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Moving to WA from NSW - costs of transport

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by macason, Nov 8, 2010.

  1. So I've decided to move to Perth from Sydney and I started looking into moving 2 bikes and 2 cars across and it seems it will cost almost $1000 per bike to move them and the same for cars if not more.

    so my questions are ;

    1. Anyone know of a resonably prices bike transporters who will charge under 1k for the move ?

    2. Assuming its all going to cost tooooo much the other option is, hire a bike trailer put 2 bikes on it and drive across, anyone know who would hire a trailer on a pickup in NSW and drop off in WA type basis ? Ive seen adverts for weekly hire just not sure If I can drop off in WA anyone done it ?

    Love to hear if people have any ideas ..
  2. Update - spoke to kennards and they wont do a 1 way trailer hire ..
  3. lots of companies do 1 way trailer hire. i'd say ring around.

    do you really need 4 vehicles? sorry, someone had to ask.
  4. Lol .... would 7x4 box trailer with a cage, given sufficent tying down be suitable ? havent tried to trasport my bike this way and its a fair drive....

    All the one way hire options are pretty much this kind of trailer and 1k, Im pretty sure I could buy a trailer for about that ...and be able to sell it after the trip/keep it for other moving excitment...
  5. then buy one :)
  6. Well Ive managed to get the price down to $400 a bike so I think Ill cancel the whole drive and trailer idea... for anyone reading this thread who is interested I found out about this little doohikky that looks like its a good idea for bike transport in a standard box trailer, if you wanna transport your bike in a standard trailer and feel some level of safety.

  7. what about a container?

  8. Thats not a bad price. It cost me about $600 a quite a few years ago.

    The other alternative is getting them in with your furniture in the container. The problem here is getting them crated and stowed in the container. You can get second hand crates from bike dealers.
  9. Im looking into the container now, Im assuming with tie downs and with the container basically full adding a bike might be ok ...
  10. Have you done the move yet?
  11. Not yet, stuff will be shipped out on 17th
  12. congrats on leaving this over-priced, under maintained nanny state!

    enjoy your rides up and down the WA coast!
  13. :rofl:

    btw Perth is pretty flat. So much so, I almost considered buying a cruiser. I believe that PatB lives on the one and only hill.
  14. I guess that's the price I might pay to live within 500 meters of the beach, I'm sure there will be fun to have on the bike in the hills behind Perth and in the Margaret river region, not to mention cleanliness and quality of the roads