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Moving up!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Teamsherman, Mar 27, 2013.

  1. Hi folks,

    My P's end mid this year and after riding my VTR250 for 2 years I've got my heart set on a Yamaha FZ1N (there's a beautiful 2006 model with only 10,000k's on it at Trooper Lu's garage here in Sydney which is such a shame it didn't come up for sale later this year as I wouldn't hesitate to buy and I just can't afford it right now).

    Is there anything mechanically or just in general that I should be weary of? And don't worry, I have great throttle control and self discipline to keep the front wheel grounded till I'm 100% confident on the bike.

    Cheers for reading.
  2. Of the top of my head I can't think of anything specific to the FZ1 that you need to look for. Just the usual crash/abuse damage.

    If your not sure what to look for then take someone who does with you.

    A full service history is always a good thing.
  3. Well, if it's any help to you, I could probably squeeze one of those in to my garage for a few months.

    Of course I'd have to ride it occasionally, just to keep it in good nick! :)

    Seriously, AFAIK, they are damned near bullet proof.
  4. Great!!

    Looks like I've made up my mind then! Just have to wait for these damn P's to end!!!
  5. Hell, I didn't.

    Z1000 in @streetmaster's garage 19th May, restrictions ended 20somethingith June 2012. Mine was new, so yes, he broke it in and scrubbed in the tyres. Approx 800km.

    This was an upgrade from a VTR250 too. Not everyone's ideal way of doing things, but I'm still here...
  6. + to the Z1000, loved mine and still miss it a year and a half after selling it.
    I will buy another if I find a way of getting more than 100km's out of a full tank,
  7. What the? Is that cause you were giving it alot of go or is it just a thirsty bike?

    And Im guessing the Z1000 is just another name for the FZ1N yeah??
  8. Kawa Z1000, I got rid because the Po Po and I were becoming too well acquainted, hence I now ride a muscle cruiser, the Po Po don't take kindly to riders nodding them whilst cornering at $1.80.
    I am however looking at ZX14's at the moment.
  9. Wash your mouth out, Sir!

    And yes, he's giving it some - actually a lot! I got 214km out of a tank on the Black Dog Ride.
    Hahahaha, yeah, that'll work...
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  10. Another disciple in the ranks.
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  11. Its coming into winter, better bikes will come up for less money.

    Though i wouldnt buy anything until you can test ride it, often the image in head and reality dont mix.
  12. Don't expect any kind of reasonable fuel economy, I get 7L (if I'm good) to the 100km and mines only an FZ6.
  13. Hey mate, what's the FZ6 performance like in regards to the FZ1??
  14. Yeah, very good advice that!

  15. I havent ridden the litre beast but the 600 is tons of fun.
  16. My son has an '08 FZ6N which he has allowed me to ride once or twice. Compared to the '07 FZ1S I test rode it feels a lot smaller, and requires more use of the gear box to get it to move at a decent pace.

    Personally, I didn't like it. I thought it made it's power and torque to far up the rev range for my liking, but my son loves it. Well he must do, he's put 58,000km on it since Oct 2008 (including a 2 day ride from Melbourne to Brisbane).
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