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Moving to Melbourne from a country town.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Parkaboy, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. G'day,

    I've been riding in country towns most of my life and have never ridden in a city so I was wondering how wary I should be?

    The only time ive ever driven (in a cage) in a city is Canberra, so I imagine melbourne would be much much busier.

    Also, how prepared should I be with raingear? I am a daily motorcycle commuter at the moment, will I be able to continue that in Melbourne?

    Thank you in advance :)
  2. Well I certainly wouldn't recommend tackling the Monash at peak hour on the first day ;).
    It probably shouldn't take too long to adapt though, personally I've always found riding in the city far easier than driving simply because you get a better feeling of where traffic is around you (and you can fit through gaps with a bike). You do have to be a lot more alert though.
  3. Melbourne's a great city for bikes - as cities go. Streets are nice and wide and you can prk on the footpath, what else do you need to know?

    Get into it, you'll be flying in a week or 2.
  4. If you're coming from Broome, you are gonna need some warm wet weather gear! (But you'll need summer gear as well.)

    Melbourne is much more congested than Canberra. That can be an advantage on a bike, as the cars are often forced to go slower, at least around the inner city. But when they DO get a break, they tend to go for it hard, and often recklessly. So planning ahead is key. You need to be on it 100%, attention-wise.

    It's not so bad, you get used to it. Strangely, each locality within the city seems to have different driving habits, and you tend to learn what to expect in your own area.

    RESPECT tram lines - they'll bring you down if you're not careful.
  5. hahaha I am a wuzz, I am organising heated vests and gloves for when I get down there... I'm not a huge fan of the cold!

    If I could swallow my pride I might buy a windshield, but that hasnt happened yet!!

    Thank you all for the responses, I feel much more assured now. Melbourne drivers just tend to have a reputation haha. I hope to see some of you in group rides (also something I have never done and I'm sure I will be researching into later today!)

    Another question though about visiblity this time, should I light up my bike more? I was thinking about indicators on the mirrors from custom dynamics... (also I just need to justify to myself the $$$ involved! haha)
  6. And it's well deserved. Most of them only drive cars because they enjoy licking the windows.

    I think you're stark raving mad. Still, if you're detirmined to do it, then go for it. You'll learn how to deal with the trafic over time. I managed to learn to split, speed, weave and duck so you can too. Actually, while the congestion shits me, I sometimes like the thrill of an urbal attack run. :wink: What you will really enjoy however, is the nearby hills full of twisty windy roads. For this the move will be worth it. :grin:
  7. After moving from Sydney to Melbourne, I can safely say that Melbourne traffic, drivers, conditions, road markings and general ability is awful. If there was work available, i'd be in a country town in an instant...

    But hey, if you want to, do it!
  8. Hey I moved from Brisbane to Melbourne, and Brissy ain't small at all - but geez, if you compare the traffic conditions it's like heaven and heck.

    First of all - be prepared for traffic jams - irrespective of time of day / day of the week. 1 am Saturday night? No problem - gridlock on Kings Way. Lane-filtering is a must here.

    I find it stressful, even though I used to commute daily on bike in Brissy. It's just that everyone's so aggro and they have no pity that it's cold and raining and you're on a bike and your helmet's fogged up and you've lost feelings on your fingers due to cold....be prepared to HTFU.
  9. After riding for the last two months, I can honestly say that our traffic suxors BIG time. When I am in the cage, I find myself looking up the centre line wishing I had the bike!

    EDIT= I have also realised just how many people want me dead, LOL. Some cagers are fkn nasty. Don't like the little guy getting in front!
  10. +1 on Graceybee

    Bad time of year to move to Melbourne. It's cold, rainy and now we got that constant howling north wind, just makes you want to roll over in bed, turn the 'leccy blankey up and catch a few more zzzzzds :cool:

    Traffic is sh1t, roads are sh1t, weather is sh1t. We got it all. So likes been said above be prepared to HTFU quick.

    Apart from that, it's actually quite a nice place :p

    Bring back summer. I'm over winter already :?
  11. Melbourne tends to go through all the seasons in one day, it can be pouring one minute and the next, there is no sign that it was even raining

    One of the big things about moving to the city is people believe in running orange lights, and some of the red, so make sure if you are turning right to account for this
  12. apart from some of the roadworks which seem to be eternal, ive found the road conditions to be pretty good. and traffic, well im used to it. sure theres idiots in every city, but i much prefer melbourne traffic to sydney, theyre nutters up there IMO.

    as with everything, you will get used to it. but yes u will need the wet weather gear. u need this for summer. it rains in summer, not in winter. its melbourne :p

    haha and im with Seany, Urban suicide missions can be pretty good :grin:

    either way, keep your eyes open, and enjoy it! :)
  13. Very! I've lived in a few different places and when I come home I find the traffic in Melbourne to be fast and aggressive. So take it easy for a while.
  14. Im with Zilly on this one. I never ever trust drivers anywhere in Melbourne at intersections. I was just thinking/watching only last night, drivers blatently gunning through and around on red arrows all over the joint (especially off Wurundjerri Drive into I think its Dynon road (near Festival Hall). Makes me really think twice about burning off at the lights without a look left and right...

    But saying that.... I dont want to put you off Parkaboy. Melbourne is a great place to live and ride. As Seany said, Wwthin a 30minute riding radious you have Fun Urban Attack riding and I enjoy lots of bridges/Freeways to get a great view, the beach/penninsula close by and hills/country roads. It doesnt get much better.

    Like anywhere you just need to be carefull, pace your self, learn the hot spots and spend heaps of time in the saddle just riding around.

    Be patient too. I found being a Dirt Bike Rider only on Farms, to now a 1st road rider, my learning curve and ability to swear profusely under my helmet, wave my hands, jumps on the horn and high beams went through the roof. I would get to a set of lights after being cut off or whatever and be fuming... thats no fun, and not very safe. I just wasnt used to all additional distractions and stimulas going on around me, but once I just set my self a rule of 'no going off tap/letting it get to me', I really started to just blend in with the traffic and nothing phazes me, hence my Melbourne riding enjoyment is awesome.

    As a Lane Splitter, I even find that NOT splitting sometimes is very calming and adds a mellow value to a miandering ride. Just sitting there not really in too much of a hurry, savouring the moment.

    Clothing Suggestions -
    WINTER - its farking cold and wet, so get some spray pants and jackets as a bare minimum. No need to go to great $$$ lengths. Elizabeth Street in Melbourne there are a few bike stores that can give you an idea of range and price.

    SUMMER - its farking hot, so go for some Draggin Jeans with some cotton thermals/tights underneath to maybe and an armoured jacket with a removable lining if possible.

    Group ride or even just with 1 or 2 like minded folk to begin with//Easy. There would be heaps of people via Net rider that would be happy to jump on board for that. Just put the word out when your ready/all geared up and see what happens.

    The melbourne drivers might be a bit defunked and lacking in courtacy from time to time, but the riders are pretty friendly and theres no shortage of a nod or wave on the way past to keep it real.

    Cheers, Greg

    ps - We are speed camera crazy in melbourne. Always!!!!!! stick to the speed limit. If not for safety but for your hip pocket $$$
  15. Riding in Melbourne is like riding on a winding country road at dusk, where you know there are rabbits, feral cats, dingos, wallabies, kangaroos, and cattle just waiting to jump out in front of you for no apparent reason and with no warning.

    Oh, and wombats.

    You should enjoy it. :grin:

    Why on earth leave Broome if you have good work there?!

    PS: You don't really need a heated vest and gloves in Melbourne. Just a good jacket with lining, and good Winter gloves. But then Winter has been pretty mild this year so far. :twisted:
  16. No one''s mentioned Spring. In September, you can have almost zero degree mornings where you get to work with an icicle hanging off your nose and then need a summer jacket to ride home in because it's 30C.

    And then just as you are getting used to the warmth after Winter, it turns cold again and stays that way well into December.

    The best season in Melbourne is Autumn. Warm comfortable days usually last well into April and sometimes into May.
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    This should help. :)

    Most of the time Melbourne traffic feels like this.
    [media=youtube]VwR6On5IK_Y[/media] :LOL:

    Here's some actual Melbourne footagge.
    [1st vid contains the F word]



    [bike's perspective, unfortunately speed up]

    On the bright side, you'll be close to this stuff. :grin:
    [I was on this road today. Tight wet right hander was going well when a goat of all things jumped out at me. :LOL: ]
  18. Just remember to take it easy the first month or so untill you know where your going.
    And these 3 rules.
    1- All car drivers are trying to kill you
    2- brake early in the wet, especially after a couple of sunny days.
    3- white lines and tram tracks are NOT your friend
  19. oh and if you have anything to do with the CBD, just remember melbourne has hook turns
  20. Just a friendly reminder as it may not have been in your riding guide : Always try to cross tram tracks at a ninety degree angle, not only to be safe but also to save yourself the embarassment of falling over whilst going 5km ...

    OH and when doing a hook turn in the city make absolutely sure that there are no cars running red lights as they do it all the time and at high speeds and will totally take you out