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NSW Moving to full license from P1 test?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Myke, Apr 15, 2013.

  1. Ok, I've called the RTA twice now and received conflicting advise. I'm hoping the wise ones here will be able to provide clarity.

    I'm above 25 yrs old and have a full car license. I'm currently on my RED (P1) plates. Based upon the above I get to skip the Green Ps (P2) and move straight to an unrestricted license after 1 year on P1.

    My question is, do I need to do either the Hazard Perception Test or Driver Qualification Test? Or do I just go in and pay for the new license?

    Hoping those that have gone through this in NSW with similar stats as me can share your experience

    1st call to RTA said I had to do the HPT second call said, no just renew. lol
  2. I'm with the second caller, automatic renew to full after a year
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  3. Ill tell you for a fact. It's a simple renew pay + photo and go. No test
  4. walk in say i want my big boy license, give them money, get mug shot, walk out

    this was less than a year ago for me when i turned 25
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  5. AAAWWWEEEESSSSOOOMMEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! Thanks guys!!! :peace:
  6. Same for me as per a month ago.

    Walk in, pay money, have photo and walk out... to a dealership, and buy the fastest thing in the shop :D
  7. Out of curiosity does the same apply when you hit 25 part way through your P2 license?

    I haven't found solid info on the RMS website about whether it's even possible or once you start your P2 you have to finish them. If I play my cards right I can hold my Ls for 9 or so of the 12mths then run the P1 license for about 17 of the 18mths where I'll just hit 25 and therefore be able to go straight to Full.

    Personally I'd prefer to get to P2 ASAP and then be able to come off them early once I hit 25 and move to a Full license, but has anyone done that?
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  9. If you are on a P in NSW (Red or Green) any speeding offence attracts at least 4 points. So it would be wise to get off the Red P (only 4 points) and get on to a Green P (ups the anti to 7 points and you can carry a pillion) ASAP. If you turn 25 whilst on the Green P you do not have to serve the full term. It would then be wise to move to the Open (giving you 12 points) as well as providing the opportunity to move from the LAMS and P plate display. You do not have to get a bigger bike but you would have the choice if you so desired. Remember that you must also hold an Open car licence otherwise you will be on the Green P for at least two years. There is no hazard perception test for a motorcycle to move to Open.
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  10. i hit 25 about 8 months into my greens... upgraded license and bought my Z on my 25th birthday!

    so upgrade your licenses as soon as you can so you can get the extra speed and points.

    i agree, there doesnt seem to be anything in the rules or on the website about this particular circumstance, so it makes it a little confusing

    Edit: as Phycho says, you need to have your blacks for the car for this to work
  11. @PSYCHO II, demerit points were "upped" to 13 for NSW open license holders a while ago...

    From the RMS website (Demerit Points Scheme)
  12. Thanks guys. Yes that's why I wanted to move off Ls and P1 asap to get away from the 4pts and move to 7 with P2 for a bit of security. I've had a full car licence since 2010 so all good in that regard.

    Good to know someone has done it!
  13. Thanks bud - yeah I considered the forum you've moved it to initially.

    Thought that was more for more mainstream political/governmental/law discussions - where the crazies go to yap about how to take advantage of each other lol.

    Couldn't find a right home so General it went :p