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Moving to Canberra

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by gegvasco, Oct 29, 2007.

  1. As some of you may know already, I am moving to Canberra at the end of the year. Not sure exactly when but it is looking like the first week of January at this stage. So looking forward to getting out of Sydney's fcuked out traffic, even though I have heard some horror stories of a different nature about the traffic in Canberra. It can't be worse than Sydney! Also looking forward to getting out of NSW because of the bullshit state government with it's tolls, CTP rip-offs and total anti-bike mentality. Again, Canberra can't be worse.

    I am looking forward to getting to know the good riding roads around Canberra and catching up with the ever growing Canberra netrider scene. From the initial sounds of it, looks like we could start an F4i club down there.

    At the moment, looks like the best option for me is to move the two bikes myself. I don't want to fork out for a new trailer as it probably won't get much use so I am looking at options. It seems Kennards hire motorcycle trailers for about $60 for a day. This might be the option for a trip SYD-CBR and back. Does anyone have any other ideas for this?
  2. Hi Greg .
    Mate just make sure you get a large house so we got some where to stay .
    And I'll look after the F4 ,no problems. :LOL:
  3. I'll ride one of them down, Greg, I did live in Canberra for four years, so I know the way :LOL:.
  4. you will never return to sydney, in comparison, the roads are like heaven and the traffic will be childs play to a seasoned sydney commuter like yourself. you will be so close to sensational strom-roads such as snowball rd, jerangle, and, well, you'll love it!
    good move :cool:
  5. What Sled said ^ Or a place with a decent yard for tents :grin:

    Good luck mate!
  6. I ride you F4i down.
    You double me back on the Strom.
    Then you ride back to the ACT on the Strom !

    . . . . . sorted !!

    Or get two of us to ride the Strom and F4i down !
    You drive us back in the SS !

    . . . . . sorted again !!

    So are we having farewell drinks !!!!!
  7. stumps boarding school for bikes

    situated right here in sydney!

    small fee, only 25k PA [ya can't beat that!]

    here's the good news!!! we have 1 vacancy but you better be quick because it will disapear at any moment

    bookings essentual, and if you book in the next 10 mins you'll get a set of steak knives ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!!

    BOOK NOW!!

    cheers :cool:
  8. Oooooh fresh meat!


    Canberra drivers are absolute f**ktards. Keep that in mind and all will be sweet :D
  9. Ha ha ha, i love the word fvcktard!!!

    Yep, they're completely oblivious generally. Sydney drivers are much more on the ball, but there's too many of them!! Canberra drivers are a bit more subdued as there's hardly ever traffic and the roads are soooo easy to drive on. That's my theory anyway.