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Moving To Geelong Area - Recommended Rides?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by NightStar, Nov 8, 2012.

  1. Relocating to Geelong through work in a couple of weeks :) and would love to know if anyone can recommend rides around the area or rides from Geelong, short or long.....

  2. Bachus Marsh Rd to Bachus Marsh, then off up to the Brisbane Ranges via Bachus Marsh-Baliang Rd, then onto Glenmore Rd and over to Geelong Ballan Rd. Explore all the roads up around that area.

    Ballan-Meredith Rd through Morrisons and other roads around that area.

    Down inland to Lorne from Winchelsea, and other roads around the Otways. Forrest, Deans Marsh, Beech Forest, Chapel Vale, etc.

    Great Ocean Rd of course.

    Bellarine Peninsula, just explore all the roads. Esplanade from Portarlington all the way round to Indented Head, slow, cruisy beside the bay, great Sunday afternoon/evening unwind, get some fish and chips for dinner at St Leonards.
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  3. Thanks heaps, appreciate the tips, l'll check all those out - especially the fish & chips! Sounds like lots of good rides :) Right time to move, good weather, plenty of opportunities to check these out, thnx
  4. Glenmore road is brilliant - but best to do it from west to east (unless you want to go up a very steep incline).

    If you want to go a bit further there are some good roads around the Enfield State Park SW of Ballarat, in particular the Linton-Piggoreet road through the Devil's Kitchen.

    The roads around Lake Corangamite aren't bad either - specifically Corangamite Lake Road (on the Eastern side) and even the Camperdown-Foxhow road.
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  5. I like the big climb on Glenmore Rd :)
    Was going to suggest Rokewood to Ballarat through Dereel. You're right about the roads out around Linton too, some good ones to explore. The western lakes do have some good roads once you get out there, long stretch of either Princes or Hamilton Hwy to get there though.
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  6. Moving to Geelong? Just ride on through and keep going....
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  7. Also, turn off Geelong-Ballan Road onto Pringles/Thompson Road to Maude, then Steiglitz Rd, Meredith-Steiglitz Rd to Meredith. Then Slate Quarry Rd and Ballan-Geelong Road up to Glenmore Road (caution on the very steep downhill).

    Further south, Colac-Beech Forest Road, and Beech Forest-Lavers Hill Road.
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  8. There are lots of rides down here Starrygirl, and the beauty is that you can have Ocean or Country views or a bit of both in the same ride. I have a few favourite rides that I do that can range anything from an hour or 3, to the whole day.

    Other than the GOR most of my rides are back roads especially in the warmer weather, away from the tourists.

    When you get settled maybe we can meet up for a coffee and then go for a ride. @mroads75 (her other half is @HDpaul) and @Tahlia1989 are both down this way and we all ride cruisers.

    If you don't get a chance beforehand, you should come on the Geelong Toy run which is Sunday December 9th this year. It will be leaving from Cunningham Pier (it's along the main foreshore in the the city) and going via some of the back roads to Portarlington & Queenscliff. The last time I saw Tahlia she was keen on going on that.

    You just bring along a toy and they are then passed on to a local charity for distribution.
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  9. Hi HB would love to catch up for coffee & a ride. Really looking forward to the move. Will be house hunting this weekend; job commences 3/12 so will definitely be there before the toy ride. Sounds great, l'll be there, thnx :)
  10. Where abouts in Geelong you thinking of living?

    There are some good spots and some not so good spots, as with anywhere. I was lucky before I moved down here I knew someone who was already here I had worked with a couple of years earlier. My daughter and I now have dinner with him and his wife every couple of months and have been out on their boat to watch the Australia Day fireworks.

    Although Geelong is a big city, there is still that country feel to it, and haven't met an unfriendly yet.
  11. Well, in my job l meet lots of unfriendly people, goes with the territory, but lots of really nice people too. I have family at Ocean Grove and Hamlyn Heights, so hoping for some ideas. So lve been looking at places on the net at Ocean Grove and Geelong West, lm really not sure where to look, so if you have some tips that would be great. If lm not organised, l can stay with them whilst lm looking. My last day at work here here will be 30th Nov, so l'll move that weekend. Everythings in storage ready to go. If l find something thats available earlier l'll take it and start moving in on weekends until my last day. Really excited about the move :)
  12. Just don't move near Corio or Norlane...bikes like to disappear over that way. I learnt the hard way.
  13. Ocean Grove is great, but depending what you want a little expensive. Hamlyn Heights would be fine. Depends where your work is.
  14. you is racist
  15. Ryrie st Geelong, so anything within 30 mins would be fine.
  16. thats the whole of geelong
  17. ha ha, exactly and that's from one end to the other. And peak hour is more than 4 vehicles at traffic lights.
  18. Sorry had someone pm me about a rental in Barwon Heads but have decided on Geelong or Ocean Grove, not further out
  19. Where l live ATM we only have one set of traffic lights lol!
  20. barwon heads is closer than ocean grove