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Moving to Brisbane

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by wrxbox, Aug 5, 2009.

  1. I’m moving from Melbourne to Brisbane at the end of the year. I will be working in Acacia Ridge and will most likely live South of this, Jimboomba and Coomera are some areas we’ve been looking.

    A few questions:
    Are there any different rules I’ll need to look out for, some that they crack down on more?
    What’s it like commuting all year round?
    What’s the cross town traffic like if I were to live North of work?
    Where should I avoid living?
    Anything else I should know?

  2. Are there any different rules I’ll need to look out for, some that they crack down on more? Rules are pretty universal. Cops love surfers paradise. Expect to be randomly pulled over for checks
    What’s it like commuting all year round? It's not to bad, doesn't get that cold in winter, a waterproof over jacket will keep you warm enough in winter at 6 am. Just take wets with you all the time because a lot of the time when it rains it RAINS
    What’s the cross town traffic like if I were to live North of work? Not to sure I live south of brisbane and it's not to bad. Can split 90% of the motorway if needed. Just in case find a way home that's not on the motorway if you can. Oh at the gateway is easily turned into a parking lot
    Where should I avoid living? Kingston, Woodridge. Logan shire in general :p (even though I live there)
    Anything else I should know? Not much else that I can think of. Motorway will take you close to most places, but as I said before finding non-motorway routes can save you a lot of time during peak hour or when theres a crash. Hail fcuking hurts. Oh and fooly sik boyz in their imports are fun to humiliate. Don't crash while perving at surfers.

    I think that jimboomba will be a bit of a hike compared to coomera.
    Coomera and upper coomera isn't a bad area.

    Oh and watch out for rental cars.
  3. What’s the cross town traffic like if I were to live North of work?

    Going against the usual inbound flow of traffic tends to be OK. But if there's been a fail of driving somewhere on the arterial roads, which there usually is, then it's carpark navigation you'll be doing.

  4. I'll be moving up there in a handful of months. I've got some additions to what Geeth said.

    1. There's no different rules except that bikes have to pay on the toll roads there.

    2. I never had a bike in Brisbane but the weather (in terms of rain) is opposite to Melbourne. The rain is in the summer months in Brisbane and its typically in the form of an afternoon storm (around home time). There's only 1-2 months of cold and a handful of weeks of genuine cold in Brisbane. I find it cold from April to October in Melbourne (as a comparison). Commuting should be ok.

    3. I wouldn't even consider living on the northside and commuting to Acacia Ridge. If you want to spend an hour (or possibly more) getting to work then go for it. Over the years, some clowns decided to sell parts of the road reserve in Brisbane so there's no wide arterials like in Melbourne (with the extra room to expand). The northside is generally a rabbit warren to get around. On the southside, the arterials generally hook up to the freeway or Ipswich Motorway so is better outside of peak times. During peak times, its a car park everywhere.

    4. The suburbs with 'worse' reputations include Inala, Acacia Ridge, Woodridge, Kingston (and around there). If I were in your shoes, I'd be looking to live around Algester/Parkinson/Sunnybank Hills/Robertson..... that sort of general area.

    5. Hail time is usually in the lead up to summer.... around September.

    -If you like going to the beach then it'll take about an hour to get to somewhere like Broadbeach (on the Gold Coast) and closer to two hours to Mooloolaba/Noosa from around Sunnybank Hills. The water is way warmer there than here in Vic so you can pretty much bank on going for a comfortable swim early in the morning on weekends.

    - The CBD in Melbourne is waaaay bigger than in Brisbane and there aren't a million bars all over the place there. The Valley is somewhere to have a good night out.

    - IMO, the public transport system is better in Brisbane. Buses don't stop at 7pm. On Friday and Saturday nights the last bus from the city leaves around 12:00-1:00 depending on how far out it goes. The Brisbane City Council run bus network is not privatised so is better (IMO).... and is a bit cheaper. You can catch a bus in the CBD and get to an outer suburb without having to change buses (e.g. like going from the CBD in Melbourne to, say, Glen Waverley virtually direct). The train system is roughly the same as Melbourne's (although less coverage) except the state govt runs it so it is a little bit cheaper.
  5. My wife and I moved up here three years ago from Melbourne. Whilst the road rules are pretty much the same the way that people drive up here is different and the road system is ...............different.

    1st ...Brisbane drivers are sheep. They follow each other. Don't know why but they do..I can't believe the number of times I arrive at the lights at the front of the queue, in the left lane, having past 10 cars in the right hand lane!

    Another interesting thing is the volume of traffic some days compared to others. For example I used to ride the same road to work everyday, at the same time. Most days the traffic would be banked up to the hilt then, all of a sudden one day....... nothing...the whole trip would be completely freeflowing, hardly a car on the road??? Couldn't work it out....I thought at first, that there must have been some sort of rostered day off system up here where everyone took the same day off or something!

    The roads. The main roads are quite good however secondary roads are shocking...pot holed, very bumpy, off cambered, rutted, very steep and then.............. there is the lesser roads....which require a trail bike!

    The rain. Some of the roads up here are very heavily cambered with enormous drain holes to carry away the enormous amount of water that falls in a single moment...(the rain is measured up here in quantities of 100 litre drums per second due to "buckets" not being a large enough quantity of water volume to fall in any given second).
    So two things, many roads are not flat at all and two... you need very good wet weather gear. Monsoonal weather gear would be the best description of the type to get. However that type of rain only occurs in Summer. It's usually pleasantly sunny and comfortable in winter. A nice time to ride.

    The other thing about the roads here is that they have an uncanny habit of disappearing without any warning. Much like the stair case at Hogwarts...you don't know where you going to end up.
    You'll be travelling along what would appear to be a dual carriageway (in Victoria), when all of a sudden it will become a left turn only lane or something equally as silly. You will imediately have to try to merge into the right hand lane....which for some unknown reason will be difficult because everyone in the right lane will brake!!!.....don't know why they all brake but they do....it's like...we're coming to an intersection so we should brake and ....because we're all sheep...we'll brake togther! There won't be any sign posts or warning that the road is ending, merge right, no....it just ends!!

    As for suburbs. Unlike Melbourne where you'll have "good" areas and then bad, up here, you can have a mix of both in the same area. So look at the area and decide on that. However, everyone knows that north of the river is where the better and more discerning motorcyclists live. Apparently the motorcyclists south of the Brisbane river are influenced by the poor riding abilities of the NSW riders and thus, living on that side of the river should be avoided. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  6. Are there any different rules I’ll need to look out for, some that they crack down on more?
    Theres a blitz on at the moment targeting weekend riders with mods, be it exhausts or tail tidies. Apart from that, the traffic coppers rarely target riders. Commodore drivers on the other hand...

    What’s it like commuting all year round?
    Rain/storms in summer. Winter is shorter and rideable.

    What’s the cross town traffic like if I were to live North of work?
    CBD is always a standstill, add 30 mins if you have to go through it from the Northside, up to 60 minutes from Southside.

    Where should I avoid living?
    Theres been a few suggestions already :p

    Anything else I should know?
    Plenty of good bike weather in the next couple months. August sucks for the winds, but after that its sweet. What Tack said about drivers being sheep is true, and QLDers cant merge for shit and do lots of 'oh-shit-im-in-the-wrong-lane-theres-my-exit' swerves.

    Once you are in the twisties its bliss; beautiful weather, great little towns with excellent food and some awesome views. Just think about that while you are stuck in the carpark traffic ;)
  7. Thanks for all the replies so far.
    We would like a large block of land and the prices are right in the Jimboomba area.
    I currently ride 80kms to work and it takes a little under an hour, I don’t mind to travel a little to work if it means living where I like. I’d live up to 50kms away and about 30-45min drive.

    What would the traffic be like from Jimboomba to Acacia Ridge?

    Is there much advantage in riding the bike compared to driving the car?
  8. I know upper coomera - jimboomba is about 1 hour.

    Advantages - bike you're on your bike.
    Car - you will get passed by bikes.
  9. Getting a place at Jimboomba should be ok. The traffic going along Mt Lindesay Hwy / Beaudesert Rd is all right (it was the last time I did the trip for a job). Its 30 km one way and there aren't that many traffic lights. It should be relatively free flowing until you get to somewhere around Browns Plains but you won't be far from your destination by the time you get there.
  10. School holidays will do that to ya: no school run, no congestion. Public education campaign needed, methinks.
  11. If you show any sign of football talent mal meninga will rush you into the qld camp despite any birthplace or elegibility, espescially if your name is inglis or falou, unfortunately you would then have to move away from brisbane to find a decent team to play for, wooohooo kick the broncos while there down :LOL:
  12. I should add that the poor riding ability of NSW riders is directly proportional to how well the Blues play in the State of Origin!! :LOL: :LOL:
  13. AFL is where its at boys, thats where the big bucks$ are and thats where there all heading in the future :p
  14. ....and that's with or without the tight shorts... Onya kinkybinky ;)
  15. yeah, make the little shits walk to school...
  16. I live in Greenbank (a little closer to the city than Jimboomba). It's a pretty easy ride from Jimboomba to Acacia Ridge. Like another bloke said, once you get past Browns Plains traffic can get jammed up. The worst traffic is usually between 7am - 7.30am (at Browns Plains), as it's all the people trying to get into the city. If you're before or after that you should be fine.

    Bike = more fun, although if it storms you will get wet. Winter it the best time to ride as it hardly ever rains, and is a good temp of 20 - 25.
  17. Lots of people have mentioned storms, but the words 'Marburg radar' are your friend. Google that and get the weather radar, and you can dodge the storms, which are pretty predictable. I do, and rarely got rained on.