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Moving to NSW licence tfr question?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by removed-6, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. I'm on a Probationary licence here in Vic, when I transfer my licence to NSW do I get an unrestricted mature age rider licence?

  2. Possibly... it depends on whether you're eligible for a gold car licence (eg been on an unrestricted licence for 5+ years)
  3. can I take a wild stab at it and say no?
  4. Yep, unrestricted licence for 15yrs.
  5. That's a interesting question ,i don't know the answer .
    BUT ,what IF you don't like NSW and after 2 months you go back to VIC do you go back to your P's and have to sell your new 1000cc bike?.
  6. It should be fine then... AFAIK you should go straight onto unrestricted. Bear in mind that you may not be able to carry pillions for either the amount of time you had left on your Vic licence or for 12 months - you'll have to ask the RTA about that...
  7. Good question??

    Even if someone just moves to Vic from NSW, who just got their unrestricted mature age licence after just the 3mths on L's in NSW, do they get an unrestricted licence here in Vic??
  8. Well I have emailed them, guess what reply I got..........

    none! :roll:
  9. Well I finally got a reply from the RTA and YES I go straight to an unrestricted licence, woooooohooooo \:D/ :dance:
  10. Looks like another cheap Comet up for sale! you lucky lucky bas$%rd
  11. Why do people expect an instant response via email?

    If you want a response straight away, pick up the damn phone.

    That and people who send obscenely long SMS's instead of just calling. Come on.
  12. hmmmm..this is very interesting indeed.
    I might have to ask my aunt in echuca if I can move up there with her for a while...lol..
    in spirit only!