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Moving to Sydney

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by gsxrjames, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. So there is a 50/50 chance I’ll need to move to Sydney next year. Not my idea of fun but I thought I may as well get the opinion of the locals to try and make the most if it, if it happens…

    I’m really not looking forward to paying tolls on the bike and not parking on the footpath, that’s half the practicality gone :( On the plus side you haven’t got the covert opps speed team to deal with…

    So I’m looking for some free advice on;

    Area to live. I’ll be working in the CBD, partner stuck at UWS Uni. So somewhere with easy access to the city and Western suburbs. A cheap unit would be ideal.

    Sell my car and bike or bring them up? Prices in VIC are a tad higher so I might be better off selling both, upgrading the bike in NSW and living with one car between us?

    What’s there to do? Apart from the old pac, is there anything else up there?
    At this stage it’s really just a maybe. I can transfer offices fairly easy so I’d just need to figure everything else out. Has anyone here made the move? I only know people who have moved from Syd to Melb.:facepalm:

  2. Good luck with it. We lived and worked for six years in Sydney. It was a little culture shock at first, but there is so much to see and do, that we settled in very quickly.

    I can't comment on where to live in the west as we were in the north and south. But you will have heaps todo in town. We still miss it and have fond memories, but love being near our families again and living in a rural area has become our thing.

    If you go, enjoy.
  3. no such thing exists here. traffic/public transport will just frustrate you. house/rent prices are just ridiculous. 2c

    good luck.
  4. Hmmm thanks, is there any positive news? Surely there are some decent/cheapish pockets in the inner west?
  5. I dunno - I walked away from the place in about '82 and only ever went back while passing through.

    "If you win the rat race, that just makes you the fastest rat."
  6. Do you know which UWS campus she is on? there are lots and they are a long way apart from each other. I'm going to uni up at Richmond.
    Rent is cheap out near all the campuses, but not really that nice a place to live. The further west you go the more bogan things get. The inner west is a pretty good area, it's not hard to get on the m4 from there which will get your wife out to pretty well all the UWS campuses pretty quickly. There's also no tolls on the m4. A train isn't so bad to get you into the CBD, or you can take the Bus Lanes all the way in on the bike.
  7. Yeah we need to know which UWS Campus. Campbelltown and Westmead are pretty much at the stations. Penrith is a small walk and the other two you will need a bus or you will need to ride.

    Sydney is not as obviously cosmopolitan as Melbourne, but once you get to know what is where, you will soon see the differences are minimal.

    One car and one bike is the go if you can get away with it. Living near a train station will help. The train System isn't too bad, so long as you don't' have to change to and from buses etc.
  8. It's Campbelltown. From what I've seen at macarthur square I'd much rather be closer to the city. Eying the map, Liverpool/Moorebank area looks like a decent mid point with good access...
  9. I'm just out of Liverpool and it is still quite a way from the City. If you don't need a yard or only a small one, I'd aim at closer to the city. The m5 is a biatch of a morning eastbound and the same of an afternoon westbound.

    There are some b-grade areas between say East Hills and Punchbowl so you will have to choose carefully where you live. As above, get somewhere on the railway line and that should help travel to both the city and MacArthur (East hills or Bankstown lines).
  10. In that case then I am in Rosebery, It is very close to the city but I'm right on southern cross drive which turns into the M5. It's not as bad going against the traffic. It's also nice and close to the beach which I'm a big fan of. I would look along the M5 Corridor and try to find an area you think is suitably close to the city for you and doesn't break the bank. The inner west is also a good option for this as you can get to the M5 pretty quickly. I lived in Petersham for a few years, absolutely loved it. The inner west is sort of like a mini world. Each suburb is filled with a culture. Petersham is little Portugal. The portugese chicken burgers there are fantastic. Marickville is a bit cheaper and is just as easy to get everywhere.

    It depends on what your priorities are, the most important things to living in Sydney to me are the city night life and the beach so I would never wanna live further than a $25 cab ride from the city, and 20 mins ride to the beach. What are your main priorities other than getting to work?
  11. Thanks guys. I'll have a bit of a look when I'm next up there. Lately its just been work and study and when I have a spare minute I'll go for a ride. Most important would be access to transport, price, decent food, bike paths.
  12. Firstly let me congratulate you for finding the best thing in Victoria, the road to Sydney :D

    You will also enjoy riding the bus lanes up here and parking in the city is free for bikes, anywhere (just need to obey time limits)

    You only know about the Old Pac?

    Old Pac
    Putty Road
    Wisemans Ferry
    Bells line Rd
    list goes on


    area wise, have a look at Parramatta, trains direct to c/town and closer to city
  13. Tonnes of riding roads around sydney, if you get somewhere around the m5 corridor you can easilly shoot up the north via the m7 for the old pac putty ect, if you head south you have the national park mac pass kangaroo valley, or you can go on rides through the mountains oberon ect,.
    If you like overnight rides theres the oxley or down toward thredbo ect
  14. Time limits? What are these things you speak of? :D
    It can't compare with parking on the path, 5 steps from the office door but I guess it's better than nothing. I'll have to go for a drive when I'm next up and check out all these areas. I'll definitely hit up the local netrider scene and check out the good rides.
  15. goz is on the money for Parra...
    express trains to the city
    river ferry service to sydney harbour CBD
    close access to Toll-free M4 (inner west -> mountains)
    very large shopping / cafe / restaurant culture
    free Parra CBD bus loop
    does get a bit trafficky though when the races are on @ Rosehill...but the trade off is plenty of leg, shoulder and boob on view *wink

    if you are desperate for cheap and dirty Inner west, look at auburn / merrylands / lakemba, but i guarantee you won't stay long...terrible roads / transport / neighbours are to die for...literally.

    note: M5 is chockas all the time except the graveyard hours, and the M7 aint much better. you're better off trying for M4 and M2 which are only chockas during peak hours.
  16. My 2c?

    Get the other half to transfer to a more central uni, you quit your job and get a job as a surf instructor/lifeguard/beach bum and move to the northern beaches and spend your days wondering how you will get to the beach and what kind of longneck you should have while you are there.

    At least that's what i did. Worked for me.

    But seriously. If your other half wasn't going to uni in friggin woop woop (compared to the rest of sydney) then you'd be sweet. You could live ANYWHERE - just be aware that the north side of the bridge has limited rail access and relying on buses is a ****. You definitely don't need 2 cars if you are happy to commute rain hail and shine (which you will be if you are living in the west and travelling at peak times inbound/outbound).

    Oh, and be prepared for a complete bunch of ****ing wankjobs and douchebags (gotta love everyone) and if you move near the eastern suburbs/mosman you will soon make the acquaintance of so many medded-up bored housewives. All that aside, sydney ain't that bad. It's just shit is all. But it's my shit. :D
  17. Dude, I like your shit.

    Oh, that came out all wrong
  18. Everything Goz said ;)

    Seems that the only thing complicating your plan is that you're wife's uni is far from the CBD where you work - ad91on made a good suggestion. Get her to go to UTS which is in the city, and find a place to live close enough you tow can just walk to uni and work. Check the rent prices to see if that's suitable
  19. What ? Are you a crackhead ? :LOL:

    Melbourne to Sydney isn't very far at all ! Most Sydney-ites commute almost as far each day.

    It's not as if you're coming from another country... like Tasmania.

  20. Yeah thanks, para looks on the mark. Prices are questionable though... And I thought Melbourne was expensive.

    That's (sort of) the plan. If she can transfer back to Melbourne all will be well in the world. This whole sydney thing is the back up plan. There aren't any NSW uni's to transfer to. Near impossible as it is.

    Might need a new hobby If I move up :D... The idea was that if I didn't need the car, I could sell it and upgrade my bike. It's not so much a distance thing.

    Thanks for the thoughts. I think we'll find out in a few weeks.