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Moving your bike when moving house...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by cameo, Apr 17, 2007.

  1. I'm sure this has been discussed before but my search yielded nothing...

    Anywho sometime soon there's a good chance that I'll be moving interstate (from Melb to Adelaide). How do you go about transporting your bike across such a big distance? Do removalists do it? What are my options?

    [For the record, I don't intend to ride my bike from Melbs to Adders... on the day of the final move I'll have way too much essential personal stuff with me to lug on the bike].

  2. I shipped mine form tasmania to brisbane for 450 with scobie movers... My advice is you go to your local bike shop / dealer and ask to buy a bike crate they should charge between 50 - 120 for it. Then its a simple case of getting your bike in it fixing the head stock with a couple of ratchet ties and putting a chain and lock through the rear wheel ( steal it now biatch). Wrap yuor bike in a few old blankets and secure with chord.

    Your baby is now ready to be transported. :wink:

    The other option is to buy a trailer for 400 provided you have a cage witha tow bar making the journey. Plus you now own a trailer!
  3. Hmm interesting. Thanks.

    My only transport is my feet and my bike... so no trailer!

    Someone suggested the train, but I just looked that up and apparently they're not moving vehicles at the moment, :-(
  4. yeah i looked at them but they were so uninformed.. maybe just the guy i talked to. There were no asurances the bike would arrive undamaged, no insurance and no time frame...

    fark the train.
  5. Grace removals moved my bike, as well as a ton of personal effects (fridge, seats, boxes etc) for about $1000 in a truck about 5 years ago.

    I just drove the bike up the ramp onto the truck and they took care of the rest. This was from Perth to Sydney and the bike arrived on time and without a scratch.
  6. never been a better excuse for a touring ride... i rode to brisbane on the spada in 2 days for some minor business... do it, do it.
  7. yeah i agree. melbourne to adelaide is only an eight hour trip in a car, and i plan to ride there sometime to see my granpa. i reckon you should ride. its not the most exciting route, but you'd at least have a cool story to pick up chicks you-leh or impress your mates.