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Moving onto 600cc

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Boofhead, Jan 1, 2007.

  1. G'day fellas,

    I'm new to these forums. I road a 250cc about 8 years ago and haven't touched a bike since then. I wasn't the best of riders and wasn't too confident.

    I'm looking to jump back onto a bike, preferably an R6 or CBR600RR, as i don't really want to start on a 250cc again.

    What are your thoughts on this move?

  2. Start on a 250 and go easy if you are lacking confidence. A modern 250 will be fast enough to start with whilst you improve your skills and confidence. Listen and learn at rider training as well, and go your own pace once you get your lic and bike.
  3. Keep in mind modern 600's, esp the cbr f4 and r6 are essentially race bikes with lights. IMO if you weren't confident on a 250, maybe get a POS 250 while you get reacquainted.
  4. Yeah personally I reckon you're better off getting onto a streetbike not a race replica. The softer edged bikes are easier to ride and will help you build confidence... Plus there's nothing sadder than a hardass race bike being ridden by a nanna.
  5. Go the 250 first up. I guess your other option is an ER6. But if you want the r6 or cbr then you really need to go the 250 first..
  6. Yeah i've been full license and owned a CBR250RR... just seems like such a waste to do it all again. Guess it is the sensible thing to do, even though most of my biker friends say i should be alright on the 600cc...
  7. There are always the 'sport touring' type 600's. Still plenty of power (mine ~95hp, R6 ~118hp) but not too much, and still corner fairly well.

    My first ever bike is the FZ6 Fazer, I ride within my limits, not to the bikes limits. :)
  8. i think it depends on your maturity, if you know your not going to ride beyond your means i dont think a 600 will hurt. i dont condone people with no experience getting on 600s but they are so user friendly and easy to ride, the fact that your willing to admit your not a fantastic rider shows you have a bit of sense. ideally you would borrow a 250 for a couple of weeks then jump on one but that may not be possible. just ride sensibily. if you cant control yourself dont get a bike at all.
  9. I would go the 600, just take it easy and get out there and ride it heaps, that's what builds confidence, seems a waste to blow money on a 250 which are so expensive these days.

    Also the Gixxar 600's are at least $2,000 cheaper than the R6's.
  10. +1

    I hadn't ridden in 15yrs and rode a 2fiddy for 3mths then straight up to a 600 sport bike, no problem. 250, 600, 1000, who cares, the amount of power is still controlled by your wrist and how fast and far you want to twist it.
  11. I'm of the "Go the 600 " persuasion, there's lots of choices in the 600cc capacity without going the full-on race bike... the advantage to the six is in the superior handling, vastly improved braking and general over all comfort.

    In my opinion the six is a far better confidence building machine than some underpowered, piddly little 250 screaming its tits off in top gear and getting you nowhere.

    The other side of the coin is cost, you can pick up a good 600 for not much more than what it would cost you to buy a 250 ..but hey thats just my opinion...
  12. Some good points made by others here. I am probably an over cautious person at times. But now i have come to my senses, go the 600.. :twisted:
  13. I'd go the 600, but allocate cash for some advanced riding courses. These will help you get back into the swing of riding.
  14. If you were confident first time round maybe going streight to a 600RR would make sence, but when you say you wern't confident then i would be carefull.
    I also rode 12 years back, and am coming back to them, I am on a ZZR 250 and loving it.

    If you want to go to something bigger than a 250 I would sugest something a little more forgiving than a race Rep bike. (SV650 or ZZR 600 for example) but even then... thee is some good sence behind going 250 for a stint.
  15. I have heard that a 600 can be easier to ride since it's a lot smoother in terms of power and handling...

    There are probably other 600's out there that are more forgiving (not sure in terms of what), but the only reason i got in sportsbikes (apart from loving the open twisties) was due to the GP and Superbikes..
  16. Yeah this is true, the word as I have heard it is that you can definately use the power of a 600 in a more relaxed manner... But anything you can lift the front of in a power wheelie has enough power to seriosly get you in trouble while you are geting used to things (Again)... Going the Racer style bike because of it's racing heratage makes sence if you want to ride on the track... But if you are re-learning, that is a very good reason to not go for that sort of bike. They are not the forgiving type of 600. could I sugest looking at the LAMS lists fron NSW, as part of your desision making. You would get more power than a 250, but not a full racer with all of it's spirit (And danger)
  17. your talking about a 600 like a new r1 or cbr1000 or zx10... the front wheels not going to come up unless you really want it to, if he rides sensibly its not an issue.
  18. Note the mention that he is not particularly confident... Note the request for each of our thoughts...

    Because of the statment on confidence, these are my thoughts.
    No he is not talking about a liter bike, but 600cc is already enough to overcoock the back end out of a corner. If he said "before i got off i had realy mastered the 250" then my advice would be diferent.

    when I got off the bike 12 years ago i felt prety confident, and prety in control. I would have loved to go streight to a 600, but I'll have to say i have learnt a bucket load more on the 250 since i re-started riding... and some of the things I have learnt could have brought me unstuck on a bigger bike. (I say could have because I may have approached them diferently on a bigger bike)
  19. couple of thoughts...

    the slightly less sporty 600 is a good option in terms of cost, but also the NSW LAMS list is an excellent place to look IMHO for bikes that would help you build confidence. The first bike I rode in Oz was a 600 bandit which was a great way to have the better brakes, accelaration etc without the pressure on the wrists of the sports bikes. One thing I think that is important when you are lacking in experience/confidence is your comfort on the bike you choose.

    however, as an owner of an RR and an f4i I also love the performance of the brakes and the accelaration that just wasnt there on the less sporty bikes - not that I use it 99% of the time, but its good to know its there if I do want it. As mentioned above though, I didnt go straight onto one of the sports bikes, maybe this helped with my riding and maybe not!! :wink:
  20. Some great thoughts here for both sides of the coin.. sometimes i think i'm more worried about stacking a $10K bike than getting hurt.

    It's hard to make a decision, as unlike a car, it's not that easy to take it for a test drive.