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Moving to NSW

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by tarsh, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. Hi guys

    i have to move to NSW for 6 months starting August.

    I will be working in Richmond and was wondering if anyone can provide advice on where to live.

    I dont want to live too far away from work and not too far away from the city.

    Any suggestions are welcome. Please reply in this forum or PM me.


  2. Quakers Hill and Blacktown were fairly cheap when I was up there last, and its still close to Richmond. Downside though, is that its cheap for a reason mainly due to crime rate. But it might not actually be that bad, it could all be hearsay.

    Riding-wise. Theres the Tuesday night Sydney Knights ride (see yahoo groups), and Wednesday Trella, Google them.

    Also you'll find a lot more NSW riders using the Overclockers, BikeHype and ORoadSports forums.

    Local ride spots are the Old Pacific highway, Putty Road, and Royal national Park.
  3. 60kms apart - so plenty of choice.

    Take it you're going to be at work more than town? If so then Baulkham/Winston Hills area or a bit closer to town Epping, Ryde or Parramatta
  4. With Putty Road not being too far from Richmond and Bells Line of Road starting there :cool:
  5. You poor sod. My sympathies to you. :LOL:
  6. hmm, if you want to be closer to the city, take a look at rydlmere, near parramatta, thats about halfway, cheap as chips if rental price is anything near house price. and parramatta is a service, shopping, transport hub. (what we planners term an activity centre)
    otherwise quakers hill would be the go, dirt cheap, much closer to richmond. going to the city will be expensive from all the toll roads. public transport is shit in the northwest, commuting on the bike is the way to go if you dont already do so.

  7. yea, I used to live in Dundas, cheap rent, easy to get everywhere from there and not a bad neighbourhood. Crappy railway line though, but if you've got your own transport, that's not an issue
  8. My in laws live in Dundas and so I did for a while. Quite nice area and if you know how to work out the train times it will be all good.

  9. thanks for the reply guys.

    can anyone tell me how long it would take to drive from a northern beach suburb such as Deewhy to Richmond?


  10. A lot.

    Mona Vale Road is very bad for traffic in the mornings.

  11. i would say about an hour and a half , its a fair trek
  12. Not on peak hour.

  13. oh yeah forgot about that, and would be longer if you avoided the tolls along the way , i think theres like lane cove and the m7 tolls
  14. use to live in belrose and work in rooty hill i was a 1 hour drive avoiding toll ways at 6am...
    get a house in the blue montains at least there a few twisty roads to work. then find some one who live near a beach and crash on there couch all weekend :)
  15. Why do you want to live near the city?
    It will give you AIDs, cancer and other stress related diseases.

    Dee Why to Richmond = too far for work/play. You will learn to despise your fellow man, lose your faith in humanity, and day dream of violent destruction while waiting in traffic.

    Your conscience will slowly erode, behind a thin mask of sanity, whilst basic compassion and sympathy wilts.

    You will lane split.
    You will not stop 'a good run' for a wayward kitten, no matter how fluffy it's fur, and how large it's eyes.

    Hatred will grow and give you strength, but will also drain you emotionally.

    Vile cynicism, assuaged only briefly by harsh sarcasm that harms the feelings of others, will alter your preception - giving way to intense disappointment and anger at how the city of Sydney's roads were planned and built.

    You will forget love and happiness.

    You will pay tolls and despair.
  16. i live in epping mate, its a good area, no crime, well minimal crime.

    Ive lived around this area all my life. My house has never been broken into once. I grew up in eastwood, then moved to denistone east, then to carlingford, westryde, meadowbank and now in epping. Its a good area, you should check it out.

    Marsden rd is basically the divider of the nice area to the shitty area, gettin into dundas telopia, parramatta, the crime rates increase as you move west :)
  17. From Dee Why to Richmond, or even Epping to Richmond your rego will run out before you get there.....
  18. it would be quicker to get from singleton to richmond than dee why to richmond. i dunno about you but i could very easily hack the putty twice a day. my licence would last about a week if that though...
    on that point singleton is cheap as chips, shit of a place but.

  19. yeah just buy a house just the other side of ten mile, riding that everyday to work and back would be great fun