get the Nano @$219

    And from left field have you thought about a memory card and use your phone? I have a 1GB card (now under $40 delivered on eBay) and use my phone as my bike MP3 on day trips. Many of the latest phones have memory expansion available and one less thing to carry and card readers are cheap as well.

    [EDIT - sorry didn't see you as a Linux user]
  5. Sandisk make a 1gig unit that has SD expansion.
    No software required, its basically a flash memory device.

    $169 (i think) in a dump bin in front of my PhotoCentre in Harvey Norman Preston.

    Come in on a weekday and see Adrian in the photocentre.
    If theres any margin in them i will discount em as far as possible.

  6. More info please
  7. cheers all.

    (Actually, strathfield was the one place I didn't go)

    Thanks ;)

  8. Being a Linux user, .ogg support might be an option. Other than that most of them use the usb mass storage module.
  9. I a big fan of the older iRiver units (H120) but have a few friends who use and like the smaller solid state players. I know the iRivers are generally widely supported and require no special drivers to operate. Simply plug in and its recognised (under Windows an OSX) as a removeable hard disk; drag on the music you want and disconnect - done!

    Again, not sure on the newer units compatability with OGG but my H120 and H140 happily reads MP3, WMA, OGG and a myriad of other formats. Goes well with a good set of canalphones. :grin: Speaking of which... i must hunt down another pair since i killed my Sony 71SLs.
  10. All,

    I went to strathfields and got a $150 1GB LG USB flash stick/mp3 player.
    Just what the doctor ordered. As a test, a co-worker dumped his bayeastie boys
    collection on it.. and i rocked home on that.

    Cheers for advice.