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Moving to Melbourne - Seeking Advice

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by tedora, Jul 23, 2009.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I currently live in Canada (Vancouver, BC) but will be moving to Melbourne within a few months.

    From everything I've learned, it looks like Melbourne would be a wonderful place to ride, and so much warmer than Vancouver, that I suspect I could easily ride year-round.

    I'm hoping to get some help with a few things.
    1) I'm looking for a good recommendation for a Suzuki dealership. I plan to buy the same bike that I own here, and would like to know where all of you would recommend I buy.
    2) What should I be aware of while riding in Melbourne? For example, is there a large theft problem?
    3) Would you all agree that year-round riding is possible in Melbourne?
    4) Finally, I would really like to get a good idea of insurance cost. I would get the manditory, comprehensive, and third party property insurance. What range could I expect to pay? I would imagine I would be seen as a new rider despite my Canadian experience. I would be riding the Suzuki Burgman 650 (AN650).

    Thanks everyone for your help!!

  2. Welcome -- my last place before Melbourne was Calgary.

    1) I'll have to defer this one for those with 1st hand experience.
    2) Other than riding on left side of the road (obviously), riding along tram tracks might be a bit different... Check out the VicRoads website, and download the "Solo Driver's handbook" and "Rider's handbook" to get you familiar with the road laws here. Some things like are legal here (U-turns), while others are not (turning on red).
    3) Compared to Canada, shit yeah. You'll just need some warm gear, but people do ride year round here.
    4) Basic registration includes the mandatory 3rd party injury insurance (somewhere around $500+ / yr? correct me if I'm wrong...). As for more comprehensive insurance, again, I'll defer that to others here, since I'm not on a bike here at the moment. As for foreign riding experience, I think that might depend on insurance companies.

    One tip: If your license has no issue date, or has an issue date within 3 years (but you've actually been driving more than that), then bring proof-of driving history like a driving record abstract. The folks here will want to see that you have at least 3+ years driving experience or else they may put you on restricted license classes.
  3. you can ride all year round, just might need wet/cold weather gear.
  4. can ride all year around no problems with some great roads about an hour away.

    third party insurance is a must and it costs about 2-300 dollars for a 600-1000 cc bike . thats me at 22 though might be cheaper if you are older
  5. Depends on what part of Melbourne you are going to live in but Raceway Suzuki in Niddrie and Mick Hone in Box Hill have looked after me numerous times. Good dealings and good people.
  6. We've also been looked after well by Mick Hone. Insurance should be around $500 a year depending on your driving record.
  7. Thanks everyone... already so many responses... Fantastic!

    Any other thoughts? I believe I've already emailed Mick and he responded quickly...

  8. From what I've been told by Canadians I know, you guys have a lot of good drivers there. Melbourne has a shortage :(. Indicators are soon to be optional on cars here :p
  9. In Melbourne it is free to ride on the all of the toll roads except for East link ( which isn't that useful anyway).

    You are allowed to park a motorcycle on the pavement as long as it doesn't get in peoples way (i.e most places). Basically you can park for free just about anywhere.

    You can easily ride all year round.

    Regrading Insurance, You might like to get some online quotes from fro example RACV and Insuremyride. Western QBE have an online form as well. I have found that AAMI are pleasant to deal with but the don't have an online form for motorcycle insurance.

    While most people lane split in Melbourne, it has been made illegal. That said most people including myself do it where ever possible (unless a police car is in front of you) and haven't been caught.

    Don't know about Suzuki dealers sorry.

    Have fun.
  10. If you end up down South near Frankston then Byrners Suzuki in Seaford, have always been good to me. Especially with servicing.
  11. ye melbourne has 1 of the best roads down there and thats the road that goes to Sydney :grin:

  12. Your right, but it would be so much better been a ring road that just came back into Melbourne.
  13. Life is peachy here.

    You've just got to keep an eye out for the Nazi's that sit in cars by the side of the road, stabbing puppies and revelling in the joy of providing funds to fill the void in the state coffers after the government's budget shortcomings become apparent, by taking photo's of people travelling an eency bit too quickly.

    Those guys aside... When you get here, get someone to show you 'the spurs'.

  14. +1 there
  15. Concur with Raceway Suzuki in Niddrie, they have always had the parts I needed and great service.

    I think everything else has been covered :D

    phong =P~
  16. if you want climate, why are you going to Melbourne???

    <runs and hides in corner with sheet of tin over his back>
  17. We have to have somewhere to send the northern cousins on there way back home with a spanking when they think they can come down south in search of some real motorcycle roads and then think they are good at them! :p
  18. see ya in Sydney at bike show, we know u love it :LOL:
  19. Oh that's really great information. I hadn't even thought to ask about Toll roads - we only have one toll bridge that opened 1 month ago, other than that none of the roads have any tolls.

    Parking on the pavement - by this I'm thinking you are talking about what I would call the "sidewalk"? Wow that will be fantastic! How do you determine if you are in someone's way? Are these areas generally quite wide to allow for motorcycle parking?

    Thank you also for the insurance company names - that is very useful. Do any of you have any other suggestions of good companies, or even ones to avoid?

    Thanks so much everyone.. I really appreciate all this information!
  20. Determining if you're in the way is very much a judgment call so a rule of thumb is best used. Simply imagine you're pushing a pram/stroller or require wheel chair access. If you believe these two footpath/pavement/sidewalk users are adequately catered for then you'll most likely be right to go.
    The rest of the punters with two good legs can (shock horror :eek: ) walk the three extra steps needed to circumnavigate a motorcycle. As for the breadth, some are - some not so. You'll work it out soon enough, just keep an eye on where other riders park their bikes and it will become clear.

    Enjoy Melbourne, it is a beautiful city with a diverse culture and a bit less traffic than Sydney (I think I can smell the flame throwers being fired up :LOL: ).