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N/A | National Moving to the UK

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Hoppielimp, Sep 2, 2011.

  1. Hi I'd just want to let people know if they move from Australia to the UK (where Insurance is COMPULSORY) and you wish to benefit from your NCB, ALL the UK insurers want to see on your document:

    Years of Insurance / Years with No Claims (some like No Claims for/against - Don't ask me why)

    An Insurance letter or renewal stating Rating 1,2,3 etc..is Useless in the UK

    I was with Swann, and after a few attempts they obliged to send me the said letter.

    RACV however, flatly refused, saying to achieve Rating 1, you have to have xx years no claims, so its the same thing. UK Insurers don't give care and they want it spelt out.

    You can obtain Insurance here without said letters from Ausrtalian Insurance Comanies, but you start from Scratch. As I went for a bigger bike...K1300R (I have a full license and I'm 40) only 1 Insurer took me on and imposed a max £10,000 Insurance limit.

    Just a heads up for those deciding to leave the Land Girt by Sea to another Smaller Land Girt by Sea...

    PS. This goes for your car too...the Rating / Letter bit...as I was with RACV...
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  2. thanks HL,
    for a really useful post/thread.

    thanks for the PS about cars,
    as i was about to ask that as well. :)
  3. We're moving from the UK to Oz in a couple of months - why anyone would want to do the reverse is beyond me!

    Good luck though.
  4. Because we're still operating as a penal colony?
    (Nah, only one part of it. Say hi when you get here.)

  5. Thanks...I moved to the UK because bikes are much cheaper, Insurance is Cheaper, Road Tax is much Cheaper and Speed limits are higher...

    Unfortunately Fuel is higher too :nopity:

    Just kidding...moved because of family...

    If you end up in Victoria...the Black Spur is a must...:cool:
  6. Ha ha yeah you're right about all of that from what I have seen!

    We're heading for QLD in a couple of months.

    Whereabouts are you now? Are you from here originally?

    There is some good riding to be done in the UK, and even better if you get across to mainland Europe.
  7. You really sure about that? 'Cos it certainly didn't used to be.
  8. @PatB - Don't forget the exchange rate with the Pound is about 1.5 at the moment ! So yes Insurance is definitely cheaper over here.

    @Des - I'm in East Sussex...so I ride the West Sussex/Hampshire/Kent. Lovely routes, but councils are skimping on road maintenance...still fixing potholes from last winter. The Rozzers are pretty prevalent with undercover R1's, K1300S, ZX-10's but they are pretty reasonable as long as you don't ride like a kn*b.

    In Victoria, the tolerance is 2km. Thats it - Crazy, since Australian Design Rules permit 10% tolerance on the speedo. So the UK is still ok with 10% plus 2MPH leeway :)

    /edit - I Lived in Vic for 15 years in The Dandenongs...not to be mistaken for Dandenong :p - Survived a few hairy summers with the bushfires....
  9. Yeah the road surfaces are diabolical pretty much everywhere over here. I've not done too much riding in those areas, but I've been pretty much all over the place at some time or another.