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Moving to Canberra, dual purpose or sport touring?!?

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by webnetxpress, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. Hi all,

    I will be moving to Canberra in a few months time. I am in the process of trying to research and buy a bike for my arrival, or even before I arrive. Need to have it ready and waiting!

    I have always been a street rider, last bike was a zzr1100 and I loved it.
    I was thinking this time of buying a triumph tiger explorer 1200. I have done some touring with my wife on a gs1200 through Europe. I like the idea of having a bit more ground clearance and more upright riding position with a tiger vs. a zzr. But I am not sure what kind of riding there is out in Australia? Is it mostly street/tarmac or will there be a lot of need for the off road capability? We do a lot of two up riding and plan on taking plenty of trips outside the city, overnighting off the bike is something we like to do. We know we'll be driving to Melbourne and Sydney but I am hopeful we'll be heading further out as we settle in.

    I am torn between a Concours1400 and the Tiger. Any advice? I know they are completely two different riding experiences. I just don't know what opportunities there will be out there beyond street...Is it normal there to pull up on a curb or sidewalk to park your motorcycle, or do you park like civilized folks in parking lots?

  2. Canberra is all paved as a capital should be. Roads are in good condition due to lack of use.
    You will also notice a fuel economy increase if coming from a city area because canberra has nice 60-80k speed limits and a small amount of traffic lights
  3. You won't need any off-road capability in Australia but there are plenty of opportunities very close to Canberra to go riding in the dirt if you want to - it's nicknamed the "bush capital" for a reason ;). Also close to plenty of paved twisty mountain roads if that's your thing. Compared to Sydney or Melbourne (and especially any European cities), the roads are wide and have relatively little traffic, so filtering is both easy and often unnecessary.

    Melbourne is the only city in Australia where you're allowed to park on the footpath. I'm not sure how difficult it is to find bike parking in Canberra, but suspect it's not too bad.
  4. dammit! was hoping someone could sway me one way or the other! ;)

    I guess it will come down to comfort. I haven't sat on a Tiger Explorer yet...

    Thanks for the info/advice. If someone thinks of anything else, please drop a note.
  5. GOLD!

    Firstly........sorry you have to move to Canberra.......Cold as hell in the winter - hot in the summer.....no beach....and it is literally a hole, a divot in the landscape.......it is a figurative hole too......bugger eh?

    Anywho.....If I had to live in Canberra I'd buy a Hayabusa with a two stage turbo + super charger......the most annoyingly load exhaust and LED running lights......I'd hate the bike almost as much as the city......but at least it would be somewhat interesting....

    And oh yeah.....welcome to Netrider.
  6. Get yourself a Griso and some heated gloves.
  7. On riding only I'd rather live in Canberra than Sydney. And I would look at a bike that could handle a bit of dirt because there are so many dirt options around canberra. Leave the wife at home and get a smaller capacity bike better suited to dirt like an XC or GS :)