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Moving to Aussie with an F2 sidecar

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by a.w.racing, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. Hi
    We are contemplating moving to Australia as I was born there BUT there does not seem to be a great deal of F2 sidecar racing. :(
    Could anyone please let me know where the circuits are and what the general attitude is towards it i.e. is it well supported etc. Please reply to my email address if you have lots of interesting and helpful advice. We would love to hear from you especially if you race F2.
    Hope to hear from you soon
    Jane and Dave :p

  2. I saw them racing just the other day. From all the competitors it looks very healthy.
  3. You will get plenty of racing, in f2 sidecar. Come on down.
  4. the person you need to speak to is JDALEY, he is the secratary of the victorian classic sidecar club and the man with all the knowledge

    or check out this link

  5. F2 sidecar racing

    Hi ev one. Thanks for all the replies. Great to know the sport is doin well. Gives us yet another reason to make the move. You also give the impression of being a really helpful bunch. Thats real cool 'cos the racers in England are just the same an it wud b nice to know we are goin to a place where the people are just as friendly. You know what its like wi some sports - HEAVY!!!!! :shock:
    wud b nice to see photos of your outfits etc so we can see the competition :cool: we are up against. Will post a picture of ours once is up and running - just making a few improvements for this racing season. :wink:
    Keep sending the info and any ting else you tink we wud find useful/interesting. Thought 'bout moving South Australia where not quite so hot!!! I was born in Brisbane but have fear of crocs, can cope wi spiders - i tink. We is not used to the extreme heat either. I like it more than Dave so we thought somewhere near Adelaide wud b a good choice. Any views on this.
    Wot is the work situation like. Dave is a builder. I work in a school cos has god hols!! :grin: lots o time for racin and playin on bike.
    Do you all have rtoad bikes, if so wot r they. We sold ours cos the roads too congested and ev one out to knock u off.
    Well tink i have written an essay. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.
  6. Check out this site for photo's.


    Suggest you pick the following steps on the menu on the right.
    Road Racing
    Australian Superbike Championship 2007 or earlier
    Pick the class.

    Not all rounds have the swingers running in them and I think they're not running this year but you'll get the idea of what the outfits are like.

    Would helps if I pasted in the link.......
  7. You'll get loads of work, as a builder