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Mowing the Grass (tropical Jungle)

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Highett, Feb 21, 2016.

  1. Mowing the grass - Uhhh Part 1 Saturday
    So we bought a house, it's getting a reno and we are still in a rental.
    I have to mow the weeds now at two houses (Hate Mowing)
    We go around to the new house yesterday, Lawn Mower and bush cutter loaded in the back of the car.
    The back yard was like a rain forest jungle, worse behind the shed.
    The front was not so bad.
    This is how the Saturday went.
    Bush cutter rain out of plastic line, no big deal I can do the edges later.
    Mow the front yard and nature strip, ahh easy.
    It's stinking hot, off I go to the jungle in the back yard.
    I get around the boundry on two sides of the yard, then get behing the shed, the mower goes "F" this I am not working anymore and eats its spark plug.
    Meanwhile my core temperature is through the roof and I feel like I am going to croak.
    I dump the lawn mower and the bush cutter in the house and lock up, then get in the car and Bev (wife) goes Keys please, damn locked them in the house.
    Mood is not good, we are going no where.
    I get out and check all the windows and doors, all secure.
    So it's the garage roller door, its going anyway, force it up and crawl under it, There goes what little pride I had left, the heat had knocked the shite out of me so I did not care.
    The roller door was a bit bent so kick it back into shape.
    We will come back Sunday for round two of taming the jungle.

    Mowing the grass - Uhhh Part 2 Sunday
    The day did not start off very well, I was sick in the morning and I had zero motivation.
    It had to be done, if I left till next week it would be worse (damn grass) This time of year it grows fast.
    I go armed with some hand tools and a reel of plastic line for the bush cutter
    Around to the house we go.
    Remove the spark plug from the mower then off to the hardware store to buy another one.
    Bev gets coffee from Maccas (hmmm caffine)
    Back to the house, fix the lawn mower and load the bush cutter line then with the bush cutter I tackle the jungle behind the shed, Damn I have never seen domestic grass with stems like shrubs.
    I hack through it, looks better.
    Then I do the remaining boundry.
    Lawn mowers turn next, juiced up and a new plug it starts first go (Smart mower) (Mood still not good). I had to do up to 5 passes in the high thick stuff to tame it, that was some tough grass.
    Again it was stinking hot, half way through the back yard my core temperature is through the roof, so into the house I go and stand under a cold shower for 10 minutes, a cool drink then back at it.
    Needless to say that I feel like crap, a few cold beers, some icecream and sit infront of the aircon and fan does wonders.
    I have work to look forward to tomorrow
    Lucky me :)
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  2. Better you than me :p:cool::eek:
    Might have been better to call Jim's?
    Hindsights and all that ....
  3. Next time will be easier
  4. Great Friday funny.....on Saturday and Sunday.
    Used to mow lawns at home when I was a kid, from about 12. Thought my sons would do it for me......dreamin!
    I've heard people say they love moving lawns, certifyable!
    I feel your pain.
  5. I don't mind it
    when we first moved into our current house it was a real jungle
    full of ivy , wondering dew and old tree stumps
    took me a while but now mostly neat and tidy
    easy enough to get it done in one day now
  6. congrats on the purchase :)
  7. I didn't know Aprilia made lawn mowers.
  8. Need one of these perhaps?