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MP3 Encoder?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by kiss_the_future, Jan 12, 2006.

  1. I just downloaded a copy of Roxio Easy Media Creator...now apparently i need to d/l a MP3 encoder to be able to copy cd's onto my hard drive.

    Anyone know what, and where to d/l this encoder?

  2. I wouldn't bother with any Roxio programs...
    Just go google CDex and get the Lame MP3 encoder and be done with it. Actually why are you making MP3's? Just go get the OGG codec!
  3. MP3 encoding technology is actually licenced to Fraunhofer so any program capable of making mp3s needs to pay them money (hence the software's not free). Of course the internet being the place it is there are some free illegal external codecs *cough, cough radium codec (search for setupl3c.exe)* that can be downloaded that'll let you make mp3s with any program in windows.
  4. I'll just expand a little on my original comments... MP3 is rather old tech now and is relatively a poor compression technique when attempting to retain decent levels of audio quality. These days storage is cheap, and as such many people now prefer a bit more quality over quantity; that's where OGG comes in. 320kbps OGG will make mince meat out of an MP3 of similar bitrate - and best of all it's not a proprietary (well attempted :roll: ) format.
  5. Ogg is great but pointless as it's incompatible with most mp3 players on the market.
    If harddisk space is no concern and you're only storing them on the computer, keep them in wav or even better, compress to shn or flac, which are lossless and still quite compressed. Otherwise, if you want to play them on your mp3 capable dvd player, ipod, car player, whatever, then mp3 it with lame and be done with it (320kbps VBR if you can manage it).

    I do everything in 320kbps VBR because of compatibility plusses, if I wasn't worried about that I'd skip the oggy and go the shn/flac.

  6. you could get the Fraunhofer mp3 encoder, damn fast, good quality and free.

    although i used to use a winamp mp3 output codec, which was convenient for doing lots of files
  7. just use iTunes. Works fast, simple and free.
  8. CDex is a GREAT CD ripper, comes with the LAME encoder, easy to use, etc. But if you want to convert compressed files, another good one is EAC - Exact Audio Copy. This needs the encoders installed, but is fast and top quality conversions.
  9. What was that i hear? The distant cry of an inferior yumcha MP3 player dying... or worse still *gasp* an iPod not being able to do something!
    Yes, OGG is a superior compression format producing better sound for the same data as MP3 but it does require a small amount of processing power to get the most out of it. Woohoo... welcome to iRiver.
  10. Personally I can't really pick the difference between MP3 and CD audio (Only times I ever listen to mp3s its either a portable device or in the car - either way there's usually a lot of background noise). So why bother paying more for a device simply because it can play OGG format? If I want sound quality I'll listen to the CD.
  11. I've been using CDeX for years, but seriously iTunes is easier and quicker
  12. koma: I have an iriver too :) But I also make mp3 dvd's and the like so I stick with the old and busted format.

    When everyone starts playing ogg, or a better format comes out, bring on the new hotness.

  13. Most, yes, but not all. With a bit of effort it is possible to find a player that will work with ogg and maybe even flac formats. Those are the ones I'd be looking for anyway - my first requirement for any kind of computer/multimedia device is that it should support open data formats if available. Which means ogg rather than mp3, and under no circumstances will I use wma or any other data format originating from Microsoft, sound or video! Yes, it does narrow down my options somewhat but it's a price I'm willing to pay.
  14. The difference between source qualities only becomes apparent when your using moderate to high end audio gear... until that point the speakers/headphones will be the limiting factor in the sound reproduction.
  15. Excuse me? iTunes quicker than CDex? I don't think so. And CDex doesn't send your data back to IMS to "suggest" titles you may wish to purchase though any built in advertising mechanism. CDex simply works as it says, is free, is open source, is about 2MB (as opposed to iTunes 18M8) to d/l and has a memory footprint about 2% that of iTunes.

    Apple sold 14 million iPods last quarter. They can afford to give away licensed MP3 encoder sofware.

    Buy an iRiver to play your OGG tunes on the move - some of them even have built-in FM tuners :idea:

  16. I never realised iTunes had a MP3 encoder in it...makes it twice as easy for me as it actually picks up the name of the cd, tracklisting and artist, so i dont have to type all that info in. Thanks guys