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MP3 Player on your bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Komunista, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. Do any of you riders out there listen to an MP3 player while you ride.. I have kind of been pondering this as im kind of thinking i might try it. Is it ilegal ??? im assuming that i will still be able to hear the bike and traffic over the ear phones as i wont have it up that load...

  2. I use to do it for long trips (15+ mins), i would still, but my mp3 is broken, dont know what happened to it but it wont let me select any music :(

    If it was still working i'll just have it loud enough so i can hear sirens, horns and the bike engine.
  3. I do this on long rides.

    I have problems getting the earplugs to stay in, so loop them over in front of my ears before donning the helmet.

    Should really get speakers added to the helmet, ala the new Nolans, but am too lazy.

    Either way - metallica "enter the sandman" is the best for tackling the twisties
  4. Once again, it's been done to death, try a search
  5. nope!

    i don't anymore.

    i put earplugs in and hum to myself.

    if things get boring i just twist the throttle :twisted:
  6. Dude I listen to the MP3 all the time. Makes for a more spirited ride (depending on your music tastes of course)

    I used tu use the little ear plug things but got sick of them falling out of my ears and looking like a dumbass trying to put the buds in your ear.

    I went to jaycar and bought a $10 pair of actual headfones, cut the actual speaker bits off and now i just slip them into the helmet once I have put the helmet on my head. works brilliantly because they fit almost perfectly into the ear section of the helmet and cause they have that foamy type stuff on them you dont realise they are there and they dont move or fall out. Perfect fix for 10bucks!
  7. Paulie got any pics of how u done it?
  8. always have and never stop :p
  9. what hapnds if a crap song comes on.......?
  10. well i guess you got to listen to it ... sometimes its better off to listen to an i-pod. the new mini one's
  11. no matter now fast you go it will never fall & break and you can change songs anytime :p
  12. yep, I got one of those, clips on anywhere, no crap songs as you only load on the ones you like obviously! It's great!
  13. Why would you have a crap song (that you don't like) in your mp3 player in the first place? :eek: :LOL:
  14. When you copy your entire mp3 collection onto your player is when you find song you dont like.

    I dont currently ride with an mp3 player as I have been learning the initial stages and didnt want an extra distraction. I am now looking into some creative ear buds to plug my mp3 for riding.
  15. Wouldn't that not cut out the wind noise etc? How loud do need the player to be played to hear the music 'ok'? As always stated in threads, I listen to mp3s sometimes, depends on destination/mood/length of ride. I have creative ep-630 earphones http://www.creative.com/products/product.asp?category=437&subcategory=441&product=11397 with a sansa e280 player :) http://www.minidisc.com.au/sandisk-sansa-e280-mp3-player-8gb-p-1065.html

    I have the music on just loud enough so when I'm doing sedate riding I can hear it but when I crank up the revs (ride fast?) I can't hear the music and it doesn't "get in the way" of concentrating of riding. I also notice most/all of the time when I need to think about riding, the music "disappears" due to the overall low noise of it and I "zone in" to my riding and don't hear the music consciously at all
  16. :eek: I don't think I've ever seen 300gb players :eek: That said, why have songs you don't like in your mp3 collection at all? :) I prefer flash drive players anyway (up to 8gb atm, well 10gb if I add 2gb flashdisk on mine) and I find it's big enough that no song repeats too often to get annoying/boring at all. :)
  17. Oh man my god your funny i could'nt stop LMOA
  18. I've stated a few times in various threads (and on here too :wink: ) YUP :) Really REALLY like them. Had some $120'ish sony ones I bought 6 months before that or something and these ones blow them to bits. Did a few 'unbiased' tests just to make sure and yup, they sound better every possible way :) Nice choice in player, good to see not everyone is under the apple spell :grin: (For the record, ipods aren't crap, just there usually are better quality units out depending on type/size/want) :)