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MP3 journey . . . .

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Mickyb V9, Oct 18, 2007.

  1. dammit !

    At Phillip Island on the weekend I caught a glimpse of the MP3 in the raw. Marshalls were using them around the track and I was quite amazed how they also took them on dirt and was equally amazed how the tricky front suspension arrangement tackles the rough stuff.

    Driving home from work in the past week, I see this parked in front of MyScooter at Gladesville . . . .


    Bloody the same color Red as my Fiat and it seems to talk to me while i'm stuck in traffic . . . . :eek:

    Its saying to me . . ."come test ride me" . . ."I have the latest technology you can geet excited over" . . ."you'll be the first in Sydney with one" . . ."its not ghey to ride a scooter" . . . etc, etc, etc . . .

    So . . . ..

    fcuk it ! . .i'll test ride it this afternoon !
    Even without a prosthetic leg, I'll scare the shit out of the local traffic ! :shock:
  2. Yeah Scummy's got one down at Zagame's that I'll try to get out and test ride for the magazine in the next week or so. They look like great fun to me!
  3. Yep I have already ridden one, way too much fun, just tip the thing into a corner and it sticks at stupid speed and lean angle. Came back giggling after riding it
  4. Let us know how it all goes Micky

    Saw them at the Ulysses AGM, dealer was riding one (wasn't ADR'd at the time) and was going over some pretty bouncy ground and remained very stable.
  5. The trouble is this Alex !

    At $10K + on roads for the MP3_250 . . . . . .

    I can easily get a 06 Pegaso 650ie or late model 04 Ducati 800SS for a similar or less price. Or even think outside of the Roman Forum and get a F650GS . . . :shock:

    And I have this thing in the back of my mind that the MP3 is just a novelty item. Like i'll get sick of it after a few weeks and wished I got a late model Monster 800 !

    . . . . I jsut have to get it out of my system and test ride the thing !!!!!!!
  6. have a go and see how fast you can move it...................we all know how Tony flogs his scooter in excess of 140k/h

    You also can instal the cappacino machine :LOL: :LOL:

    How are the dealers going to react when you ask for a test and you hop over to the scoot????? Keep us informed :cool:

  7. You should have seen the look from the girls at AVIS Melb Airport when I picked up a SAAB 9-3 Linear Convertible for the weekend ! :shock:

    I use to criticise SAABs . . . .
    But they are pretty good cars !
  8. Mick, according to the importer they are coming in with a 400 version and also a Gilera 500 version with slightly different styling
    Now a 400 would be really fun and the 500 well just silly really
  9. Just go buy it micky. :grin:

    No sure if you seen it there is an Aprillia naked street bike 800cc ,fully auto coming out .
    Not sure on the name ,but it was in Motorcycle trader this month ,see the first few pages.
    Looks very cool. :cool:
  10. Until you try to drive over the edge of a concrete median strip and the side skirts suddenly make a terrible scraping noise with the whole of Cowes watching on :LOL: :LOL:
  11. Off course all of Cowes was watching me ! :grin:
    For all the obvious reasons. ;)

    Scraping sound !
    It may have been the heavy load in the back seat ! :eek:
  12. it was the front side skirt ya nuff nuff :wink:

    watching you... and thinking, look at the dills with the roof down ....in the rain :LOL:
  13. It was the under body spoiler which sits behind the front wheels directly under the front seats.

    Thats because someones big hair got in the way as the roof was retracting !!!!
  14. i'm jealous!!!

    About the 400 -etc, there will always be something better, bigger. So go and buy it now and the future is for tomorrow..

    The differences between 250 and 400 are minimum. There is some in acceleration and 15km more top speed, but nothing like ie. comparing a cbr250 with a cbr 600 etc.. So, if you feel ok with the 250, you'll be fine. If you feel that you would like a bit more, ask when the 400 is coming..

    There is some novelty in buying a mp3 and spending +10K for sure. But you were a ducati rider, you know all about novelties!!!!

    Mp3 would be perfect for ya.. 250cc speed too. Grab it and after a year, when you'll feel more confie with your leg and balance, go and upgrade to an A380!!!
    Until then, enjoy the 3 wheels, the underseat storage, the wind screen, the looks!!!

    PS, a couple of points
    to turn on the engine, you need to be pulling one of the brakes
    it might be/feel light at the front wheel
    that's not the clutch, that's the back brake son!!
    stop smilling..
  15. 5:30pm this arvo Tony !
    See you at MyScooter . . . I know you want to !
  16. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    :tantrum: i'm off at 6..
  17. $12K on the road for a 250cc Scooter ! :eek:

    I think i'll reconsider !
    But amn its a sexy bike . . . i'm hooked !
  18. how much is that gilera though
  19. Wowzers!
    12k is mighty rich.

    Maybe give it 6-12 months until the "new" "novelty" wares off the market and they might come down a bit???

    Or go back to the dealer and tell them you want the demo when it becomes available.