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N/A | National Moving speed cameras are here

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by robsalvv, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. Simply wow [​IMG] :poop:

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    New Moving Speed Camera Blends With Freeway Traffic
    French agency grants type approval to a car-mounted speed camera that issues tickets while driving.
    [​IMG]Soon the car behind you on the freeway might be carrying a speed camera. The "Gatso Millia" moving photo radar system is installed in an inconspicuous sedan in the hopes of catching motorists by surprise, photographing them on the highway unaware of what happened until a citation appears in the mail weeks later. The reference laboratory LNE (Laboratoire national de metrologie et d'essais) granted type approval to the device on Monday, certifying it as fit for use on French roads.

    Conventional photo enforcement devices monitor traffic while stationary. Even "mobile" photo radar vans stop on the side of the road when issuing citations. As a result, most drivers slam on the brakes before approaching a known speed camera site, only to speed up after passing the device in order to make up for the lost time. The new system is meant to create roving speed traps that even careful drivers would find difficult to avoid. Police have had dashcam systems combined with radar that provide speed readouts of target vehicles while moving, but this is the first system designed to operate in a fully automated mode.

    "The modular components of this configuration are built into the car so that it can be operated in an ergonomic way," the Gatso Millia brochure explains. "One of the major advantages is that the appearance of the vehicle is not affected. For enforcement in both directions, the in-car solution can be incorporated both in the front and/or the rear of the car."

    Gatso Millia uses an ordinary K-band doppler radar antenna and flash module installed on the front or rear bumper of the automobile. Batteries, the flash generator and the computer module are installed in the trunk.

    The certification noted a number of limitations with the technology: The device is configured to issue a ticket only if the target vehicle is driving 20km/h (12 MPH) faster than the camera vehicle. The camera does not function in extreme temperatures of -4 degrees Fahrenheit. It cannot work on a road more than four lanes wide.

    The system claims to read speeds between 12 MPH and 155 MPH. A GPS unit adds geographic coordinates to the citation photograph and video so that the authorities can verify the alleged speeding took place within a particular jurisdiction. The only human intervention needed is to have the speed camera driver enter the correct speed limit.

    Based in The Netherlands, Gatso supplies speed cameras to many of the photo ticketing firms that operate in the United States. Gatso first began making automated ticketing machines more than fifty years ago.

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  2. pffft, this should take care of it.
  3. Well if it takes them as long to bring over other 'safety initiatives' such as filtering from Europe we won't need to worry about these for a long time.
  4. http://www.gatso.com/road-safety-solutions/enforcement/2/gatso-millia.html

    That can't be true, surely?
  5. The French are fcuked.
  6. there is no way that is true a large number of cameras in australia are gatso brand and people get off speed camera tickets fairly often, they also malfunction all the dam time.

    i lived in a motel for 6 months in canberra at the junction of northborne and moat st/ antill st, which has a gatso brand red light and speed camera, after observing it most nights for 6 months, as my pc was infront of a window that looked out over the intersection, i often saw it fire when no cars were passing through intersections and even at cars that were quite clearly not speeding, and also fail to go off at cars that were clearly speeding.

    I still cant belive we even have this kind of enforcement, sorry but giving someone a ticket two weeks later is not going to change anyones behaviour, surely if speeding is so dangerous it is negligent to allow a speeding motorist to keep driving at the same speed, unlike getting pulled over by a cop car, most of the time you have no idea you even got pinged (ive only been hit by 1 camera in my life and i had no idea till the fine arrived) and your just going to keep on speeding, doesnt sound safe to me.
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  7. They are going to need to increase the discretion by a lot more than 20kph. One bump and the reading will be all over the place. It's a useless piece of equipment just like all other mobile speed devices.
  8. Maybe someone in France should blow up the Gatso factory. LOL
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  9. They're pretty good at burning cars.........not a bad start
  10. Strange that a French company talks in Fahrenheit...and -20C is pretty cold.
  11. They are here already. Victoria use their mobile camera's.


  12. The "mobile cameras" in Victoria are ones that move around but only operate from a fixed position. They are unmarked cars manned by private contractors, not police - they park on the side of the road and ping people who pass by. In Vic the mobile camera cars do not ping people when they are being driven, only when they are parked up.
  13. You misunderstood jmc.

    'They' as in the company Gatso, is already here in Australia and the states use their product, hence the link provided.

    Was also in response to post #4 to say these moving cameras may arrive here sooner than you think.

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  14. So these will probably cover mainly multilane freeways. I can't see much justification given these are the safest roads we have.

    Probably won't happen in NSW where a policy of visible speed cameras has always been in place as a deterrent rather than punishment. Victorians probably should be worried.
  15. Smileedude, in Victoria, roads that get covered by a mobile speed camera are either roads with a crash history or a council/VicPol confirmed history of speeding. VicPol just has to work up a few cases of hoon speeding impacting on homeless three breasted infant Elbonians on the fwy's and the fwy's will be crawling with these speed cars...
  16. Unfortunately there have been some really bad accidents on some multilane freeway/highways. I can think of 3 such crashes since December on a 20 km stretch on Princes HIghway resulting in multiple fatalities.
    5 were killed in one accident alone - BMW driver on wrong side of highway & speeding, 2 young guys in a single vehicle accident and another single fatality suspected to be a road rage incident.

    No roads are safe, but in these 3 examples the presence of a mobile speed camera would not have altered the outcome, nor prevented them.

    So what is the answer? How do we make the roads safer for all road users?
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  17. Better

    /End of Road Safety Argument.
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