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Moving on from my GPX250

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by exxodus1, Apr 17, 2008.

  1. I know this question is bound to unleash a whole lot of opinions that may not be very subjective but I will try it anyway . . . . .

    Keeping in mind I need all of you to be as subjective as possible, I am about ready to move on to a bigger bike, I have been riding my little GPX250 for over a year now without incident or mishap.

    I am stuck between two bikes, a ZX6 or a CBR600.

    What would the general consensus be on which is better for my next step up? I am open to other suggestions also.

  2. Never ridden any of them but I've been a pillion on the ZX-6. :grin: I did not like the position and height of the seat, nor did I like the high revs of the bike.

    Opinion from a pillion :grin:
  3. If you are off restrictions, take them for a test ride.

    Ultimately what you are after is a bike which you are comfortable riding, To find out you must actually ride it :)
  4. +1, test ride!
  5. Kawasaki parts are MENTALLY expensive. I was quoted nearly $700 for a regulator, and another $700 for a rectifier the other day. That alone would sway me back towards the Honda, which also has the better reputation for reliability.

    Then again, the 636 has extra power and torque, so it might be more fun to ride. Meh.
  6. The CBR600RR is the bike of choice...Nothing wrong with the others at all, just that the Honda is more brilliant IMHO.
    Not as fast as all of them, but an all-round winner for comfort/power/reliability and for helping you to improve your skills on a bigger sized machine.

    Go test ride the supersport range before you buy...One of them is likely to fit you well enough.

  7. I went to a cbr600 from a gpx.

    The riding position is waaaaaaaaaaaay different and took me a while to get used to.

    I found the ZX6 a bit too heavy for my liking.
  8. My experiences.
    Sitting on the ZX6R's 05,06 at a bike dealership they felt too big.
    The CBR felt right after sitting on it.
    I can't comment on how the ZX handled/rode because I've never ridden one.

    But I rode my cousins 05 CBR600 for a while and being a noob it was easy to handle. The power wasn't violent and piled up high.
  9. Firstly are you buying new? How much do you want to spend because if you only want to spend $6-7000 you cannot even get a 636 or 600RR but an old model.
  10. Im looking at spending $10K to $15K tops . . . . . .

    I guess the question should be refrased; assuming the bike fits, which has a better rep for reliability, maint. costs, etc.

    But I will definately go plonk my butt on a few of each before deciding.

    Thanks for the opinions so far.