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Mowed down to Lorne :)

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by lefty, Jul 31, 2007.

  1. Having just taken a week and a half annual leave, I was looking to get out on the bike for a bit of a ride. A friend suggested The Great Ocean Road. Well the weather forecast was for a fairly fine day, getting windier in the afternoon. Didn't sound too bad, so I packed my gear and left the house. After a quick air and fuel stop I made a quick run down to Williamstown.

    At about 9.30 I left Melbourne along the Princess Freeway (M1). The road was very unexciting and quite uninteresting.

    Sometime later I arrived in Geelong and topped up the tank. Also purchased a bag of chips and a couple of bottles of water. Getting out of Geelong I succeeded in taking a wrong turn and getting lost briefly. I found the M1 again and continued until the Torquay turn-off.

    At Torquay I stopped for a couple of minutes at a lookout and war memorial.

    Leaving Torquay after a short 10 km stretch the road finally got interesting and I was on the Great Ocean Road! The road has some great twisties and hairpins, and is awesome fun on a bike. :twisted: The road was relatively quiet and I made good progress, staying away from the scattered traffic. Actually most of it seemed to be going the other way.

    Picture: Bike on GOR

    Around 12.30 I arrived in Lorne. I stopped and bought a jam doughnut and a pizza slice for lunch. :grin: That was a good 15 minute break I guess.

    Picture: Outside Lorne

    After lunch I headed out towards Apollo Bay. Unfortunately the weather was deteriorating and the road seemed to be covered in tree debris. I decided to call it a day and head home. I spent a disproportionately short time on the Great Ocean Road in comparison to the time spent getting there, due to turning back early.

    On the way back I stopped breifly a couple of times to take a few photographs (the ones I've posted links to).

    Despite the early conclusion, it was my first solo ride outside of Melbourne and my first country ride since my Anzac day accident (when I was on my learners, some three months back.) The few hairpins and twisties I did get were very enjoyable, and something I haven't had much recent practice at either.

    The ride home got progressively worse as I headed back up the freeway to Melbourne. Near the end my butt was aching and the poor bike was lurching around due to sudden wind gusts. :( I arrived in my drive at about 3.15.

    All in all, a good short ride (about 270 kms round-trip) and looking forward to taking a longer run that way in the coming months; especially as the weather improves!
  2. The GOR doesn't get going till after Lorne - bugger you missed it.

    So how'd you like the awesome combination of corners just before the road opens and straightens out leading into Lorne?

    The GOR is a good road to practice looking through corners, setting speed, applying stabalising throttle and driving out of corners.

    Josh, if you managed the GOR relatively safely, you have indeed come some way. :)

    +1 on the suckiness of the transport sections.
  3. Well done, but have I missed something with the thread title?
  4. 270 kays in less than ideal conditions on a little 250 is still worth a Gold Star; well done!! :).
  5. There's never a bad word about the GOR .. and when I get my bike P's and a bike this is something I will be doing, and apollo bay is good also, so my bro says. I definitely have a list of places to go to that i've never been :)
  6. It's a bad joke. Lorne sounds like Lawn. Mowed is sometimes used as a verb to describe travelling over something. Hence I mowed down to lorne. It also sounds similar to I mowed down the lawn. :grin: Like I said, it was a really bad joke... :p

    As you said Rob, awesome. My only regret is that the ride wasn't longer. Another day...
  7. Lefty, the first rule of comedy - it needs to be funny... but don't let that stop you... it hasn't stopped any of Hornet's bad puns...

    ...but let's not O-pun that can of worms... :LOL:
  8. Oooook. I guess I'll sleep better tonight :LOL: :wink:
    I thought you'd got skittled.
  9. Nah. Although I did have a truck decide it didn't want me to overtake on the freeway this morning. Not sure what I did to piss him off, but everytime I got in front he'd floor it and pick up an extra 20 kph. I just slowed right down to get rid of him in the end. Being beside him for any length of time wasn't going to work, too much of a draft and not very safe. :?
  10. good ride Lefty !
    :wink: as well as a couple of nice pics
    well done :applause:
  11. You win the Best Pun Evaaaaaaaaaar award :rofl: