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N/A | National moving to QLD on NSW L's

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by rat man407, Aug 25, 2012.

  1. hi guys

    I'm on my L's in nsw and i been offered a job in QLD
    and my only method of transport is my bike so
    my question is can i ride in qld without a rider supervising me
    or do i have to get a full license holder to follow me?

    and i have rang the RTA and the QLD version and did not get an answer
  2. I moved to Queensland from Victoria whilst holding only a learner license. As with NSW Victoria learners also allow you to ride restricted unaccompanied. On transferring my car license I was moved up to a QLD RE license. This may have been a clerical error, though so I wouldn't suggest assuming it'll be the same for you. Maybe call QLD transport and double check. Hope it works out for you, mate!

    EDIT: just re read and saw you already called... What a turkey.
  3. You will need to call but the NSW learners is more like the Qld open RE. Likely you will get one of those.
  4. so from my under standing open RE is that you can ride by yourself a LAMS bike at 110k's
    and then after holding your RE for a year you can apply for an R witch is non-lams bikes is that right?
  5. spot on mate
  6. so RE opens is like nsw green p's?
  7. Qld RE opens main conditions are Lams bike, 0 Blood alcahol and no pillion passenger, not sure about NSW P's
  8. everything expert for you can have a pillion in nsw when on green p's i read somewhere on the QLD site that after holding your open RE in QLD for 1 year you could carry a pillion
  9. After 1 year on RE you could have a pillion on a Lams bike only, once you pass your R licence then you have to wait another year to carry a pillion on a 'big' bike.
  10. Correct, pillion and 0 BAC restrictions only apply for first year on RE (if you don't immediately upgrade to R). And once you upgrade to R you have 1 year where you can't take a pillion on a non-LAMS bike.
  11. what are the test like anywhere as hard as the MOST or just easy shit?
  12. Haha, I doubt anyone could answer that as it is unlikely they have done both MOST and the Qld test.

    The Q-Ride program is very fair, if you are competent you will have a chance to demonstrate your competency.
  13. Very lucky queenlanders

    NSW Rules are

    Learners - 0BAC, LAMS, 80km/h Limit, No pillion (Minimum 3 months/ Max 12 Months)
    Red Provisional - 0BAC LAMS 90km/h Limit, No Pillion (12 Months)
    Green Provisional - 0BAC LAMS 100km/h Limit, Pillion Allowed (18 months / 25 yrs or older can go straight for full license)
  14. good point i know the NSW one is not hard but i overheated my brakes so i fail
  15. And I thought Victoria was a backward arse state. That speed limit restriction is the most idiotic thing ever
  16. With the questions you southerners keep posting on This site I would say your licensing system sucks big ones.
    QRide use to be tough. Now pfgght it's a doddle. You can speed three times and pass ??? You can drop the bike and pass.
    We use to be able to teach avoidance maneuvers... not any more. You might fall off......wtf seriously.
    The onus has been put right on your shoulders. That's how much they really care about road safety