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Moving to perth!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Indicver, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. Okay so i am moving to perth in 3 weeks, and well i want my bike there too haha. My original plan was to ride there, and do the nullabor thing... but after the girlfriend and her family getting all worried for my safety and making a huge fuss about it, i have decided not to. Instead, i have booked a flight over there and plan to get my bike delivered there...


    I've done a quick ask around and google search and have found out just how expensive that can be..

    So does anybody here know how i can do this fairly cheaply? Either it be by shipping container, freight train, truck, slingshot... any advice and tips would be greatly appreciated and helpful!!
  2. Gimme the keys and I'll see what I can do :twisted:.
  3. Soft.
  4. Ride the bike and tell them you flew.

    Seriously some people are such fools, the biggest killer of motorcycle riders is old age and thats a fact. Riding to Perth is not some kind of death sentence.

    Not to wish this upon you, but it would be funny if your plane crashed.
  5. HTFU and ride.

    Otherwise when you get there they will get all worried about the traffic and make you sell the bike anyway

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  6. So inlaws are the issue.... Easy - don't listen to inlaws.

    From what I have see - riding a bike there is significantly cheaper than shipping it
  7. I'll ride it for you for costs and a jetstar airfare home.
    err what bike?
  8. my track bike is on its way to Perth on Tuesday, cost $1200
  9. What about a back load?
    Can be sig cheaper.
  10. +1 to CFVFR Backload, there are freight agents that can organise this.
  11. Just ride...dude! You will never get a chance like this. ever.

    Some people circumnavigate the planet on their bikes and you can't do Melbourne to Perth. :)

    See Australia...live, love, ride!
  12. 1800 bikemove costs about 700 from melbourne to Perth I have sent a bike over to perth twice using them and the service is tops.But in all seriousness ride the bloody thing and don't go the short route either it is one of the best things you will ever do.I am riding back to melb starting friday week,I did it `12 months ago and had such a blast I'm doing it again.Just avoid early mornings and dusk and most of the hazards are gone.
    P.S. when you get to Perth just do 20 km under the speed limit in the right hand lane and every one will think your a local.
  13. The tribe has spoken!

    Sounds like you're going to ride it, save money and enjoy the opportunity which may never come again.
  14. I'm jealous. I am originally from Perth and they have some great motorcycle roads particularly Mundaring and also Roleystone.
    And my 2c, ride it. crossing the Nullabor was an awesome experience and I even did it in a cage.
  15. +1 Ride it!

    Melb - Mildura - Clare Valley - Port Augusta - (Eyre Peninsula) - Point Lincoln - Streaky Bay - Nullabor - Norseman - Esperance - Albany - Augusta - Margaret River - Perth

    It's a great ride, and if you don't do it you really do miss out.

    We expect pictures and a bit of a ride report... didn't happen without pictures. ;)

    Of course there is always the safe option... a life of obeying the wishes of the in-laws, and growing fat and old with regret for company... "if only I'd done it when I could"
  16. I think you should go to Perth in an anti-clockwise direction. :)
  17. Cheers guys, man the ride would be amazing! what sucks tho is the missus is coming here beforehand and she has already booked the flight tickets for perth so now its kinda out of the option :( so i kinda have no choice now but to send it over

    just on a side note though, i was actually going to ride over and tell them i flew ;) of course, this was before she decided shes coming over to fly back with me...
  18. Whipped...

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  19. Give the ticket to the in-law and ride anyway.

    Only problem with that is you'll have the in-law over there too - but I consider that a small price to pay.
  20. give the ticket to one of your womans close friends...send them over as a suprise ? , it'll probably still be cheaper to ride it even with the ticket being purchased and the cost of your fuel to get there than shipping it over...and it also then looks like your doing the ms's a favour....hmmm...unless she already has all her friends there