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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Lurch, Nov 28, 2005.

  1. As some may or may not know, ive been been doing some serious job hunting lately. In either wollongong or canberra.
    This morning i got a call from a place in Canberra, offering me a job. And i took it.
    I move this weekend, and start monday!
    Ive been in Nowra for 17years, and its just time to try something new. And considering Canberra is more a big country town than a normal city, i think im gonna like it. Ive spent the last 3 weekends down there, and have really, really enjoyed it. I already know a few friends there, and just found out last night, that i even have family there (distant family, but family none the less)
    Its all very exciting, and happening very fast. But im soooo looking forward to it.

  2. That's a pretty extreme way of avoiding Wollongong Netrider coffee nights, mate!

    Seriously, congrats, and you'll love Canberra, it's the best city in Australia. (Just take your Netrider neckwarmer!!)
  3. good luck :)
  4. Great to hear! Although i guess this means you will NEVER be appearing at a Wollongong Coffee night now. Oh well, maybe that just means a trip down to canberra. Good luck!!
  5. Never say Never.
    when is the next one anyway?
  6. One word : fireworks
  7. And see how fast you can go around that giant round a bout
  8. I bin to Fyshwyck once, all it is is p0rn, Fireworks and... BIKE SHOPS!!!

    Happy hunting dude..