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Moving to Sydney.. Put me at ease!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Makaveli, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. Well as the title states my 14 year run in Brisbane has come to an end and I'm packing up and moving to Sydney. I'll be sad to say goodbye to my friends and of course the awesome rides Brisbane has to offer. I know a lot of members are from Sydney and I'm hoping they can let me in on where the best riding in Sydney is. Preferably somewhere away from all those speed cameras NSW loves so much. Pesky things that they are. I'd even be keen for a group ride or two!

  2. Glen Innes
  3. Where in sydney are you moving, there are good rides in all directions except east
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  4. It's looking like Carlingford at the moment. Or Cronulla..
  5. so southern sydney, you are in luck, you have the national park next door, and a little further mac pass kangaroo valley and the south coast
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  6. But sydney is actually quite small and with an extra 30-45min you could get onto Putty Rd or out west along Bells line of Rd, or for a cop spotting outting, Old Pacific
  7. parramatta road.
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  8. Parramatta Road is fu*ked. Thanks for that advice.
  9. I think south would be best because of the national park and south coast Mac Pass not too far off for day trips. And when you have time for an over night ride away head north up Putty way. 2 nights away head south to the Snowies.
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  10. SW is pretty flat for a half day ride. You need to commit to a full day and head further south.

    Carlingford will have you up on the old road pretty easily, but it sucks a lot these days. The Putty road is interesting this end and the other end, with most of it in the middle being pretty boring.

    To be honest, Sydney isn't great riding for day trips, with the traffic and speed cameras. Weekend jaunts will see into some nice roads both north and south over the mountains.
  11. Really depends on how far you ride in a day, if you leave early you beat the traffic, you can easily do some great 500-600km loops.

    There are no camera's on any road that I would call a good riding road, except the one on the bells line. Good riding roads don't have enough cagers so the cameras aren't going to get enough revenue to get installed. Even the camera cars are far more likely to be on the F3 or the F5 than the old road or the national park. The police presence is around though, but if you don't speed then there is no problem.
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  12. I found a road the other day that I've never ridden but I will...and soon. Ride south from Sydney along the Prince's Hwy and turn right at Bateman's Bay onto the King's Hwy to Braidwood. What a fabulous road..From Braidwood to Goulburn and then up to Oberon, another great run, and then to Bathurst. Turn right onto the Great Western Hwy and back to Lithgow where you can stay on that highway or take the Bell's line of Road to go back to Sydney. I'd allow 10 or 12 hours for that one....Good Luck,
    There are plenty of alternatives to shorten that run if you wanted to....

    Kobo :cool:
  13. Thanks for the tips so far guys. Seems like we're a bit spoiled up here in Brisbane. 500-600km trips seem insane. Most I would do in a day is 200-250.
  14. Look at the map of Brisbane and the map of the country around Sydney. Look at all the green around Sydney, that means national park, which means hills, which means corners.

    I would be suprised if the riding is not better around Sydney.
  15. We thought you liked to ride. There's heaps of little runs all around Sydney....

    Kobo :cool:
  16. No pub and about 45 churches !
    Become a member of the of the Bowls Club. Great views over the Dundas Valley towards the Olympic Stadium.
    On a Sunday you could get lasagna, garlic bread and a glass of red for $4.50
    Good access to the F1 to get the fcuk outta dodge on weekends.
  17. Sydney isnt great for day trips? really?

    i dont know about you but for me its about 45mins of city riding before im out in the twisties, you can do big day trips pretty easy.

    Going south is a bit annoying if you dont live south, but the roads down that way are not as good or as empty as roads that are north or west.
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  18. What he said...north or west of Sydney is the way to go...I generally stick out west and there's some nice roads between lithgow n Bathurst once you've reached the end of bells line
  19. horses for courses mate.... Parra rd is heaven, almost as good as vic rd.
  20. Keep going further south. VIC shits all over NSW for riding roads.:bolt: