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Moving to NZ

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Janosh, Jul 31, 2007.

  1. Hey guys - I'm moving to NZ soon and will be living in Queenstown :cool:

    Just wanted to get a heads up on the roads and riding over there... I'm taking my riding gear with me and planning on getting a 600 sports when I get there, but just wonder if anyone had ridden over there?

    Anyone know if there's a NR equivalent over there??
  2. the roads sux over there.....ask anyone who has had the chance ot tour it :LOL: :wink: lucky bastard a backyard full of wonderful roads, i will let you off this time as you have brought this up after lunch so i only have a few hours left to sit at work and day dream about when i will get the chance to head over there with the bike :LOL:

    cheers stewy :)
  3. Nice - just what I wanted to hear :grin:
  4. I just came back from a holiday over there, drove round the south island. I spent the whole time wishing i had my bike and was riding the roads instead of driving crappy 4cyl 4wd. In short the roads are bloody fantastic, apart from when they're covered in snow and ice, see pic, which they will be in Queenstown during winter. Google the words "kiwi" :)
    and "biker"
  5. I was born on the west coast of south island....cut my teeth riding there. You will have more bike rallies to go to then you can poke a stick at But DO THE BRASS MONKEY!!! Other rallies are Cust( midnite spit rally) xmas rally at lake Rotoiti up towards nelson,cold kiwi in north island and god only knows what are rallies have been formed since i was there 12 years ago. NZ is living proof that god is motorcyclist.
    I just had enough of the bloody cold. The last straw was when i had to pour hot water over my car door lock to open it when i was living in Christchurch.
    Word of advice tho......BLACK ICE!!! nasty shit. Ya dont know its there til you are sliding across it.
    Take it easy,all the best over there.

    p.s.- warbirds over wanaka is on in easter next year. Bit of a rev heads paradise. Make sure ya make it to that. Only comes round every 2 years from memory.
  6. Queenstown is a great spot, not the cheapest place in NZ, but very picturesque. Plenty of fun roads close by, hardly any traffic but cold for much of the year (was there in March and it snowed)
  7. two words "Crown Range", but dont make a mistake
  8. I am so envious!! Queenstown is my favourite place in the whole world.
  9. Mate on just about any bike you will have a blast anywhere in NZ. The roads are in great condition and about the biggest road kill you need to worry about are Brush Tailed possums that are ours anyway :LOL:
    Be very careful riding in South Auckland as everyone will try to claim your scalp and built up areas are 50kmh and its inforced like you wont believe. You'll have a bit of give and take on the open roads though as long as its safe you should be ok.
    The good news is that bikes are cheap there and most will be lo km examples too.

    I could live there if they didnt hate Aussies so much. Small man syndrome mostly but it wears thin. Same for Kiwi's here I guess but we are hated in some parts. Mrs 2wheelsagain is an Aucklander and occasionally wants to go back to live. Cant blame her for that I guess.

    Working conditions are piss poor compared to us too.

    Hope it works out for you.

  10. You mean you don't have to worry about any SHEEP now??!! :shock: giggle.
  11. And so it continues :?
  12. condolences
  13. Hi Mate, I'm in Auckland. Pretty new to biking, just about to get into the rides, etc. Enjoy this forum though.


    Roads are pretty good, cops are VERY strict, but there are plenty good back roads to ride. Speed is the usual scapegoat for everything under the sun as it is such a good revenue generator. Good news is radar/laser detectors are legal. Got to get the good ones though. Google Valentine V1 and Belltronics

    Will be cool to meet up if you ever get to Auckland.
  14. the times I have been over there I have never had a problem with the aussie vs. kiwi thing, yep there is normally some light banter about sheep and rugby but its no more serious than the owners of real bikes bagging kawasaki riders (hi mel). perhaps you were taking it too seriously and they did in return. I will however say that my experiences are all on the south island not the north
  15. Generally the people are very friendly and my extended family are tops but their media is very anti Aust and for no good reason and that breeds an undercurrent that isnt the same for Kiwis here. As a country we're quite happy to call them mates and rivals. Over there we're just rivals.
    Sad really.
  16. Imagine Tassie roads, on steroids :shock: and then some. I been there couple of times(neither on bikes :( ) and both times was TOTALLY&UTTERLY :shock: blown away by the shear extent of twisty roads. In fact if you said to me you can ride Tassie or NZ for same price,I would choose N.Z. in an instant :dance: It like the geology of both North and South islands allows for the maximum amount of turns possible.
    I remember my brain doing loops :tantrum: trying to work out why these were such good roads :-k , then observing the land from the bus window and the way its formed and there seems to be an unusual amount of rollin short hills that came from lava flows or something :-s its kinda hard to explain 8-[ . But I DEFINITELY remember for sheer road riding :grin: factor, for my money, without doubt the best "pure road riding roads" I have seen anywhere on the planet that Ive been. Ask Roarin as well,he's an ex kiwi,and the man rides like a friggin :demon:
  17. I am origionally from Auckland.... Miss the roads there....

    In melbourne everyone heads for the black spur if they want a good blat.... over there you just pick any direction, ride for 30 mins and you are on a road as good as the black spur...

    Last visit to the south island I found that mostly the roads were very good.... and (im sorry to say it melbournites) a lot more fun than most of the roads found in the melbourne area.... or perhaps there are just a lot more of them...
  18. :cheeky: hi jase!

    So is this the thread where we start telling kiwi jokes? :grin: (Once upon a time I was married to a kiwi... tri-nations was always fun at my house - especially as the wallabies were kicking arse all over the place back then :grin: )

    I've never been to NZ but spent a lot of time being the only Aussie in large gatherings of Kiwis... was always fun, I never got bagged out too badly about being Aussie (not like for riding kwaka)

  19. hmm..

    Is it possible to hire a bike there, fly in and spend a week holidaying on the twisties? Any idea of expense?

    Sounds like an absolute blast.